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Doreen T
Doreen T

Best mlxg in Yishun, I’m a Super regular of this stall.
The numbing spice was very frangrant. I would say comparable to the famous one at Chinatown which standards have dropped since my last purchase.

Every ingredient, regardless you take veg or meat or seafood is going for $1.80/100g.
I always hoot all the fish and meat!

One look at this beautiful hue of orange and you’ll know this shrimp broth packs a punch. Very robust and thick. I can’t help but continue spoonful after spoonful.

Chinese ramen noodle is delicious and thickness of it is just the right size to compliment the broth.

Ebiko prawn balls tasted like the ones offered in beauty in a pot. (Well, they belong to the same mother company after all) Bouncy and delightful.

Went with ShopBack 9/9 promo voucher. $7.80 instead of the full price! So. worth. It!!!

Is a nope for me.
After all the aesthetically pleasing presentation of the initial dishes, this stuck out like a sore thumb. Looks like hawker carrot cake from afar.

I don’t like the tomato based gooey sauce, I don’t find the taste of the king prawn exceptional.

The crispy noodle could have been fried with a different type of noodle. It tasted like fried capellini.

Went with 43% Chope vouchers. Heng. No way am I paying $40 for this.

Crispy fried peppery food rarely go wrong. This 辣子鸡 whet one’s appetite. Yums!

There’s accompanying mango purée/sauce shaped like an egg yolk nestled within broken egg shells.

Interesting pairing but I prefer to eat my chicken pops kosong.

Went with 43% chope vouchers.

Hahah Yeap no doubt it’s awesome. Another instagrammable dish from Lokkee. Literally 🔥 LIT.

Personally find it more value for money than the bakkwa salad. Pineapple is filled with soft beef cubes and pineapple bits.

The juicy braised beef chunks taste slightly gamey to me though my dining partners thoroughly enjoyed it.

Order to impress your friend! Went with 43% chope vouchers.

As per the dish name, it’s just candied bacon served over a small bowl of salad placed atop a bowl of dry ice:
Very impressive presentation for sure, super instagrammable.

Whether it is value for money, that’s another question.

Went with Chope 43% voucher.

Went with Chope 43% off voucher.

Can’t decide to tomato or si chuan mala broth for your kaoyu? Here’s your answer!

Tomato base was a little too sweet for my liking but I might be biased as I’ve never been a big fan of tomato soup/hot pot/base.

Their sichuan mala broth is pleasant and on a lighter side where one can drink it as a soup.

Both combination went well with the grilled fish.

Price is higher end for grilled fish it was heavily subsidised with Chope vouchers.

8 different type of noodles to choose from. I had mine with thin flat.
As recommended by many, take a sip from the clear broth before mixing the chilli part in. Visually doesn’t look much but wow, the flavour is real intense in a good way.

My thin flat noodle was basically sliding everywhere and it doesn’t feel heavy per mouthful unlike typical ban mian.

Highly enjoyable slippery shiokness.

One precaution for all to note: Do not, I repeat. DO NOT wear white to eat this. You’ll get spatters all over your TOP and bottom.


Doreen T

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