Desserts, Pastries

Desserts, Pastries

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Cady Tay
Cady Tay

I am in love! The nian gao waffle really exceeded my expectations - it’s the usual crispy and fluffy waffle, but with a sticky, chewy inner layer of nian gao on the inside. It really added another dimension to the waffles game. I remember my first bite into it like it was yesterday - I literally exclaimed “mmmm!” out loud. 🤭 Maybe I’m biased because I personally love nian gao.
I think it’s really important to eat it hot and crispy because towards the end, as the waffles got cold, it became slightly softer and didn’t pack the same punch as its initial impression.

Ice cream was good too. We got the tea flavours - Tie Guan Yin & Honey Camomile, which went wonderfully with the sweet nian gao. Both flavours were very fragrant and not too sweet, and its creaminess to top it all was perfect for us.

Would recommend this place for anyone that loves nian gao, or want to try a different type of waffle. And yes, I would be back again to try their other ice cream flavours! They have quite the plethora of tea flavours as compared to the usual gelato shop, to our delight.

We visited in the late afternoon, right before dinner time, so it was relatively quiet. I’d expect the place to be quite busy during peak periods, as it’s situated literally right beside NEX / Serangoon MRT, making it such an accessible location.

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We couldn’t resist trying this dessert, having seen many pictures of it online as well as the two thumbs up sign accompanying this entry on the restaurant’s menu. Needless to say, we weren’t disappointed - the handmade mochi was super soft and chewy, giving it a very pleasurable mouthfeel. It was so silky that it required some skill and care to pick up, since it would slip right off most utensils.

The mochi came in three flavours: goma, kinako, and matcha, all of which were authentic and fragrant in taste. There was kuromitsu sauce on the side as well if you would like to drizzle some sweetness on top.

Overall thoughts - slightly towards the pricey side but you’re paying for good quality Japanese dessert with a stellar presentation, in a decent casual restaurant setting. Convenient location as well. Happy to have tried it once, but I think the next time I’m here, I would like to give their other desserts a try as well.

I would definitely come back again - Misato’s concept of delivering great quality Japanese food at affordable prices is right up my alley!

It would be wise to come a little earlier or on non-peak periods to avoid having to queue.

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Maple Pancakes ice cream was great - maple syrup and pancakes is probably one of the best combinations in the culinary world, and for it to come in an ice cream form is a treat you never knew you always wanted. I liked the differing textures, the creamy maple flavoured ice cream with the chewy pancake bits in it. It actually tasted exactly like McDonald’s hotcakes, bringing back a sense of nostalgia from childhood days.

On the other hand, Brie cheese was a little bit of a letdown. The ice cream was honey flavoured, and unfortunately the sweet honey overpowered the entire ice cream, even though there were a few small cubes of cheese inside. Brie cheese is of a milder flavour, so it was difficult to taste much of it at all. I think it would’ve been okay if the ice cream was called “Honey with Brie cheese” instead, just to adjust our expectations - I wouldn’t have a problem with it then.

Overall - both ice cream textures were on point. If I do pass by Haji Lane again, I might stop by to try their other flavours. The total price for both of these flavours was $10, since there was an additional $1 per premium scoop. We didn’t try the Keto options because it would’ve been an additional $2.50 per scoop - not a price we were willing to pay. Or perhaps we are not that health conscious! :P

We visited on a weekday early evening and it was not too busy since it was dinner time. There are a few seats in the shop so I would recommend you to come during off peak periods if you would like to secure a spot.

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It’s so amazing that you can find such pastries here in Singapore - it brings back happy memories of my travels in Europe. For their novelty, they’re not that expensive either, with a slice of burek going for $4.90 and a kifla for $2. As a fan of feta cheese in flaky pastries, this was heaven for me, as such style of pastries is uncommon in Singapore.

There are both sweet and savoury options, as well as dessert choices too. You can choose to takeaway or dine-in - there’s quite a decent-sized seating area. You can request for your pastries to be toasted, so that you may enjoy them hot and crispy! I would recommend this because it makes a pretty significant difference in the experience.

Generally the seats here are readily available as I think most people get the pastries for takeaway. I would most definitely consider getting the pastries again if I were passing by the area!

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Old school brownies with modern-ish toppings! Super nostalgic and unbelievably worth it with the Burpple 1-for-1 deal.

The people at the store were so friendly too, second time here and they’ve always been so warm and welcoming.


The pastry to yam filling ratio was just nice, and the yam paste wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet. That really allowed me to get a proper taste of both the pastry and the fillings. The donut pastry was more towards a bread texture, and there was a thin layer of sugar coating on the outside. A good pick for those that prefer something less sweet, though it felt more like yam bread than a donut.

There’s an ongoing promotion currently, where you can pair your donut with hot tea or coffee for an additional $1. A pretty nice deal I think.

The shop has a seating area at the side with small tables, favouring customers coming in pairs. We visited on a weekday early evening and it was relatively quiet - made for a nice spot to have our tea while watching people walk by.

