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Cady Tay
Cady Tay

An average bagel filled with Kimchi chicken, housemade gochujang aioli, and kimchi slaw. It wasn’t spicy and was mostly creamy due to the aioli. I felt the bagel itself was a bit stale unfortunately. But overall it an okay bagel that I wouldn’t get again unless I was using a 1-for-1 deal.

It appeared they charged me $1 more for takeaway, but the guy at the counter immediately crushed the receipt the moment it came out and threw it away, which I thought was a little bit sus. Anyway he looked new and a little nervous so I decided not to pursue it.

I used the Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 Bagel + Drink deal, so it wasn’t too bad, if not everything would’ve been too expensive for its standards. I got the Eggsplode ($12.90) for the other bagel but honestly wouldn’t recommend it at all unless you want a plain egg mayo bagel. They did give a lot of egg though.

I went at about 6.30pm and most of their drinks were unavailable, which left me with only a few options. I was their only customer at that time and waiting time was about 20-30 minutes for my two bagels and drinks to be ready.

I guess overall the experience here wasn’t the best for me, but I’m willing to give it another chance and try their bakes, since there’s the Beyond 1-for-1 deal.


Tonkatsu was crispy and delicious - you can choose between pork loin, fish, or chicken. Each person can pick something different so you don’t have to get two of the same meats. The set also comes with 2 pieces of tori karaage, 2 pieces of fried oysters, as well as 2 bowls of rice and soup. There were also pickles and shredded vegetables on the side to help balance out the saltiness of the fried foods.

It was a lot of food, and I’m glad they allowed us to pack the extras because we couldn’t finish all of it! Standard of food was good, standard restaurant pricing after GST but reasonable considering the amount of food there was.

Staff were friendly and helpful, which made the dining experience positive. We visited on a weekend afternoon, and it was fairly busy, though there were still some vacancies here and there.

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Choose your type of bread and type of spread! For breads, they have a variety, ranging from the classic brioche or sourdough, to flavours such as matcha or pumpkin - which can be quite subtle especially when paired with spread. The toast is thick and pretty substantial, so honestly one was quite filling already.

For spreads, you can go for the traditional kaya (with or without butter), or try their nut butters or jam. They even have avocado and chia seed which was what I tried, and I was glad that they weren’t stingy with the avocado. There’s a lot of options for both breads and spreads so it was nice to be able to mix and match them all.

Overall everything tasted very healthy and freshly baked. It was a nice wholesome vibe enjoying our breakfast with a view of the Yishun pond. We were there at about 7.30am and it was already so busy! They actually served the bread first after some waiting, and it was only about 15min+ later that they served the eggs and drinks.. which was quite disjointed unfortunately because I couldn’t enjoy the whole breakfast set together. The toast was cold and not crispy by the time everything else was served. That’s my only complaint.

Otherwise, this cafe is not a bad breakfast spot given its ambience. If you have some time on your hands, are not too fussy and don’t mind a slow breakfast at the Yishun area, you can consider giving this place a shot!

So excited that Perch now has a 3-Course Set Menu under the Beyond deal! For mains, you can choose between: beef cheeks, duck leg, pork belly, or red snapper - which is a pretty nice selection since there are four different types of meat to choose from.

Being a fan of duck, I had to give the Local Duck Leg Confit a go, and it didn’t disappoint. The presentation was aesthetic, made a lasting first impression with the bubbly bright orange carrot mousse drizzled on top. Meat was tender and flavourful, went great with the pickled mustard jus for that extra tanginess.

This is my second time visiting Perch and their standards have been good. It’s situated along circumference of the vortex waterfall in Jewel, adding to the ambience of the restaurant - classy but not too formal, allowing for some relaxed dining.

Pricing is typical of a tasteful airport restaurant - but Burpple Beyond’s deals make it very reasonable. You can pick between having 1-for-1 main dishes or go for the 3-course set. It’s a pretty great deal.

Thank you Burpple for the invite!


Tucked in a corner of Orchard Gateway lies a hole in the wall Japanese donburi shop. Their signature dish - the beef donburi, looked very impressive. The thinly sliced wagyu beef was deliciously roasted till medium rare and aesthetically wrapped around the rice. At the side, a refreshing yogurt sauce flows, complementing its savoury counterparts. And finally, at the top, an egg lies, although we broke the yolk for a more dramatic picture. :P

This is my second time having this dish. I would say that the quality of food here is good and seems consistent. Initially I thought that the amount of beef is quite little - but taking into account the quality, price, and location, I actually think it’s pretty reasonable, given that some donburis in hawkers or less accessible areas are getting quite expensive now, or taking a compromise on quality.

If you’re looking for decent donburis in the Orchard area, Gyu Nami is a safe pick - you get a decent bowl for a reasonable price, and can enjoy it in a casual dining setting. With Burpple Beyond, you can get two bowls for $25, saving $5.

The shop has vintage Japanese posters lining its walls, and an impressive amount of boxes of anime figurines - apparently won from claw machines by the owner. If you’re curious, do ask the owner more about it - he is very friendly and appears happy to share interesting stories about his shop and hobbies.

Thank you Burpple for the invite, and Gyu Nami for hosting us!


Don’t be fooled - this Ultimate Breakfast is vegan. Rebellious indeed, because that pork sausage patty right there is all soy and no (real) meat. It’s Impossible! Accompanying it is a muffin topped with sautéed mushrooms, along with avocado, beetroot hummus, cherry tomatoes and shredded zucchini on the side.

I liked the variety of colours in this dish, it was very pleasing on the eyes. The beetroot hummus is definitely an eye catcher with its creamy, bright pink appearance. For those that are a little hesitant about the beetroot - don’t worry because the beetroot taste isn’t that strong in the hummus.

