Amazing Pasta

Amazing Pasta

Featuring Sarnies (Telok Ayer), The Assembly Ground (The Cathay), The Marmalade Pantry (ION Orchard), Bedrock Bar & Grill, La Nonna (Holland Village), Tipo Pasta Bar, Lucca's Trattoria, AP House Specialty, Burrata Joy & Gustavo Lapasta, Cedele Bakery Cafe (Raffles City)
Ferlinda Ng
Ferlinda Ng

I love the pasta here - my friend and I both had the crab meat with pink sauce, and we could select from a range of pasta types. The mushroom soup is delectable too!

The actual place itself is a bit tight, with tables quite close to each other, but service is prompt and responsive and even friendly. The only thing is that the prices might be a little steep. However, it’s still worth paying a visit to, especially if you’re in the mood for a fancier meal :-)

We had the truffle mushroom tagliatelle pasta ($22) and bolognese penne pasta ($24) on the 1-for-1 for Entertainer! The portions were generous and tasted quite good for the half-price that we were paying, although it might get a little gelat past a certain point in time. I definitely will be back here on the Entertainer! Maybe will try their coffee next time, as their beans are well-known (and apparently good to be given as gifts).

I came here on the Entertainer app and it was well worth the money, because the beef was really tender and delicious! I think they are definitely known for their steak; while the sauce of the lobster pasta was very good, the lobster meat itself was only of decent quality. One day I will be back for their steak and beef again~

Cedele is always a reliable cafe to go to, with good cakes, pasta and soup. The mushroom soup was comforting on a rainy day, and the pasta was of quite good quality as well! It was definitely a pleasant meal to be had!

This was one of my repeat visits to this place, and the pizza never disappoints. This Carne pizza was honestly the best pizza I’ve eaten in 2020, and with the Entertainer app it became a real steal :-)

The carbonara was too salty though, so it was a bit of a sad experience. It was nice to the taste at first but grew progressively gelat, so not really my thing. Will try another item next time!


Assembly Ground is a place I’ve visited twice - the spicy pomodoro crab pasta (which is similar to al granchio) is my mainstay here! The portion is very huge, which applies to both the crabmeat and the pasta, leaving us filled to the brim. It’s one of the nicer al granchios I’ve tasted so far 😋

The nagano miso pork was not bad as well! Palatable and well plated. Will definitely be back at Assembly Ground in future, especially with the Entertainer app~

I was happy to have discovered this gem of a place from a friend’s recommendation. Tucked into the CBD is this cozy pasta and wine place that is usually crowded during lunch hours for weekdays. For weekday dinners, though, it tends to be less frequented and therefore a great place to unwind and have a meal in relative quiet and peace.

The aglio olio was served in quite a large portion and was very affordable. The quality was definitely great for the price and I would definitely come here again!

The only catch is that it is closed on weekends so you’d have to make your trip on a weekday!

As I mentioned, this year I have been going on a hunt in Singapore for the best al granchio - I think this might be it 😋 The texture and taste of the pasta, as well as the sauce, was completely on point, which is quite rare because it’s usually one or the other. The crabmeat was also fairly generous and yummy as well.

While the La Nonna pizza and mushroom soup took a backseat (in my eyes), they were also of very good quality and very enjoyable. The Entertainer deal made it even more worth it; if not the food would be rather pricey. It was a good cheerer-upper for a long day.

Will definitely be coming back for the al granchio someday - and will see if there is anywhere else that may be able to top this version of al granchio 😛 Somehow I doubt it!

Have been on a quest to find good al granchios - the Marmalade Pantry’s rendition is not bad; the portion is huge, and the crabmeat is generous. This one tends to be spicier than most al granchios; a bit less of the sweetness of the dish.

The famous Mac & Cheese here is, as usual, great - also good for sharing, since it’s quite a rich dish and may be hard to finish alone. :P

My friend and I had the carbonara and aglio olio, and was surprised at how fresh the pasta tasted. The carbonara wasn’t gelat and the portion was quite filling and generous. I had the sous vide egg, bacon bits and Alfredo for the carbonara.

Every few days they have a special selection of 3 pastas to try out, and they’re all really good!

Reservations need to be booked in advance because it’s quite a popular place; not guaranteed a place for walk-ins. The only thing is that it takes a while for the food to arrive, 20-30 min so this place is not for those in a rush!

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