Local Hawker Heritage

Local Hawker Heritage

Featuring reviews of local food that you typically get at a hawker centre such as Wanton Mee, Hokkien Mee, Mee Siam, Chicken Rice etc...
Grace Aw
Grace Aw

Decided to try this stall for lunch.
Got 1 Crispy Prawn Cracker, 2 Yam Roll, 1 Tau Kwa, 1 Pork Sausage, 1 stick of fried Wu Xiang Fish Cake for $11.

Crispy Prawn Cracker was really good. Crispy, not too oily and slightly bitter. Yam Roll was tasty but quite dry. Tau Kwa has a slight saltiness which I love and it was fried perfectly. Pork Sausage was tasty but quite dry. The fish cake thingy we chose which was lined on a stick, taste like a combination of "Wu Xiang"(5 spice seasoning) and fishcake. The sauce provided was quite good. Sweet and tasty.

Overall I would say the food is quite nice.
Wanted to try their bee hoon also but not sure if the aunty heard the 2 plates of beehoon or charged us the bee hoon but didn't give.

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Decided to join the long queue to try this famous Kway chap.

Got their mixed platter for 3 people ($14) and 3 bowls of Kway chap ($0.80).

The mixed platter consist of pig's large intestine, pork meat, tau Kwa, Tau pok and braised egg. Each item was not bad and I like how the intestine did not have any smell and did not taste bitter.

The noodles were silky and paired with a mildly flavoured soup.

Overall I would say the Kway chap is good. However I feel that it's not worth the long wait.

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Came here and saw quite a number of people eating porridge so decided to get it as well. Ordered the century egg pork porridge.

The porridge was tasty and came with cai poh, shallots, minced pork, century egg and you tiao. Everything went well together. The only disappointment was the soft you tiao.

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I placed my order and was given a food buzzer.

Once the buzzer rang, I went to the shop and the aunty drizzled the black sauce and sesame oil on the rice while I ladle some chili sauce.

The claypot rice was topped with chicken chunks, thinkly sliced Chinese sausage, kailan(?) and a piece of salted fish. I mixed it all together and couldn't wait to eat it as the smell of salted fish hit me.

I tried the chicken and it was really tender. Next, I tried the Chinese sausage and it was good. The veggie was crunchy and good too. However when you eat it all together somehow it was a on the bland side. I felt that they could have given a bigger piece of salted fish to mix into the rice or added some salty elements to the dish. Chili sauce was good thought. Spicy and good.

Overall, the chicken was cooked perfectly but the claypot rice could use more salty-ness.

Signature All-In Combo consist of Mee Hoon Kway, Minced Pork, Sliced Pork, Pork Ball and Shrimp Ball.

I had the soup version. Soup is very interesting. Different from any other mee hoon kway shop. It had a smoky flavour which is really nice. Noodles on the other hand was so-so. It lack the chewiness which I prefer.

Minced meat was ok. Sliced pork was tender. Pork ball had a very porky taste which I didn't really like. Shrimp ball had a good springy texture.

Their chilli was not bad as well. They don't offer the usual chilli padi with soy sauce but offer a chilli that's on the acidic side which is quite nice.

Overall nice soup but average noodles.

There always seems to be a queue for this stall so I decided to try.

I got their smallest potion which is $4. It's a good portion, packed with lots of ingredients; eggs, sausages, fish cake, cockles, beansprouts, pork lard and chives.

The CKT is on the sweeter side and could be saltier. It's also not that spicy even though I requested for it to be spicier. I do like how their pork lard are quite big and crispy which added extra crunch to the dish along with the beansprouts. The cockles were good and cooked perfectly. However I felt that it could use more eggs.

Overall a good plate of CKT with good portion. If I do patronise the stall again I might opt for extra egg (+$0.50) and cockles (+$2) if my wallet allows.

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So this Wanton Mee comes with char siew, vegetable, 2 fried wanton(dumplings), soup and 2 boiled wanton.

The noodles were ok. They weren't overcooked and had taste. There were also deep fried pork lard in the noodles. Char siew was sweet and tasty and paired well with the noodles. But it was a little dry. Vegetables on the other hand had a weird chemical taste? So I didn't finish them. Fried wanton was good. Crispy and good. Soup was quite bland but the boiled wanton was really good. The filings of the boiled wanton tasted like there was sole fish in it which gave an umaminess to it.

Overall yes to wanton, no to noodles.

For Set B: Chicken what you get is:
•Nasi Lemak (Blue Pea Rice / Classic White Rice) OR Fried BeeHoon
•Choice of 4 Varieties of Sambal – Classic, Hijau(Green), XO, or XO Hot
•Fried Egg or Omelette
•Choice of chicken – Ayam Merah/ Gulai/ Cili Padi

The blue Pea Rice looks unique, my first time having blue Pea Rice. But I would say their rice could be more fragrant and coconut-y.

