Fusion Eateries 🍽

Fusion Eateries 🍽

Featuring Núodle (SingPost Centre), Camino House, 168 Mookata
TheHungertrack 😋
TheHungertrack 😋

Visited on 18 Feb, fairly New MOOkidTA on the block 😎

Yes you saw that right, @168_mookata serves affordable foie gras ($5.90/pc) and 100g Wagyu Striploin MB4+ ($9.90) 🤩 Not only are they pocket-friendly, for a generous meat platter at $25.90 for 2pax / $39.90 for 4-5pax, I must say that their ingredients were really fresh and of quality 👍🏻 The highlight for us was none other than the substantially thick and melt-in-mouth foie gras — def recommended 😋 Do check them out, they just turned 1 month old in this neighbourhood 🙌🏻

🥳 Promo: Show this post to enjoy 5% off total bill with min spend of $25. Valid till 31 March.

📍43 Cambridge Road S210043 (coffee shop behind Pek Kio Hawker Center). Open daily from late evening till 11pm.

💌 Thanks @168_mookata for the invitation! 🤗

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[Originated from Lanzhou, Nuodle established since 1915 ✨]

@nuodle.asia is a Halal-certified Chinese eatery, known for their freshly hand-pulled noodles on the spot, savour the goodness of its soup broth or dry version 😋 Located at Singpost Centre and Our Tampines Hub, I must say the bowls had a huge serving and very affordable in one sitting! 🤤Thus, choose wisely from their variety of Lanzhou delicacies — my favorite were the Shabu Shabu La Mian and Lanzhou Fried La Mian from the selection we've tried below! 😄

Featuring 📸:
🌶🥩Cold Cut Beef Slices 凉拌牛肉 (Reg $7.90)
Marinated and braised beef slices are what Nuodle is known for. Drizzled with chili oil and served chilled, cold dish appetizer 👍🏻

🌶🍜Shabu Shabu Beef La Mian 红烧肥牛拉面 (Reg $9.90/ Large $12.90)
Soft and melt in your mouth Shabu Shabu Beef served in a special braised soup base. This item is one of their newest dishes at Nuodle 👍🏻

🌶🍜Signature Beef La Mian 招牌牛肉拉面 (Reg $8.60/ Large $11.90)
This dish is not only their signature but it is also a royal recipe that has passed down from 2000 years since the Qin Dynasty. 🤩

🌶🍜Sauerkraut Beef La Mian 酸菜牛肉拉面 (Reg $9.90/ Large $13.90)
Suitable for people who would prefer soup with a vegetable base along with their beef soup broth.

🍜Seafood La Mian 海鲜拉面 (Reg $9.90/ Large $11.90)
An alternative besides beef base. Offering a variety of fresh ingredients such as fresh prawns, fishballs, clams and beancurd.

🥢Chicken Bean Paste La Mian 炸酱面 (Reg $8.60/ Large $11.90)
The original Chinese styled version of the Korean Jja Jiang Mian, dry version of handpulled La Mian topped with chicken, bean paste, potatoes and diced vegetables.

🥢Lanzhou Fried La Mian 兰州炒面 (Reg $9.50)
Choose either beef or seafood option in which handpulled La Mian is stir fried with red pepper, green pepper and black fungi, flavorful dish indeed 👍🏻

🧆Beef Ball Soup 牛肉丸子汤 (Reg $6.80)
Housemade beef balls that are chewy, soft and go really well with the beef based soup.

💌Thanks @nuodle.asia for the warm hospitality and @kenpgl @sghappens for having me 🤗

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Pistachio cream pudding, freshly made thus the 'not-so-smooth' texture. Preference of each individual may differ.

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Crab meat really paired well with this flavourful pasta, and is not as "jelat" as it looks! 👍🏻 This is their best selling creamy pasta, great for sharing so you can't get enough.

Our favourite of the lot! Our dear friend cleared the lamb rack clean with her hand, try it yourself 😝🙌🏻

Love the handmade pizza base 👍🏻 Other pizza choices available too!

Must-order here!! Crunchy deep-fried baby prawns, super addictive as a starter or snack 🤤

If you are looking for classy and cozy restaurants serving fusion food to satisfy your palate, look no further!😋

Here, their uniquely created dishes are infused with delicious flavours from around the world and living up to their logo of being a “fireplace” or “hearth” in the centre of the House. Besides bringing people together, they also bring quality food to our palate as we were nodding in agreement that the food served were really hearty and well executed, making it really worth the visit! 🤗

Featuring 📸:
🍕Pizza Bianca with Tomato Concasse ($10.90) — Love the handmade pizza base 👍🏻
🥩Australian Grass Fed Ribeye ($36.90)
🍖Camino House Lamb Rack ($45.90) — Our favourite of the lot!
🦐Kawa Ebi — Must-order here!! Crunchy deep-fried baby prawns, super addictive as a starter or snack 🤤 ($18.90)
🍮Panna Cotta — Pistachio cream pudding, freshly made thus the 'not-so-smooth' texture ($6.90)
🍝Crab Meat Linguine in Pink Sauce — Their best selling creamy pasta, great for sharing so you can't get enough ($24.90)
🐟Camino House Snapper ($26.90)

Visit them now from Tuesday to Sunday: 12pm-2.30pm | 6pm-10pm, off on Monday. You may also Call/Whatsapp 9712 9308 now for reservations and enquiries!

💌 Thanks @caminohousesg for the warm hospitality and @thefussyfoodie_ for extending the invitation!! 🤗

Up-to-date reviews @thehungertrack on IG & TikTok ✨

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