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Wei Ping Ang
Wei Ping Ang

Having your desserts served hot and topped with ice-cream is always a plus for me. The vanilla ice-cream was quite frageant, and I did enjoy the crumble.

These were really greasy and calamari was quite chewy/ rubbery.

Overall pretty pricey esp for the mid food, but you're paying for the view so I guess it was still worth a stay!

A pretty huge pizza great for sharing, and loved that it was really cheesy with a good cheese pull too. Would love even more pulled pork though, and not sure if it was the BBQ sauce that was giving some sort of siapsiap after taste hmm..

Huge chunks of Swiss brown mushrooms sauteed with garlic, chilli, and basil oil - Was pretty average overall.

The risotto had pretty strong beefy flavours, and the beef cheeks had a weirdly soft but chewy (?) texture instead of the usual tender ones.

Finally gave @coastessg a try while enjoying the beach views, sunset and people (kids) watching for an entire evening till night 🌇🤩!

Fish and Chips ($26)
Beer-battered haddock which came with a crispy exterior and not too greasy! Thick cut fries were decent but nothing special.

Mm the rosti was crispy and paired well with the light sour cream! Hearty for sure, and chicken cheese sausage was not bad although it's kinda ex overall.

Pretty much a classic that's been here for years!

This was great in terms of the rich dark chocolate flavour you're getting from the ganache and cream, but they are all really thick, making it slightly dry overall. Personally prefer much more moist cakes so this might not be for me despite the chocolatey flavour.

Overall Rating (for bread and pecan tart): 8.5/10

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This pie was pretty nutty, and the pecans were nicely roasted, so a pecan fan like me definitely appreciates the good amount of pecans here. Loved the the tart itself was also firm and had a slight buttery fragrance. The filling definitely also didn't disappoint, with it being not too sweet - I loved this.

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Second time visiting @rosemeadsg, but this time not for their dinner menu, but ONLY their bread and desserts 🤭. I was able to walk-in on a random Thursday night for just the desserts as they had seats available, and the service was also great there 🥰.

🌟 Shitake Shokupan ($16++)
This Shokupan Milk Bread was glazed with sticky Maple syrup, smoked bacon and Kombu, which gives it a slight caramelised sticky top which made it so flavourful on its own. This bread was also really fluffy, and it gets even better - their house-made mushroom (porcini) butter definitely adds flavour and elevates the bread as a whole. Two of us gladly finished the entire bread ourselves, but still made me crave for more.

Would reco just having it here so the bread will be served warm and you have it at its best. You could heat it up at home but we'd never know if it's still the same quality as the one served in the restaurant 🤭.

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You get to pick 2 sides, and we chose butter corn & mashed potato. Mentaiko flavours weren't really prominent, and the salmon skin wasn't really crispy as expected, and some parts of the salmon were soft, vs some parts slightly drier.

Cute Ferris wheel with 5 different appetisers that's great for sharing - Onion Rings, Sweet Potato Fries, Chicken Spam Fries, Fried Broccoli, Mozza Cheesesticks. You also get 4 sauces to pair - Nachos Cheese, Mayo, Marinara Sauce, Sambal Mayo.

Eat Well, Travel Often.

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