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Warning: Messy eating ahead. Get ready for layers and layers of crispiness followed by a reservoir of hazelnut chocolate sauce. Basically, pastry crumbs and flakes and brown sauce everywhere. Worth the mess! This was recommended to us by the staff as the popular item on their menu. I personally could do with less chocolate sauce all over my fingers, but I guess that’s part of the oozing experience.

We visited on a public holiday afternoon and it was relatively empty. There’re a few seats outside of the cafe (no indoor seating). Staff were friendly. Overall a good experience - nothing mind blowing, but pleasant.

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The first thing I thought when I saw this, I was like, omg it’s so shiny! It was baked so perfectly that it almost looked kinda.. fake (in a good way). Well, definitely isn’t fake, because when I sunk my teeth in, it was just buttery crispy goodness. The real stuff. Its layers were so thin and crisp that the wind was literally blowing some of the half eaten layers away while we were eating it outside.

We visited on a weekday afternoon so there wasn’t a queue at all, but do take note of their baking timings because some of their pastries do sell out - you’d have to wait for the next batch to be done if you miss it. There wasn’t a place to dine in, so I guess this is more of a takeaway sorta bakery.

What a cute entremet! Laid my eyes on it and immediately knew I had to get it. This was heaven for pistachio lovers, and I’m one of them! The inside and outside were both singing (I initially wrote screaming, but that didn’t sound good🤔) pistachio, but yet at different frequencies which somehow harmonized really well - the flavours didn’t becoming overbearing, or didn’t start to compete with each other.

At first I was reluctant to dig into this beautifully crafted ball, but once I had my first taste of it, it was so hard to stop eating it! I really enjoyed the textures going on - the crunchy pistachios on the outside contrasted the smooth frangipane on the inside.. which also contrasted the homemade pistachio praline as well as feuilletine - yes, all inside the pistachio mousse ball! I personally really loved the pistachio mousse, that made it for me.

We came in on a Sunday afternoon and some of their cakes and pastries were already sold out - fortunately there were still some of these marimos hanging around. The cafe is very stylishly done up and we were lucky enough to get seats for two during a rather busy period. Do note that there’s 10% service charge if you’d like to dine in.

With the rise in popularity of dessert cafes and such entremets, it’s easy to find entremets that are quite generic and rather pricey too. It was nice to see Tigerlily whip out some creative ideas that really showcased their character as a cafe. We’ll definitely be back earlier in the day to try their other creations!

Quite chocolatey but yet not overly sweet, which was good. Chocolate was more towards milk chocolate. Somehow the cake was quite light despite all the chocolatey goodness so it was way too easy to gobble down.

Overall a pretty standard chocolate cake but definitely one that’s a notch above the average ones. It’s quite a steal for the price especially with Burpple 1-for-1. I’m glad I tried it but I probably wouldn’t specifically make a trip down to this shop just for the cakes. If I’m around the area I might get it only with the Burpple deal.

Dug in before the camera could get a good shot.. but hey, got the cross-section pretty nicely! This was a very, very light cheesecake - I couldn’t taste much cheese really and it felt more like vanilla cream. But I’m a huge fan of cream and vanilla, so it was right up my alley.

You might enjoy it if you can get behind the fact that it doesn’t taste like a cheesecake, and the mouthfeel being much lighter and fluffier (similar to that of fresh cream) than a typical dense cheesecake. Oreo and the chocolate sponge was not bad.

Overall pretty alright especially with the Burpple deal, making it quite a steal for the price! I’m glad I tried it but I probably wouldn’t specifically make a trip down to this shop just for the cakes. If I’m around the area I might get it only with the Burpple deal.

It was rock hard when first served, we were happily knocking our spoons on it. But give it some time (while practicing your patience) and you can finally dig in, literally. I’m generally a huge fan of sweet milk flavoured desserts, so this was right up my alley - I didn’t taste any sake though, either that or it was too subtle for my pleb tastebuds to pick up. It’s still quite nice, the sweetness, cold and creaminess was a nice end to the salty and oily ramen main dishes. Its texture definitely can’t match up to your signature gelato places, but overall it tastes alright - you can’t go wrong with sweet milk!

The set comes with 2 bowls of ramen, 2 hard boiled eggs, 6 pieces of gyoza, and 2 cups of ocha. Do note that water is not free here, so bring your own water or be ready to pay for it!

Service was really spectacular I have to say, the staff were very friendly and thoughtful. We initially got a small table and had to squeeze a little, but once another group beside us left, they cleared the table and brought it over to us, to make us more comfortable, and provide us with more chairs for us to place our bags in. I thought that was a nice gesture of them.

Overall - an experience and meal I was glad I tried with my friends! I’m not sure if I would come back again unless someone wanted to go through the experience again, since it was more like a “been-there-done-that” sort of thing for me. I don’t think I would pay this price just for the food, without the experience. But it’s definitely worth a try, just for fun :)

We wanted to use the Burpple deals here but actually the menu itself already had the 1-for-1 set deals, so no Burpple Beyond is needed really. We visited on a weekday evening and it was rather busy - fortunately we managed to get seats for three of us!

Cady Tay

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