So they have 4 different kinds of sambal. Classic being the least spicy and XO Hot and Hjiau being the spiciest. Tried their XO sambal made with dried shrimps and it wasn't that spicy, more like what you usually get at most Nasi Lemak stalls. Slight spicy and sweet. Moving on to the XO Hot which contains dried shrimps, it's a sambal that is about 2 times spicier than the XO sambal. The first bite packs a punch and the heat immediately hits you. Quite nice for those who love their chili. Next up on my plate was the Hijau which instead of dried shrimps uses ikan bilis. I felt that it wasn't as spicy as the XO Hot. It was more towards the salty side but spicer than the XO sambal. So if you like spicy but yet can't really take the heat, the Hijau sambal is a good choice.

For my chicken, I chose Ayam merah which is chicken cooked in a red tomato-y sauce. I like how the chicken was tender. The sauce also was good. Sweet and flavourful. A good Ayam merah.

Overall everything in the Nasi Lemak was good but the rice could be better. Also if you do not want to get their custom set, you could get the ala carte where you can choose whatever you like.

Saw so many good reviews about so I had to try it.

Bought two of their Shrimp Paste Wing. The first thing that hits you is the strong smell of the shrimp paste. Biting into it you get this crisp and light batter with the chicken that's quite tender. Really good however taste-wise the shrimp paste taste could be stronger. Maybe this batch wasn't marinated long enough? Also it was a quite oily. Their chili is similar to what you get from a chicken rice stall but a little spicier. Cucumber is also a good addition on the plate that helps add some freshness.

Overall not bad, worth trying if you're nearby.

Brought my friend here to try their Tu Tu Kueh as they have many interesting flavours such as durian, Nutella, Bolognese, mentaiko etc...

Different filings have different price. The classic flavours like peanut, coconut etc.. is 5 for $3. Their weekly filings are 5 for $3.50 and their premium filings is 5 for $4.50. You can mix and match the flavours.

I got their Chili Crab, Mentaiko and Durian (which are the premium filings).

Chili crab was not bad it even had chunks of meat but could be more stronger in terms of taste. They should have made it sweeter, spicier and saltier.

Mentaiko comes in a light pink shade. Really good. Salty and umami-ish.

Durian. The aunty advised us to eat it once it was cooled, about 10 minutes so we waited. The smell of the durian was really promising, unfortunately it did not deliver in terms of taste. The durian taste just lacked flavour and pungent-ness.

Now on to the Tu Tu Kueh itself. Honestly because of how badly it was made it affected the overall taste. The Kueh wasn't sweet, was dry and broke quite easily as well. If they change the tu Tu Kueh itself I'm sure it would have tasted better.

Overall the worst Tu Tu Kueh that I have eaten, the mentaiko filing was the only saving grace. Would only come back if they change their Tu Tu Kueh recipe.

This place offers Traditional Pancakes (Mee Jian Kueh, MJK), Munchi Pancakes and Mini Pancakes.

The MJK ($1.30 for coconut, red bean and peanut butter. $1.60 for sesame) was slightly fragrant and chewy. The coconut and peanut butter filings were like what you usually get.

Now onto the Munchi Pancakes ($1.30 for classic flavour and $1.80 for the premium ones). What I really like is the filling options. I had the Thai Milk Tea and Cream Cheese option. Thai Milk tea was fragrant and sweet, just like the drink itself. Cream cheese was my preferred flavour. It was a sweetened cream cheese which complemented the pancake really well.

Overall I would recommend the Munchi Pancakes or you can get the mini pancakes (6 for $4 for classic and 6 for $5 for the premium ones) if you want to try more flavours as it is more interesting.

They offer a few variety of noodles such as mee Kia, mee pok, beehoon and kuay teow. Ordered the mee kia which are thin egg noodles. The noodles are boiled, dumped into a bowl filled with a mixture of sauces that the aunty threw in and then mixed together before topping it with braised mushroom. Taste-wise it was average, wished the aunty added more sauce cause the noodles were a little dry as well.

Now on to the soup. The soup is the main star of the show. The soup was salty and umami-ish. Could taste dried sole fish which I really like. The soup was also packed with loads of ingredients like minced meat, meatballs, sliced Pork, fried fishball, wanton, seaweed, egg, Chinese celery and not forgetting the fish maw. Really good.

However I do feel that their Ding Ji Signature Noodle ($5) is good as well. The soup is the exact same except without the addition of fish maw. So if you're someone who doesn't really fancy fish maw I would recommend their Signature instead, which I also prefer.

Overall a really good bowl of soup but average noodles. Definitely recommend the soup.

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