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From Mei Lin Leng Re Yin Pin
$2 a bowl of not-so-sweet shaved ice dessert, with canned longan and signature red tea jelly cubes.
Quite addictive actually.

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The red tea jelly is good but overall, it tastes average because the evaporated milk added was quite little so the ice is tasteless (S$2).


Admittedly, the red tea jellies were pretty good, but the portion was meagre for this self-proclaimed "Red Tea Special Alpha" dessert that was $2.50; quite hefty when compared to many other Singaporean desserts, especially considering the size. In addition, the ice was tasteless; there was barely any condensed milk or syrup, and as you can see from the (albeit rather aesthetic) photo the shopkeepers aren't the most generous when it comes to portion. (2 sad looking longans, after all, don't really count as generous to me.) Perhaps it was because it was during a weekday afternoon, but the shopkeepers don't seem very interested to serve either, accosting us with dissatisfied expressions when we took just a slightly delayed glimpse of their rather extensive menu. Would not recommend, but I guess if we had to eat something from this stall again I'll probably go for their specialty (which I subconsciously avoided because they didn't put a price up there for us to refer; how clever)

红茶龙眼 • Longan with Black Tea Jelly
Though it's situated at the other end of Singapore (I stay in the west btw) this has been my favourite since I started Uni days (thanks to seniors from RMITSC!) the strong tea scent in the jellies accompanied with the longans are perfect combination and what's more when it is drizzled with condensed milk for extra pow-wow. I always make sure that I have a bowl of this whenever I'm in that part of Singapore. No where else can I find this old-school taste anywhere, and for 2 dollars only!
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Super hot day.
Cooling down with a bowl of ice red tea jelly ($2) from Mei Lin Leng Re Yin Pin , #01-57.
Comes with longan and milk.


[Changi Village Hawker Centre] The weather has not been very friendly recently and this calls for some icy cold desserts to cool down. Unique to the Changi Village Hawker Centre, this so-called "Commando dessert" is a popular hit among patrons. Some genius hawker decided to make red tea jelly and pair it with milk and longans. It's slightly pricey though at $2 a bowl.