Rolls / Sandwich 🥪

Rolls / Sandwich 🥪

Featuring Lola's Cafe (Simon Road), Park Bench Deli (179), The Bravery, Platypus Kitchen (Bugis Junction), LeVeL 33, Two Men Bagel House (Royal Square at Novena), Amber Ember (Yeyley Building), DC Super Heroes Cafe (Marina Bay Sands), The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (*SCAPE), Nassim Hill (Killiney)
Triffany Lim
Triffany Lim

You can never go wrong with PBJ when it has the right amount of peanut butter and jam slathered between these well-toasted slightly sweet blueberry bagel. The contrasting salty nutty mix and sweet jam gave off a nice balance and almost a harmonious marriage between the both 》$6


Other than having their pre-curated bagel sandwiches, I chose to make my own bagel from the list of add-ons. Their choice of bagels available is plain, sesame, all-sorts, cheddar, garlic and blueberry.

I customised my own bagel with all sorts bagel ($3), sliced cheddar ($1.50), scrambled egg ($3), onion marmalade ($2), pork collar steak ($6) and sauté mushroom ($3). You can tell how generous they are with the portion and fillings in the picture. The bagel has a perfect crisp on the outside and is oh so soft and chewy on the inside. Everything went so well altogether and I love the thick and bold-tasting onion marmalade so much 😍 It’s just damn amazing and hearty but it can get a little messy to eat. These can get a little pricey but the bagel is so good that I won’t mind spending a little more to treat myself over a good weekend 》$18.50


Crispy beer malt brioche, roasted yeast butter, cabbage slaw, saffron aioli, lager pickled shallot and fries.

The brioche comes with fragrant roasted yeast butter with a beautiful crispy texture in contrast with tender bites of lobster chunks then served with fries at the side. The portion was quite huge and worth the top-up of $8 but maybe a little too heavy on carbs for lunch.

This was the main dish from their 3 Course Executive Lunch Set which comprises a raw bar plated buffet appetizer selection, choice of main course and dessert 》$55

Sliced ribeye, caramelized onions, gherkin dijon aioli and sourdough 》$25

As I don't take beef, I only tried the sourdough with perfectly melted cheese that leaves a lovely, crunchy and savoury cheese crust.

Thanks Burpple for the invite and Nassim Hill for hosting.

Deviled mushrooms, mozzarella, served with poached egg, salad with vinaigrette, parmigiano reggiano and balsamic glaze 》$14

A very satisfying weekend brunch. The poached egg was done well with a runny yolk and the mushrooms were flavourful. Although tasty, having one flavour to yourself might be a little too heavy/boring after a while. I would recommend ordering different flavours to share and at the same time get to try different flavours

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Roast chicken thigh. ranch, mozzarella, served with pickled Japanese cucumber, parmigiano reggiano, salad with vinaigrette 》$15

A jaffle is like a toastie sealed around the edges by a jaffle iron. The bread was toasted till crispy and the chicken was surprisingly not too dry. I prefer the fun guy over this.

Chicken fillet with avocado, onion jam, tomato, turkey bacon & fries 》$15

Huge and hearty portion of chicken avocado sandwich with a good amount of greens, bacon and fries. The use of onion jam makes it a little spicy but matches well with the chicken fillet. We felt the portion is quite huge and it is always better to share this. 

Shredded chicken with honey mustard, tomatoes, lettuce and a choice of bread (ciabatta, panini, whole wheat) or wrap (plain/whole wheat). The shredded chicken with honey mustard is tasty, mixed with mayonnaise, paprika, basil, salt and parsley. Comes with a salad side with almonds flakes and dried cranberries 》$10.90

This is also available on Beyond 1 for 1 mains.

Thanks @burpple for the invite and @coffeebeansg for hosting.

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Mushroom Trio, Mozzarella. Balsamic, Arugula, Caramelised Onions, Aioli & Rye Bread 》$16

PBD nailed it! This was one of the better melts out there. It comes with a good variety of shrooms that paired perfectly with those caramelised onions and gooey, creamy melted cheese.


Duck Confit sandwich with tomato salsa, mesclun, beetroot, mushroom deuces spread, red onion and monterey jack cheese served with brioche bun 》$22.90

This was one of the recommend item on the menu. Not the best burger but the cheese dip is yums.

Butter-poached Boston lobster, toasted garlic mayonnaise, butter-grilled brioche, chives and paprika 》$26.90

Look at that portion of lobster there 😍 It was nice to see chunks of lobster meat sandwi​c​hed and overflowing ​between the butter-grilled brioche​, complete with fries. They have a special house chilli sauce that tasted so good with fries that I was literally spamming the sauce on the fries.​ However, I didn't really get to taste the sweetness from the lobster. Not sure if lobsters are generally not very sweet as compared to other seafood?


Pork Sausage, Sweet Bun, Nacho Cheese Sauce, Purple Slaw & Potato Fries 》$10

I'm in a relationship with food. Why can't we just declare our never ending love and vows towards some food item? I'm sure that would not result in divorces.

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