Taiwanese Comfort Food

Taiwanese Comfort Food

Lu Rou Fan and those larger-than-face chicken cutlet are probably one of the first few snack we will sought after. So while we can’t travel to Taiwan as easily as before, we do have a good selection of Taiwan restaurants where we can satisfy our cravings.
Cassie Ong
Cassie Ong

Taiwanese-style breakfast for the early birds. The quaint cafe offers the typical breakfast menu such as Toast, Egg Crepe Roll and Lu Rou Fan.

Luncheon Meat & Egg Toast ($5.40), luncheon meat and vegetables sandwiched by toasted white bread. Was slightly underwhelming, if only the luncheon meat slices were thicker.

Pork Floss Egg Crepe ($5.90) fairs better with the choice of changing to a whole-wheat crepe or scallion oil pancake.

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A strong craving for tom yum soup leads us to 87 Just Thai. A stone's throws away from Somerset MRT, this eatery serves authentic yet affordable Thai dishes like PFC aka Pandan Fried Chicken ($8) and Claypot Tang Hoon with Prawns ($14).

Unlike the other places, their version isn’t wrapped in pandan leaves but deep-fried till golden brown crust and has a satisfying crunch Dip it into the sweet chilli sauce and happily munch away!

Coated in a sweet umami sauce, the claypot tang hoon comes with medium-sized prawns. Generous portion with nice bite, it has a light peppery taste. Any recommendations on places which serves Claypot Tang Hoon?

Wallet-friendly Taiwanese stall in AMK heartlands, near Nanyang Polytechnic.

Ordered a simple bowl of Braised Pork Rice ($3.80) and addition of $1 for the braised egg. Though value-for-money set I’ll recommend to go for Braised Pork Bento ($5.90) which includes braised egg, Chinese Sausage and vegetables. Marinated and braised for at least two hours, the tender pork belly bit is flavourful with gravy dripping into the pearl rice below.

Other than their Lu Rou Fan, they have the Salt & Pepper Chicken ($4) another popular Taiwanese snack that we all love. Nice addition as a side but not much to shout about

Fong Sheng Hao is known for their Charcoal Grilled Toast and Milk Tea but did you know they have other authentic Taiwanese night market dishes like Popcorn Chicken and Braised Pork Rice.

The Braised Pork Rice ($7.90) is an even mixture of fatty and lean meat, but it is slightly on the dry side. It might be better if they provide more sauce

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Lu Rou Fan or Mee Sua, which will you pick first?

When craving for a bowl of comforting Lu Rou Fan or velvety smooth Oyster Intestines Mee Sua ($7.20), I will inadvertently think of Eat3Bowls. Cos when you can’t decide what to have, this Crawford outlet offer an ‘Eat 3 Bowls’ set where you get to try their signature Lu Rou Fan along with the Chicken Rice and Mee Sua.

P.S: it’s great to see how the store have progress since from a small hawker store at Seah Im to two outlets now.

One of the long standing place for Taiwan food, 8 Degrees has a second outlet at Foch Road.

Signature item include Pork Belly Rice. But unlike other Lun Rou Fan, their version is made of sliced braised pork belly giving it a meaty bite but doesn’t melt in the mouth.

Add-on those Egg Roll Crepe with Pork Floss ($6.80), a popular breakfast item in Taiwan. Each thin crepe is meticulously layered with eggs and rolled with pork floss before drizzled in sweet sauce

Not worth the calories. While there are good memories of the food in their Taiwan outlet, the one in Singapore has lousy food and services. A place to check out for supper if you have no place to go to.

The kitchen looks quite dirty as compared to the dining area with pots and pans lying askew.

Soya bean drink served in a plastic cup with cracks that it was leaking. While Lu Rou Fan was one of the worst I had. The only saving grace might be their You Tiao with Mochi. Super oily and stale, but the Mochi is a nice balance to the crunch.

Braised Pork Rice, Oyster Mee Sua & Salty Chicken Rice.

This retro-chic small eatery, located just beside Wang Dae Buk BBQ, is run by a Taiwanese family has a small menu with three dishes.

Braised Pork Rice Bento comes in two options, and they recommend to get the Bento ($10.90) which has an addition of Chinese sausage, braised beancurd and a whole braised egg. Plump white rice with saucy well-balanced braised pork, it is a comforting food option on a rainy day

Stepping into the “vending machines”, you’ll find a traditional Taiwanese stone hotpot restaurant.

The base of the broth is made of stir-fried dried cuttlefish and meat before they add in the pork bone broth and medley of vegetables you have chosen like Pig Skin, Cheese Tofu, Fish Roe Pockets, and TW Egg Dumplings.

The unique broth is pleasantly sweet and enlivened with shacha sauce, comes in Single Pot ($9.90), Medium Pot ($18.90) and Large Pot ($21.90).

Remember to order their Lu Rou Fan ($2.50) along with a bucket of refreshing Taiwan beer!

A bit of sweetness can drown out a whole load of bitterness. So I’m always having sweets 🧁🍧🍡 Instagram/ TikTok: Cassakating

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