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Featuring Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup (Kembangan), Wok Master (Westgate), Hong Kong Street Chun Tat Kee (Clementi), 87 Just Thai (Killiney), Siam Saap
Eat & Huat
Eat & Huat

An extremely unique dish that’s not commonly found in Singapore. This was my first time seeing and trying this dish. I enjoy eating century egg and meat so when 2 comes together, a must try.
When they served this dish, the aroma was inviting.
Century was fried hence there was a crispy exterior, smooth and creamy on the inside. If you’re not a fan of century egg or you’re afraid of the smell, do give this a try as the smell was masked with the fragrance of the fried basil.
Chicken was well stir fried with tolerable spicy level.
Do ask for less spicy if you can’t take spice too well.

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The word “garlic” definitely enticed me to order this as I’m a garlic lover however this dish didn’t surprise me as much as the other dishes.
Not that this wasn’t good, just that other dishes tasted above average in comparison to this.
The beef was definitely well tenderised and sauce wasn’t too salty which was a plus point. Not something I’ll order again given that their other dishes were better.
Nonetheless do give it a try if you like beef.

Not found in their menu so do let their server know you want an omelette. They have it with prawns, pork or onion.
Their omelette is extremely crispy and fluffy on the inside. It went really well with our pineapple fried rice.
Some might find it a little oily but that’s what makes Thai omelette extremely crispy and different from our usual zi char omelette.
Give it a try and you will know what I’m talking about.

Chanced upon this stall while I was looking to satisfy my craving for Thai food as my usual go to, closed down.
Probably one of the best pineapple fried rice I’ve eaten till date.
Rice was moist, flavourful and most importantly filled with wok hey. Portion was value for money and had a few chicken chunks unlike lots of other Thai food stalls.

Was pleasantly surprised to know that their Thai food is priced reasonably and definitely value for money. Will definitely be back to satisfy my craving for Thai food!

This version of fried Kang Kong was very different compared to other Chinese zi char as it wasn’t too spicy or oily.
The chilli wasn’t too spicy and instead of sambal, they used preserved soy bean and chilli padi instead of sambal.
This is good for those who can’t take spicy food.

Was pleasantly impressed at how good their pineapple fried rice tasted.
Rice was moist and flavourful with a hint of sweetness and tanginess at the same time. Enjoyed this plate of fried rice as the pineapple taste was not overpowering compared to others, everything really balanced out very well.

Very well fried egg with prawns. Crispy and fluffy on the outside, soft on the inside. Eggs were moist and they were generous with their prawns.

Coffee was a little too burnt as it tasted bitter. Pork ribs weren’t as meaty and all pieces are small. A little disappointed I would say.

This wasn’t as good as expected. There wasn’t any salted egg taste but just creaminess. The pork was tender nonetheless but has a thick layer of flour on it.

Har Cheong Gao was super crispy and had the prawn paste taste which other zi char stalls might not have nailed it.
Would prefer if they could give bigger or more lime so that it can help to cut through the greasiness.

Salted egg prawns. Prawns were fresh and evenly coated with salted egg. Savoury salted egg gravy made the prawns really tasty.

Peppery honey pork ribs. Pork ribs were meaty however couldn’t really taste the honey. It wasn’t mind blowing.

Premium claypot. Superior claypot filled with fresh prawns, scallops, pacific clams, sea cucumber, fish slices, fish maw and broccoli. Braised in our special stock to perfection.

Was quite shocked that real sliced fish was used as some stalls usually used fried fish fillet similar to those sliced fish soup stalls.
The sweet and sour of this dish balances out well as fish was slightly crispy, coated with the gravy and soft on the inside.

Eat & Huat

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Live to eat and I wonder why I can’t see my abs.

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