Bento / Set 🍱

Bento / Set 🍱

Featuring Unagi Tei Japanese Restaurant (Keong Saik), Biseryu Japanese Cuisines (Far East Plaza), Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant (Far East Plaza), Deli's Kitchen - Japan Grill Delicacy (Sunshine Plaza), Café&Meal MUJI (Raffles City), YAYOI (100AM), Hokkai Villa, Butahage, Aburi-EN (Suntec City)
Triffany Lim
Triffany Lim

I will recommend going for the 3-kinds buta combo jyu for first-timers. You get the best of all cuts which feature charcoal-grilled premium pork belly, pork loin and Iberico pork jowl on rice. The cuts are tender chestnut pork that is harvested from pigs that enjoy a natural diet containing chestnuts. This contributes to a tender juicy meat with a sweet nuance.

The combo comes with two slices of pork loin, three slices of pork belly and four slices of pork jowl all ‘flame seared’ to give a smokey flavour to the meat. Out of those three cuts, the loin was my favourite for its tender bite and texture. The pork belly was flavourful with a good ratio of fats and the jowl was surprisingly tougher in texture as compared to the other 》$19.50

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A homey little Japanese restaurant located within Sunshine Plaza. We went with their all star combo set that comes with a choice of two meats, salad and sauce. The ingredients used were fresh. Food combinations were great, well presented, generally good and tasty. The deep-fried katsu was well deep-fried, crispy on the outside and juicy inside. The portion of food was also good enough to fill the hungry bellies 》$28 / Set

Set 1 - Chicken katsu and unagi
Set 2 - Tonkatsu and Milano-style grilled chicken

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Very crispy chicken katsu with panko crumbs on the outside and juicy on the inside. The textures are good with a good balance of chicken meat with some fats. It came with a generous serving of greens and rice. The sauce that was a tad too salty and one light dip is good enough for a bite.

Here at man man unagi, the freshness is guaranteed where the eels are cut live and grilled in front of diners. I went for their shirayaki teishoku where shirayaki means grilled unagi without sauce and teishoku refers to a Japanese set meal where all of the dishes in the course are served together as a set.

Shirayaki is a cooking method where the eel is roasted without the tare sauce and seasoned only with salt to ensure the genuine flavour of the eel. Fresh and pure at its best. The set includes rice, soup, pickles and fresh wasabi 》$35

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Each set comes with miso soup, salad and rice. The accompanying sashimi (salmon, tuna & yellowtail) were very fresh and the saba was nicely grilled with succulent and juicy flesh underneath the crispy skin. While the food was good, the price is on the high side 》$27.80

Each set comes with miso soup, salad and rice. The accompanying sashimi (salmon, tuna & yellowtail) were very fresh. The salmon was cooked just right that flakes nicely with crispy salmon skin. Topped with a layer of half-torched mentaiko that makes it addictive. While the food was good, the price is on the high side 》$27.80

Consists of 5 Yakitori with miso dip (chicken with leek, chicken meat balls, pork seasoned with garlic, asparagus wrapped with pork, shiitake mushrooms) along with minced meat, braised mushrooms and dried seaweed toppings over rice. Served with miso soup 》$15.50

The difference between Set A and B are 2 Yakitori. While Set B comes with asparagus wrapped with pork and shiitake mushrooms, Set A has lady finger's wrapped with pork and quail eggs.

Consists of 5 Yakitori with miso dip (chicken with leek, chicken meat balls, pork seasoned with garlic, lady's finger wrapped with pork, quail eggs) along with minced meat, braised mushrooms and dried seaweed toppings over rice. Served with miso soup.

The skewers were char-grilled upon order and they serve real fast during our visit. No table seats but I'm happy with the counter seats as I get to watch 2 chefs grilling the skewers Good yakitori with reasonable (lunch) prices. Their dinner menu cost way more expensive so it's better to go for their lunch menu 》$15.50

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This set consist of 2 Hot Deli, 2 Cold Deli and White Rice 》$16.90

​Grilled Pork Collar with Cranberry Sauce & Quinoa (Christmas Delights / Hot Deli)​

Sakura Chicken with Curry Miso and Dried Chilli (Hot Deli)
Fried Sakura chicken leg coated with curry miso mayonnaise and dried chilli

Prawn Couscous Salad with Yuzu-sesame Dressing (Cold Deli)
Poached prawns with couscous , broccoli, tomatoes and onion, drizzled with savoury yuzu-sesame dressing.

Triple Nut Rosted Pumpkin and Capsicum Salad (Cold Deli)
Pan roasted pumpkins coupled with capsicums and sprinklings of roasted pine nuts, walnuts and chestnuts that are tossed together in maple balsamic vinaigrette.

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This set consist of 1 Hot Deli, 2 Cold Deli and 16 Grain Rice ($1 Top-up) 》$13.90

Loving the 16 grain rice that is  loaded with a wholesome combination of Niigata Koshihikari Japanese white rice and multi grains. It is a healthy mix that provide vitamins, minerals, fibre and enzymes essentials for metabolism.

Healthy Tofu Patty with Shiitake Mushroom Sauce (Hot Deli)
Homemade healthy tofy patty made up of tofu, soya bean, crunchy hijiki, dried vegetables, edamame, lotus root, quinoa and eggs served with tasty shiitake mushroom sauce.

Smoked Salmon and Fennel Salad (Cold Deli)
Norwegian smoked salmon and marinated salmon flakes tossed with poached fennel, tangerines and quinoa in orange capers mustard dressing.

Thick Omelette with Japanese-style Mushroom (Cold Deli)
Flavoursome thick omelette with crunchy vegetables bites and juicy mushroom slices, topped with Japanese-styled mushroom gravy.

Mushroom Bisque ($2 Add-on)
Rich and creamy bisque made with a blend of mushrooms, herbs, vegetable stock and fresh cream.

Hot-pot of chicken, pork, and chicken meatballs stewed in dashi broth, topped with grated yam 》$22.50 + $3.50 Sashimi

160g premier pork (Japan) , served with mini salad, miso soup, tsubozuke, ontama half boiled egg [limited to 30 sets per day] 》$22.80

160g grilled pork (USA) served with miso soup tsubozuke 》$13.80

Complete meal with mini tofu salad, ontama and tea for $2.95.


I'm in a relationship with food. Why can't we just declare our never ending love and vows towards some food item? I'm sure that would not result in divorces.

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