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If you're old enough to remember eating Mini Melts in your childhood, then you're in for a nostalgic treat. Claimed to be the smallest nitrogen ice cream in the world, the tiny, frozen beads come in ten flavours, from classic Double Chocolate to tropical Pineapple Orange. As its name suggests, these tiny ice cream balls melt in the mouth. The Regular cup ($5.50) only gets you one flavour, so we highly recommend going for the Combo Cap ($7.90), which allows you to pair two flavours.
Avg price: $6 per person
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Whilst the salmon fillets had the seasoned competency of a 35-year-old Japanese professional, the same cannot be said for the drought-stricken rice, so arid that traversing camels are miserably falling on their sides to the ground. 3.2/5

The Short Review

Price Range: $15-$20

Nearest MRT: one-north

Instagrammability: High -
Good lighting, typical café furnishings & boxes with little slips of questions to while the time away.

1) Cinnamon French Toast [$14.00]
Pretty normal but I liked it, with an adequate topping of caramel, jam and cinnamon crusts.

2) Sally's Baked Eggs [$16.00]
A baked bowl of tomato goodness.
Think a hearty bowl of last night's leftovers. Peppery, warm comfort food.

3) Salmon Eggs Benedict [$17.00]
Meh. Functional at best.

Come Here: Again.


Mr & Mrs Maxwell is a cafe-cum-lounge concept nestled in the lobby of The Club, the same boutique hotel that houses The Disgruntled Chef. Serving all-day breakfast and local delights in the day, it transforms into a chic lounge at night serving cocktails and the usual libations. Try the surprising Poached Sakura Chicken Roulade ($18), a posh take on the humble chicken rice that boats succulent chicken topped with blitzed spring onion and ginger, accompanied by a side of greens and chilli sauce that packs a punch. Don't miss their Fried Ice-Cream ($9), a delectable duo of battered vanilla ice cream balls and oat-crusted banana fritters. Best part? They’re open till 2am, making this a great spot for noshing on a luxurious late night supper with drinks!

At $25/pax, you get to choose up to 2 different soups for your individualized pot. Ordering is done through an iPad with choices like meats, fish, seafood, vegetables, etc. mostly all the usual dishes you see at steamboat places! Appetizers, fruits and sauces are available too with no extra charge. Dishes came rather quickly but order 1 pax portion to better gauge the amount before ordering more. We were so stuffed from our orders haha! I had the Ma La and Chicken soups, both were quite average. Not quite something I would return to although portions of dishes were generous.

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Comforting on a rainy day. But I still prefer the dry version cos it's tastier!

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Dragonfruit toast sandwiched with sliced ham, cucumber, roquette leaves, mango chutney and over easy egg. Served with fries. Abit trying too hard to impress I feel. Can't really taste the concept of this dish. Too many flavors that don't really compliment each other. Pretty instaworthy though. 龍果土司的配料太複雜了。有些時候,秘方與菜料簡單反而更妙!

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Hotcakes were nice in the beginning but you get "sian" after like 5 bites. Spam fries were fat and oily, but I kinda like it.


Super small Thai boat noodle. U can choose whichever mix of taste, noodles or meat. But just try once then can order a full size bowl. If not it will be overpriced

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Part of their Christmas special menu which is pretty attractive at $15.90 with a choice of their signature Egg Noodles or Lemongrass Spiced Rice. Their egg noodles are surprisingly light and springy; QQ without feeling too carb-filled. Go for the option of adding chili to mix that dried chili fragrance which is moderately spicy into the noodles that heightens the shiok factor. Duck was immensely crispy and tender; the meat came off the bones really clean while it carries a savoury flavour. The accompanying dip gives a pungent garlicky aroma to the duck, pretty much similar to the one served with chicken rice usually with a short hint of mild spiciness from the chili. Also, it comes with Fried Tofu with Stuffings; a wee bit oily but contains cabbage and other greens; a light sweet flavour in a crisp fried batter that makes you finish it in no time. Will definitely be back to try out their normal menu items; the Double a Roast Noodles definitely sounded much like my jam!

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I think this dish was just screaming at me... Crab cakes for breakfast and at $15, how awesome! The crab cakes were yummy but it had too much pepper in it which I wasn't too big a fan of, not sure if it was intentional or an oopsy. Eggs were done correctly with a oozy runny inny, potato cake was potato cake... But the pesto that circled the plate on the side? Made me want to lick the plate or just order a side of pesto.. Really good! Overall a very good meal!

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Served with light spinach sauce and minced black olives

The menu states that the pasta should be both light and satisfying. But only half of it is true. The tartness and the piquancy of the ingredients used will ensure that its flavor will hardly be mild. But the combination is indeed creative and surprisingly tantalizing.

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