Hainanese Risotto

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Wanted to try the Herbal Duck Confit Risotto but was told that the cafe is not serving this dish today BUT somehow saw another diner eating it so uhh.. Anyway, decided to try the Hainanese Chicken Rice Risotto [$19] instead since it is one of the recommended dishes and it is okay lo. A unique fusion but would appreciate if there is more rice 😅

Grab your last few opportunities to enjoy favourites like this Mentaiko Aglio Olio, Hainanese Risotto, KFC & Waffles or their desserts such as the Mochi donut with soft serves before @stateland_coffeehouse closes their door for good on 31st December 2019.

A perfect example of a Japanese-Western fusion dish of pan-seared prawns, spaghetti Aglio Olio and Mentaiko sauce. Experience the burst of sweetness from 5 fresh, plump tiger prawns, coupled with the salty brininess of the popping tobiko. Toss the al dente spaghetti in an umami-filled Mentaiko sauce, sprinkled with white sesame seeds and nori strips. Though creamy, the sauce is especially delectable when it gets coated on each spaghetti strand without being too jelak.

It’s a pity to know that they are closing, so please do catch them soon, and I’d be more than happy to be jio-ed along. 😄

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The risotto was nice 👍🏻 just a little cheesy and I really like the little bit of soup that added more ‘Hainanese’ element to it.
The chicken was thigh aaand I’ll still prefer chicken breast but I think they did a great job on the chicken! Even though it was chicken thigh I was still able to enjoy it, it was flavored nicely!
Really enjoyed the whole thing andd definitely coming back to try the other menus!
Conveniently located in Bugis near Haji Lane, @stateland_coffeehouse is somewhere you should go for fusion dishes aaand they’re a house with @brotherbird_bakehouse who’s famous for their mochi croissants and soft serves!

📍Stateland Coffeehouse, 32 Bali Lane, Bugis, Singapore
Nearest MRT: Bugis
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(Mains comes with a free drink of your choice)
Chicken rice with a fusion twist
Stateland Cafe used a French cooking method called sous-vide for their soy braised chicken to retain the flavour and tenderness.
The soy braised chicken went hand-in-hand with the creamy-buttery ginger risotto and the soy broth. And also the sirracha chili vinaigrette gave a nice sour chili kick to the chicken
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While I get the appeal of this fusion dish, the execution didn’t really blow me away. The creamy rice is fragrant and gingery, much like chicken rice rice, but it sits in a pool of briny soy that overkilled it a little for me. Chicken’s done well, topped with a chilli that’s just a tad sweet. The upside is, it’s pretty good value for money with that hearty portion AND every main order is priced to come with a drink (even coffee!)


I had my doubts about the #mochidonut since I generally find the chewy consistency boring, but the deep frying brought it to a whole new level. Not only did it make the outside crunchy, adding variety to the texture, but it also served as a great base to absorb the #icecream which doesn't get soggy unlike conventional pancakes/waffles. My friend loved your #mangosoftserve so much he went for an separate cup. And then we were like "what the hell" and went for the #saltedegg mochi donuts with the #peanutsoftserve.

I will most definitely be back for next month's flavour rotation.

1. #MangoStickyRice Mochi Donut 9/10
2. Mango Soft Serve 6/10 (my friend loved it, but I generally just don't have a taste for fruity ice creams. Much preferred the peanut soft serve)
3. Salted Egg Mochi Donuts with Peanut Soft Serve 9/10
4. Hainanese #ChickenRice #Risotto 8/10. Loved it! All the taste of chicken rice with the extra cheesy, creaminess from the risotto.
5. #Mentaiko #Gyoza 7/10
6. Mentaiko #Salmon #AglioOlio 6/10


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They’re usually known for their dessert treats by @brotherbirdflagship, but for those who don’t know, they too have a pretty decent dinner menu of Asian-fusion cuisine!

One of the items that caught our eye was the Hainanese Chicken Rice Risotto ($22). Mentally, it did sound like a pretty adventurous dish, but upon the first mouthful, I could figure why it worked!

Similar to chicken rice, the risotto is cooked with garlic and topped with soy braised chicken, naibai, sriracha chilli vinaigrette, fried shallots and spring onions! The broth that comes from the braised chicken packed a garlicky punch which felt like the most tasty and flavour-packed risotto I’ve had in quite awhile.

If being adventurous is not your thing, why not try the Mentaiko Salmon Pasta ($25). A generous portion of poached salmon sits atop aglio olio with mentaiko dressing, and is dressed wih tobiko, spring onions and seaweed. You get a creamy combination of the mentaiko when mixed and pairs well with the poached salmon!

Last but not least, end your night with their famous Mochi Donut which comes with seasonal flavours of soft serve! We ordered the Peanut Butter soft serve and it paired so well with the mochi donut that it felt as if we were having muah chee. The combination and texture of the mochi paired with the ice cream brought us back to our younger days to fighting over small packets of muah chee, but yet enough to satisfy our dessert cravings.

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Similar to Hainanese chicken risotto but with the usage of十全 herbal sauce that’s absorb into risotto giving it a more aromatic and rich flavour. Adorn with a large duck leg which is braised in house, it is an interesting take on herbal duck soup. In addition, every main course order comes with a complimentary drink too!

Stateland Cafe
Address: 30 Bali Lane, Singapore 189866



My all time favourite dish @statelandcafe ~ 🤤