The beef tartare was interesting, rich and savoury but not in an off putting way, esp for me who is scared of getting salmonella frfr🤣

The Unagi mousse was the highlight for me because it added a slightly sweet burst of flavour to complement the acidic and sourish nature of the tartare😋

The ⭐️ of today was the Burrata, even more so for a non-cheese lover like myself🧀

Geronimo Stilton would be proud of this dish because I j rly love how the creamy and mild Burrata cheese goes with the strikingly almost-sugary grapes, it was a match made in heaven 🤩

The pasta tasted more like an expensive carbonara but the generosity of fresh octopus made up for an otherwise decent pasta, nothing too special tho🐙

I’d go for the cheesecake over the brownie next, bc its more of a nostalgia-evoking dessert as it rly tasted like the Wether’s caramel candy I used to eat as a kid🍰

The brownie, on the other hand, only stood out to me bc of the solid gold looking piece of film covering it, literally sticks out like a sore thumb 🏅

I especially enjoyed this burger here, coupled with the immaculate vibes and chill ambience

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Away from the usual KBBQs, Pint And Dine @pintanddine has a Korean mukbang-style buffet, including free-flow fried chicken, fried seaweed rolls, mandu, curly fries and even Korean fishcake among others.

If you still not full, go ham on their unlimited servings of instant ramyeon, like Chapagetti and even everyone’s favourite Samyang spicy noodles too!

We recommend: Mukbang Buffet ($25+)

Main gripe: Fried chicken can be marinated a bit better and can be rather dry at times (but the Yangnyeom sauce does pack a punch tho🔥)

Overall: 4/5 (would recommend coming with a group of friends, a bit awkward if you eat the entire buffet on your own...unless you’re fine with that of course)



$1 for your Kopi O, $2 for half a pint of Chang Beer and $11 for a cocktail of your choice among a wide selection. All charged at NETT prices.

The answer lies in their in-house ROBOT baristas cum bartenders, preparing your Kopi and cocktails with immaculate precision, down to the exact ingredient “ratio” you’d like them.

For coffee, we had their refreshing Cold Brew Banana, with the fruitiness from the banana puree not too overpowering. We also tried their fragrant Pandan Latte, with the essence from the fresh pandan extract infusing nicely with the traditional cafe latte.

Ratio’s cocktails were conceptualised by some of the world’s most “zai”(capable) bartenders and brought to fruition by their robots.

Not only do they serve classics such as Gin and Tonic, but they also offer fascinating concoctions such as the tangy Tom Yum Martini.

If you’re feeling slightly peckish, don’t worry! Ratio Coffee dishes up savoury delights such as their Truffled Egg in Multigrain Loaf or Lemak Chicken and Sambal Cruffin.

My only gripe is the not so spacious seating in this relatively small cafe placing customers in close proximity. However, for others, I’m sure they’ll appreciate this cosy setting a lot more.

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