Moo Moo Protein

Moo Moo Protein

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Jaslyn Li
Jaslyn Li

Meat is very tender & well-marinated with no beefy taste; sat on top of a bed of shallot puree; puree is flavorful & complement the beef brisket well, though tad salty; topped with crispy potato strips; was expecting a bigger portion..

Stew beef in tangy tomato sauce; meat is very tender & no beefy taste; opted for mashed potatoes which is smooth & garden salad which aids in balancing out the taste; well-executed dish worth a try..

Beef short ribs is well-braised medley of spices to remove the beefy taste; then charcoal grilled to elevate & add smoky taste; meat is very tender & succulent; came with 2 different sambal dipping sauce; well-executed dish good for sharing..


Generous portion of beef & veggies in peanut sauce; meat is tender with some beefy taste; veggies are well-cooked with a light crunch; sauce is creamy thick yet tasted light with mild peanut taste..

Beef shank is tender & soft to chew; very mild 5-spices taste, beefy taste quite strong; chilli oil from the noodle surprisingly complement the dish; pickled veggie is crunchy but taste quite bland..

Beef stew, tripe & various veggies in peanut sauce; sauce is thick, smooth & creamy with strong peanut taste; taste is 1-dimensional if not for the fermented sauce at the side, which aid in elevating the taste; meat is soft & tender, tripe is chewy & soft..

Big piece of steak well-cooked to medium rare; meat is lightly salted, tender & succulent with strong smoky taste; no beefy stench; with fresh crunchy greens & grilled potato..

Probably 1 of the best beef rendang I've eaten; meat is very very tender, not dry & well-marinated with no beef stench; the beef tendon that is attached with the meat is very soft; portion of meat > rice; love the rendang sauce that is fragrant, flavorful & appetising; the blue pea rice is well-cooked to soft & with some light fragrant smell; the pickled cucumber & carrot at the side is soft & slightly crunchy; came with crispy prawn crackers & a sunny side-up; a dish that I foresee myself coming back for..

Pan-seared rib eye steak to medium rare; well marinated, lightly salted & peppered; meat is tender & succulent; well-grilled outside that leave some crisp outside & smokey taste inside; love the sauces at the side; chilli is good, not too spicy & not dish the taste of beef; wide dimension of taste (sweet, sour, salty, spicy) in a dish..

Pie is crispy, flaky & buttery; generous portion of tender beef; the rendang sauce is very flavorful & rich, probably 1 of the best rendang sauce I've eaten; with potatoes & carrot; baguette is very crispy outside & fluffy inside; buttery & mild salty from the cheese on the top..

Served well done, yet meat is tender & succulent with smoky taste; well-marinated, no beefy stench; served with veggies that is lightly cooked, crunchy & retain moisture; mashed potatoes is very smooth & brown sauce taste is on the dot, not salty..

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First time eating & I'm impressed; the medium rare tenderloin is very tender & succulent; no bloody water; wrapped with a layer of red wine mushroom that is flavorful; add on foie gras which is soft & creamy; & then wrap with a thin, flaky & buttery puff pastry; the outer layer still remains flaky till the end; came with chickpeas salad at the side; probably the most affordable beef Wellington in town..

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are my favorite times of day.. I’m a Food fan..

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