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From the Burpple community

i loved it!! the bulgogi is marinated really well and very flavorful hehe the bread below was nice and soft and buttery and didn’t get soggy!

Loving the fried chicken!! The mentaiko pasta was not bad too ◡̈

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🧀Food review:
Did you know the name ‘chir’ comes from the famous Korean fried chicken franchise? And it’s here in Singapore!😍

✨Fondue Chicken Burger✨
Look at that gooey cheese! This has got to be one of the most photogenic “cheesy” burger in SG!🤤 It’s actually not a bad price for such a huge portion. Surprisingly, the fried chicken still retains its crispy texture despite being covered with cheese. The chicken is really thick and juicy. With the cheese overflowing on the burger, it is impossible for the chicken to taste dry! It does get a little jelak after awhile though.

💰: $15.50
📈: 9/10

💸Total damage for 2 pax: ~$55

📝Additional comments:
The portion is huge! Maybe share another smaller main dish with a friend👍🏻

Wanted to try this place the moment we saw it on DanielFoodDiary. We ordered the fondue chicken burger and the mentaiko rose pasta. Both dishes looked beautiful and very instagrammable, however, what truly matters is the taste right?

The fondue chicken burger was actually a little messy to eat as its entirety was smothered with cheese, however, it did not disappoint. The chicken was piping hot and pairing it with cheese was amazing. Additionally, there was a lot of fries that came with the burger, and I couldn't finish it all, so don't be worried about the portion as its definitely more than enough to satisfy.

The mentaiko rose pasta on the other hand, was not as amazing, we felt that the pasta was pretty ordinary and the portion size could have been bigger. Nevertheless, it was still good

Overall, we do find this place to be a good place to eat at but be prepared to burn off those calories if you are going to order the fondue chicken!

Chir Chicken Croffle - The deep-fried chicken thigh was tender and juicy on the inside, with a crispy skin on the outside. The croffles – waffles baked with croissant dough – added a fun element to the dish.

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As the name of the establishment would probably have one thinking, The Chir Cafe + Bar is a new concept by the K Food Holdings Pte. Ltd. — the same group that has brought us F&B establishments such as Chir Chir, Kogane Yama, and Nipong Naepong. Located at the heart of Holland Village at Lorong Mambong, Chir Chir does serve up a different menu for both lunch/brunch service and dinner service; the latter coming with more breakfast-oriented dishes such as the Chir B.B.F. (i.e. a big breakfast platter) and Bulgogi Tartine, while the dinner service comprises more of sharing platters such as the Bacon Kimchi Dubu and Spicy Cheese Dakgalbi.

Available in both the brunch and dinner menu here, the Chir Chicken Croffel comprises of elements such as Fried Chicken Thigh, Freshly-Baked Croffel and an in-house Butter Maple Syrup. Being an item that has been trendy to be served at Korean cafes, the Croffel is essentially a hybrid of a croissant and a waffle; while aesthetically more similar to a waffle with a distinct shape of a croissant, the Croffel here comes rather cakey, though carries a fragrant buttery note typical of that in a standard croissant — pairs well with the clotted cream and butter maple syrup where the latter is light, fluffy and carried a light sweetness, while the latter is a classic combination to be had with a waffle. The fried chicken carries that flavour and texture of the fried chicken that Chir Chir is known for — crisp, golden-brown batter on the outside, with juicy and succulent meat within; all that whilst not being greasy and easy to have. Accompanying the main elements on the same plate are some leafy greens that comes pretty much standard with most cafe fare all around — an attempt to keep things wholesome and balanced considering the heaviness of the elements of the dish.

If anything, The Chir Cafe + Bar is that sort of concept that K Food Holdings seem to do well in; Korean fusion cuisine that speaks well with the masses. It is undeniable how Chir Chir and Nipong Naepong are pretty popular with the crowds at 313@Somerset especially — The Chir Cafe + Bar would do well with most; a decent dining option in the area.