A new player in 📍Punggol, Anna's is a riverside cafe with an indoors and alfresco section. I really enjoyed the ambience here on a lazy Sunday afternoon! By the owners of soup spoon, the cafe focuses on sourdough selections. Come by after 5pm for their extended dinner menu.

I'd say this is one of the more unique big breakfasts I've had and it's because of the absolutely delicious chewy cheesy sourdough and cultured butter that came with it. The sourdough really is the kind that leaves a tart flavour in your mouth!

As for the butter flavour, you could choose between options sun-dried tomatoes, black garlic, and cocoa sea salt.
Minused a few points because of the baked beans, which tasted like canned beans despite their claim that they're housemade, and the mushrooms which were too peppery. Falafel was a bit dry too.

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