Took a chance ordering something I've never encountered before and was rewarded. Chilaquiles are a breakfast dish comprising corn tortillas cut into quarters and fried in a salsa/broth, then topped with cheese and eggs.

I thought the corn chips would be soggy after being doused in the spicy sauce but they still retained a mouth-watering amount of charred flavour. The proportion was also quite reasonable for the price โ€” I'm definitely getting this unique dish again if I'm back.

This was another rare dish you don't really see in other mexican places in Singapore โ€” elotes are a mexican street food involving roasted sweet corn covered in salty cheese, fragrant herbs and creamy sauces. I was really excited to try these because they sound so good! Alas, the elotes I got were actually flavoured very well but the serving size was so tiny I really don't think it's worth it for $9.

This might seem simple but it was quite delicious! The roasted corn provided me with pops of juicy sweetness and went well with the white cheese. I love it when something tastes as good as it looks.

I thought going for the quesadilla is quite a safe choice but I was kind of miffed how small these were! Could also barely taste the chorizo and avocado.

Hmm can't say I enjoyed this much. Maybe it's because I'm only just figuring out I don't like mole โ€” it tasted like fake curry sauce, and the whole dish was drenched in it.

The price of the wagyu ribeye fajitas might be eye-watering but it was arguably worth it in the end. The meat really melted in our mouths! The set also comes with house mole, ember-roasted chiles & onions, mezcal butter, lime, crema, and warm corn tortillas.

Heard lots about the chicken here being to die for but I really regret ordering this -- granted it was tender but after all I found the chicken really nothing special...

No meal at Nixta is complete without their giant churros! These were indeed one of the best churros I've tasted though I needed some getting used to dipping the churros in the gamey milk sauce.

Their take on fried beans, this was very similar to the picadillo de carne but without the meat. Again, the sauce was stunning paired with some warm butter rice.

Animated and exciting with a zesty dimension, the stew was the comfort food of my dreams. Picadillo means "to mince" but the meat in this dish had a texture more similar to pulled pork. I particularly enjoyed the bits of corn in there that provided pops of flavour.

Their take on flavoured rice with crabs, this dish features black risotto with piping hot soft shell crabs on top. The firmness of the rice is perfect and even has little bits of (spam?) in them. The crabs provide a nice juxtaposition in texture too and married well with the rest of the dish.

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[Eat-up] A mainstay at Clarke Quay, Cuba Libre has been hosting revellers with Latin American eats and gigantic mojitos for the past 14 years. Their Latin American chef recently launched a new menu, bringing Cuban signatures right to the riverside shores of Singapore.

When I heard that a full steak burger was offered here, I jumped at selecting this. What was delivered was crispy fries and 3 layers of steak in a thick burger which definitely didn't skimp on its meat. I really liked the accompanying tomato-based sauce that did wonders for the rest of the dish.

Sadly, because the steak was separated into 3, it was overcooked and consequently slightly dry. Though unfortunate, I still thought the burger was really reasonably priced!

Seperately, I had a taste of their ropa vieja and was quite impressed despite its tiny size. If you're a fan of Mexican black beans, definitely give this a try!

Thanks Cuba Libre for having us and Burpple for the eat-up!


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