I'm not sure whether it was because I had this to-go but this was quite agonising to finish.

This dish boasts fresh fennel and dill but I couldn't taste anything -- not even a hint of the poached lobster. (Insert covid joke here) All the lobster I got was sparse chunks of rubbery meat in the bland mush. Extremely disappointing and confusing to get something like this from a reputable chain.

This was kind of disappointing. From a deli in an upmarket grocery store, I expected a lot more from this breakfast. Instead, I found myself picking at common dishes that weren't very fresh nor premium. Perhaps they didn't keep well on their flight from Australia? 👀

The highlight of every burger is the patty and this one was done well. The patty was properly pink and chunky inside with minimal grittiness. Sadly the other accompanying parts of the dish such as the bun and fries weren't served that fresh...

Topped with a brave combination of beef patties, mustard, and ketchup, this burger is meant to simulate the taste of a burger but what was at the forefront was mainly the tangy sauces. It also had a flaky crust that reminded me a bit of a prata. Even though the flavours didn't quite work out, I'm not complaining because the pizza was still quite tasty.

This was not awe inspiring but still hit the spot since I was craving a creamy carbonara that day. The pasta was quite chewy too and there was a generous helping of bacon.

Hidden behind the swathes of zigzagging paths that lead towards the top of fort canning hill, @lejardinsingapore is found in Fort Canning Arts Centre (where the bicentennial was hosted) -- a location enveloped in greenery. What adds to the ambience is the Victorian-style interior, which is covered in fresh flowers and wallpaper. This cafe is also by the same people behind @cafedenicolesflower but I preferred this cafe over the other because of its fitting location.

What makes a waffle a croissant? I suppose it's the various layers of flakes in the waffle itself. Quite an interesting creation but it wasn't crispy enough. The scrambled eggs, mushroom ragout and pork tolouse sausage were enjoyable but the rest were quite lacklustre.

This place's redeeming quality is solely its sublime ambience. I didn't even feel compelled to try their fancy overpriced drinks. May be worth a try if your an ambience kind of person but food wise, just grab something else at the city hall or bras basah area.

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This pathetic excuse for brunch tasted as bad as it looks. The sunny side egg had absolutely no interesting qualities about it, and the mesclun salad was a sad few strands of greens that felt like residents of the bottom of a salad bag.

I didn't give a 0 rating because the mushroom ragout actually tasted really fresh despite its small size.

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Situated near Telok Ayer MRT, this cafe boasts a semi-alfresco section with outdoors sitting but also a canopy and fans overhead. Perfect for enjoying a cooling breeze while catching up with friends. What's better, the food is extremely worth it with a 🌠1 for 1 with burpple beyond 🌠 I'll definitely be back soon!

Not skimping on cheese is an essential tenet of making a good quesadilla and this dish lived up to its name. Other than that, however, there was not much else interesting about the quesadillas because they were so simple.

That said, the roast potato chunks were amazing! Crispy outside and fluffy on the inside -- very well done. I loved dipping them into the variety of sauces I was provided with.


The photo may not look like much but the mushroom was fantastically juicy! It provided a toothsome firmness when I bit into it, which is a testament to just how fresh it was.

The caramelised onions were also great in texture and the right level of sweet. And again, the roasted potatoes were crispy and fluffy as well.

All in all a great burger. I almost forgot I wasn't eating any meat!

The cafe has a mini-masterchef showdown yearly so they can refresh the menu every year. That's right, you'll never be tired of all the quality cafe picks here. I also thought it was incredibly commendable how open they are to constructive feedback -- that's the makings of a fantastic cafe right there. Really enjoyed my time here and will definitely be back for more!

The moment this pizza was set down, the heady scent of truffle wafted towards my nose. The pizza itself was cheesy and deliciously moist thanks to the wobbly egg on top. The crust is quite different from the usual bready kind but was almost flakey instead. Can't say I prefer it but it added to the crisp factor.

Thanks Burpple and the Assembly Ground for hosting our eat-up!

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Doesn't this look just delectable with its creamy mushrooms and shaved parmesan? The creamy cheesiness was married beautifully with the earthiness of the mushroom. I really enjoyed the daubing of truffle paste with the thick parpadelle but it could've been a little more al dente.

Thanks againnn @burpple and @theassemblyground for the eat-up!

This delivered everything you could ask for a burger. I particularly appreciated how the patty was was thick and slightly pink in the middle, and the organically sweet caramelised onions.

Sadly I had it when it had sat on the table for a while, so I can't really comment about how it tasted when it was hot. I'm definitely coming back to try this again, though! It's that good!

Thanks againnn @burpple and @theassemblyground for the eat-up!

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