Other than having their pre-curated bagel sandwiches, I chose to make my own bagel from the list of add-ons. Their choice of bagels available is plain, sesame, all-sorts, cheddar, garlic and blueberry.

I customised my own bagel with all sorts bagel ($3), sliced cheddar ($1.50), scrambled egg ($3), onion marmalade ($2), pork collar steak ($6) and sauté mushroom ($3). You can tell how generous they are with the portion and fillings in the picture. The bagel has a perfect crisp on the outside and is oh so soft and chewy on the inside. Everything went so well altogether and I love the thick and bold-tasting onion marmalade so much 😍 It’s just damn amazing and hearty but it can get a little messy to eat. These can get a little pricey but the bagel is so good that I won’t mind spending a little more to treat myself over a good weekend 》$18.50