Stateland Cafe is a vintage-industrial themed cafe, located in the heart of Singapore, along Bali Lane. Warning: opened by 3 funny guys.

32 Bali Lane
Singapore 189866

12:00pm - 10:00pm

06:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 10:00pm



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What you should order at Stateland Asian-Fusion Cafe

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Reviews of good food at Stateland Asian-Fusion Cafe

Belly rice bowl (24)-love the sambal dressing and how one belly was sweet tender while the other one was crispy. Pickles cut that richness. Minus is the egg was popped already upon being served 4.25/5

Mochi donut ($15)-crispy with chewy inside slightly sweetned. Still not a fan of the softserve, but heh i do like the donut 4.25/5

It’s a must try Earl Grey Soft Serve on Mochi Donut ($14.00nett) Refreshing Earl Grey flavour combined with their Signature Chewy Mochi Donut. A perfect match 😍
Location: @statelandcafe 32 Bali Lane, Singapore 189866
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BBQ Sambal Unagi Don?
Wait no further and start the Sunday brunch right with a unique selection of Asian-inspired rice bowl series @statelandcafe.
Think local dishes such as Hainannese chicken, herbal duck and bbq sambal fish revamped and paired with Italian risotto or Japanese short grain rice for a familiar yet different take which will tantalize your tastebuds.

Similar to Hainanese chicken risotto but with the usage of十全 herbal sauce that’s absorb into risotto giving it a more aromatic and rich flavour. Adorn with a large duck leg which is braised in house, it is an interesting take on herbal duck soup. In addition, every main course order comes with a complimentary drink too!

Stateland Cafe
Address: 30 Bali Lane, Singapore 189866


Herbal Duck Confit Risotto ( $25 )
Tender duck confit with strong flavour of herbal sauce !
This is good enough 😋


D24 Durian softserve and durian pulp~
Any kind of durian dessert is major 💛
Try it before it’s gone !!!

Their seasonal flavours constantly changing is a great concept. We had the durian and mooncake soft serve and both satisfied the sweet tooth perfectly. The mochi doughnut was chewy and complimented the ice cream perfectly. $15 was a bit on the pricey side, but it is good to share among 3 pax. Read more at:

Donburi Rice Series available at @statelandcafe besides their signature Hainanese Chicken Risotto and Herbal Duck Confit Risotto.
Not forgetting their signature icecream desserts @brotherbirdsg. 2 new flavours: Durian Softie and Moon Cake (lotus softserve) flavours. Seasonal only! ☝🏼

Stateland Cafe launches a new rice series and one of the new menu item is this Herbal Duck Confit Risotto ($25 with a drink of your choice). Expect a deep savoury herbal based sauce over a bed of risotto and a generous duck leg contrasted with some crunchy naibai. I thought the herbal taste can be stronger (they're perfecting the recipe!) but we didn't have a problem polishing off the entire plate. Deviating from the usual cafe fare, Stateland always deliver new creations that is bound to satisfy all our tastebuds!

The herbal sauce is the star of the dish marrying the east and west fusion in holy matrimony. It almost feels like a braised duck porridge of sorts.
Monster can't enough of the herbal sauce! yums!
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Fusion food has always been an iffy area with us Singaporeans; but when push comes to shove and I had to pick a place, Stateland Cafe's homely and comforting creations are always my first choice. They've recently launched a new series of rice bowls that are, IMHO, really awesome. Think crispy seared Salmon Belly, sambal Unagi, a duo of confit pork belly "Char Siew" and "Siu Yok", and a mega awesome Herbal Duck Risotto. Had me bowlin' over for sure 😍

Mentaiko Salmon Pasta - $22
Senkaku Beef Donburi - $22

My love for mentaiko had me wanting to try the pasta and it did not fail me. When mixed the mentaiko dressing with all the ingredients (poached salmon, tobiko, seaweed,spring onions and lemon),
it opens up ur palette(the tinge of lemon) and as you bite onto the tobiko with the mentaiko sauce spaghetti, it’s simply delightful. If you’re a mentaiko lover like me, definitely A must try!

For the Beef donburi, I took a bite from my friend’s Beef donburi, the beef slices was nicely cook, eaten together with the sauce mixed with the onsen egg and rice, is really good! My friend gave a two thumbs up for this!

The sweetness of the unagi sauce mixed with spicy sambal, topped with cheese and a squeeze of lime. It's a party in my mouth and everyone's invited.
Unagi good! Sambal good! Cheese good! Monster good!
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