Please note: This is NOT a 1-for-1 deal, the deal is misleading! The staff told me that it is only $13 off, as they referred to the estimated savings stated as $13 on the deals page - even though it clearly states with the 1-for-1 deal. When I tried to redirect them to the “1-for-1” phrase, they then said that only the lowest price item will be free - on the receipt they actually split the $17 dish into $13+$4.

I’ve redeemed hundreds of Burpple deals but have never encountered any merchant referring to that line.

I actually ordered two $17 dishes but they only deducted $13. Would be clearer if they renamed their deal to “$13 off” instead, or a fineprint somewhere that it is “up to $13 off”. This deal would only effectively be 1-for-1 if you ordered the congee, which is $13.

Food was otherwise alright, definitely very pricey for the small amounts served but I guess we are at an airport after all.