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TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai
TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai

Rong liang has been around for a long time here at West Coast. Serving some of the best roasted duck I have ever had.

The duck was tender and was rather easily de-boned. The roasted skin was out of this world for me. Shiok!

The Char siew also damn good, expertly glazed, with charred corners and the right amount of fats. So sinful.

They also have a zhi char menu, but it's their boiled soups here that also have a loyal fan base.

One of the better food stalls here at Tiong Bahru Market, and is among those with weekend lunch time snaking queues.

Waited around 30mins in the queue. While queuing, thinking which combination to have, and yet wanted a duck Drumstick. So in the end
just take all lo, wait so long in queue liao, have to all-in.

Out of the 3, char siew the best, Roasted Duck good also, a close 2nd. Sio bak just skip bah.

The Roasted Duck skin was Delish, meat was tender and it was adequately fatty for me.

The Char Siew were slightly Charred and had a good fat ratio as well, so it tasted damn sinfully tasty.


Situated Right at the entrance of People's Park FC from the Upper Cross Road Entrance, you won't be able to miss this first shop.

Their Roasted Meats here are adequately good, Roasted Duck skin was damn shiok. The Char siew also slightly charred at the edges, so damn good also.

During dinner time, this side of PPFC quieter la, the other side with all the mala xiang guo damn crowded and noisy.


Foong Kee was returned, and this time at Commonwealth Crescent Market and Food Centre.

Having eaten at their Keong Saik Outlet before its closure back in 2021. Already expect good food here, and was not disappointed. My other half having this for the first time agreed that the Sio Bak was very good.

Sio Bak excellent. Crispy skin, tender meat.

Char siew with its charred edges was very good too. Meat had a good meat and fat ratio.

Come earlier if u want roasted duck. By the time i came at 12.30pm, no more roasted duck liao

Back again at 88 HKRMS, had the duck drumstick noodles this time.

Duck meat was tender and easily slides off the bone. The duck skin was so good.

The chilli and the noodles goes so well together with the fried pork lard.

A few vegetables thrown in to make the dish less sinful (lying to myself).

Definitely coming back here again

Free Add-on Noodles(Current promotion)

Add $1 for 2 pieces of fried beancurd or 1 cup of ice lemon tea( weekday lunch promo)

Conveniently located within clementi mall, so easily accessible with clementi mrt just beside. It was only opened recently and the decor of the place looks very posh.

Newddle serves quite a solid bowl of noodles. The Char siew is really the star of the bowl, its fatty, its tasty, it was tender to eat and not dry whatsoever.

The wanton/dumpling was damn huge.

With the free add-on noodles, really eat damn full.


This Lechon here tasted more like sio bak than suckling pig.

I Have had the best experience eating Lechon at Grandlink Square previously, so I was expecting something similar.

Sadly, it was not as good. Although the skin was crispy, it wasn't as good as Don Lechon. Don lechon was like a suckling pig standard already. This was more like sio bak.

Meat wise, it was only ok. And I couldn't taste anything spicy of the lechon.

Overall I would rate this 2.5/5.

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Fairly affordable.

Wanted the Iskina Sisig(Hot Plate Pork) but sold out, thus decided to try their grilled chicken instead.

Chicken was soft and tender and was grilled very well. It wasn't dry or charred like many other grilled chicken I have eaten.

What is lacking here is a good sauce to drench the rice in.

Overall 3.5/5

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Roasted duck was quite good, soft and juicy.

The sauce quite nice and goes well with the roasted meat.

Siew yoke and char siew were pretty normal. I Have had better siew yoke from the stall at the other coffee shop beside.

PS: This stall auntie quite attitude, so just don't get offended.

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Where else can u find peking duck for $6.90, somemore is not just the drumstick, but the entire leg and more.

The set even Includes rice/soft buns and a soft drink.

The concept of this shop is machiam Fast food style for roasted meat.

The duck was not bad, but don't expect imperial treasure here please. Its only $6.90 and it comes with a drink.

The duck skin was hit and miss, some parts were a little crisp, some just not crispy at all, like lao hong already. It still tastes not bad.

Value for $$

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I am back, for the pipa duck.

Eating 2nd cut.

The pipa duck is slightly better than the roasted duck, it's a little crispier. And the skin and meat taste a little more succulent.

Still love the chilli that was provided. Damn good

Have seen many good reviews on this place and especially for their pipa duck. Sadly pipa duck sold out when I went down

Decided to have their roasted duck instead.

The skin is not those crispy type, but their duck was tender and succulent.

Their noodle was also very good and flavourful.

The winner for me thou, is the chilli that was provided, it has a unique taste that no where else has, and it's so compatible to the roasted duck.

Overall really enjoyed this, will come back for the pipa duck for sure.

Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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