Being an omnivore that often orders full breakfasts, I felt that this dish lacked “vegan eggs”. It was an essential puzzle piece in completing the “ultimate breakfast” experience - because this didn’t seem very ultimate to me, just more like a sausage muffin with some veg on the side. It would be nice having scrambled eggs on the side as well seeing that there are already many vegan egg options on the market. It would also help in justifying the price tag of $19.. Perhaps a vegan would think differently?

When I first laid eyes on Rebel’s vegan menu, I was definitely very confused. There were so many familiar names such as Unagi Donburi, to Grilled Chicken Quesadillas. It took me awhile to realize that vegan food has indeed come a long way with several meat replacements and even vegan alternatives for mayo, cheese and eggs. It’s great that restaurants like Rebel provide a place for people of different dietary choices to come together and enjoy their usual western food fare.

Overall I think the vegan menu in Rebel is worth a try once for the experience - at least for omnivores/non-vegans like myself, which I can speak for more confidently. :P It was fun looking at the dishes and being like, woah, this looks and tastes pretty legit! Otherwise I probably wouldn’t return unless I was with someone vegan. If you do happen to be in the CBD area looking for food, and have a vegan or vegetarian friend with you, do add this to your repertoire of dining options!

Thank you Burpple for the tasting invite! :) For Beyond subscribers, you can enjoy a 25% off discount here.


It’s quite difficult to find solid okonomiyakis in Singapore I think, so this was a pleasant surprise. This Japanese pancake was delicious, and boy were they very generous with their cabbage. Coupled with pork belly and egg, it was definitely a good plate of okonomiyaki at a very reasonable price point, and at such a convenient location.

I would come back again - Misato’s concept of delivering great quality Japanese food at affordable prices is right up my alley!

It would be wise to come a little earlier or on non-peak periods to avoid having to queue.

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This was delicious! The tiger prawns were pretty big and its breadcrumbed layer was cooked well till crisp. The whole presentation of the dish was very pleasing to the eye as well. I love the colours and the way the prawns were angled - it kind of looks like waves in the ocean. We cleaned the entire bowl really quickly once it was served.

I would definitely come back again - Misato’s concept of delivering great quality Japanese food at affordable prices is right up my alley!

It would be wise to come a little earlier or on non-peak periods to avoid having to queue.

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Pretty decent ribeye! The sides were a little miserable however, with that one tiny baby potato at the side. 😅
Definitely not worth it without any deal, but with 1 for 1 it’s pretty alright. Just note that there’s still GST and Service Charge on top of it all.

We visited on a weekday evening and seats were readily available, though you can also make a reservation with Chope if you’re worried. The ambience was very casual actually, the place had a modern eatery (slightly canteen-ish vibes) aesthetic. Service was exemplary, which was something that pleasantly surprised me.

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A safe pick - the ramen was springy, the pork bone broth was silky and full of flavour. The place has free flow bean sprouts and hard boiled eggs as well. For this price, I think this bowl and its unlimited accompaniments is very worth it!

No wonder there are always snaking long queues during dinner times - fortunately we came at about 6pm, right before the crowds started filling in, so we didn’t need to queue at all.

This is somewhere I’d definitely go to if I’m starving!

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Pretty good, met our expectations. Skin was crispy, meat was tender. Dips were great too, there was raspberry sauce, calamansi chilli, and yellow mustard. All had a different flavour profile and it was nice varying the dips with the duck meat.

We visited on a weekend so we could get 15% off our bill with Burpple Beyond. If you visit on a weekday (Monday to Thursday specifically), you can enjoy 30% off the bill!

Despite its atas menu, the restaurant looks quite unassuming, and the atmosphere is more of a cross between a restaurant and an eatery. Great for casual occasions!

Want to feel like a tourist? Well, head down to Menbaka Fire Ramen where you can see your bowl of ramen light up in flames right in front of you, and have the entire experience plus your reactions video-captured on your very own mobile device. The staff kindly also help you to take a group photo with the bowls of ramen thereafter.

Kinda gimmicky, but honestly quite a fun experience with friends. We felt a little bit shy when the whole restaurant’s staffs applauded at the end of the fire show, since we were seated in front of the counter wearing the white bibs they provided, waiting for our ramen to be cooked. It was a nice laugh and giggle though, as we waddled back to our table after the “Fire Experience” was complete.

Tastewise, the ramen broths were a little too oily for our liking but nevertheless quite tasty - you can taste the charring from the fire experience too. Charsiew and ramen were both standard. I do wish the serving size for the ramen was slightly bigger - more meat, more noodles, to make it more worth it. The set also comes with 2 hard boiled eggs, 6 pieces of gyoza, 2 cups of ocha, and 2 scoops of sweet milk sake ice cream. Do note that water is not free here, so bring your own water or be ready to pay for it!

Service was really spectacular I have to say, the staff were very friendly and thoughtful. We initially got a small table and had to squeeze a little, but once another group beside us left, they cleared the table and brought it over to us, to make us more comfortable, and provide us with more chairs for us to place our bags in. I thought that was a nice gesture of them.

Overall - an experience and meal I was glad I tried with my friends! I’m not sure if I would come back again unless someone wanted to go through the experience again, since it was more like a “been-there-done-that” sort of thing for me. I don’t think I would pay this price just for the food, without the experience. But it’s definitely worth a try, just for fun :)

We wanted to use the Burpple deals here but actually the menu itself already had the 1-for-1 set deals, so no Burpple Beyond is needed really. We visited on a weekday evening and it was rather busy - fortunately we managed to get seats for three of us!

Honest reviews from an average salarywoman that’s hungry. I’m on insta too! @smallwalletbigmouth

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