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Ting C
Ting C

Caramelised flaky pastry rolled with Vegemite, topped with date jam and toasted macadamia - a take on Cloudstreet's signature petit four.

Smaller in size than expected - about the same size as the Wattleseed Chantilly Tart. I actually really like this. Strong, umami flavoured sticky pastry. Much better than the wattleseed chantilly tart.

Worth a try if you are also ordering their mains during phase 2 (heightened alert)

Cloudstreet’s rye tart filled with cascara infused caramel and Valrhona (70%) dark chocolate ganache, finished off with wattleseed chantilly.

Too much caramel for my liking and the runny caramel made the tart not as crisp. Tart base was just okay - slightly thick, not crisp and not buttery.

Not worth it and pricey for an average tasting tart.

Fuji apple sorbet, creme fraiche

The soufflé itself was super sweet and had to be eaten together with the apple sorbet (loved the sour sorbet and I hate most sorbets) and creme fraiche to neutralise the sweetness.

I know many love this but this was too sweet for me. Really wished I had picked the choc tart. My least favourite course of my 3 course dinner 😂

Foie gras, chanterelle mushroom, toasted farro, apples

Duck breast was well cooked, succulent, fatty with crisp skin. Wished there were more apples in the rich dish. The wet toasted farro covered in sauce seemed out of place to me too.

Quite good but not great I thought.

Seared Foie Gras, Kaya, Foie Gras-Espresso Mousse.

Loved the sweet-savoury combination! Fav dish of my 3 course dinner. Must-try here. Good dish to share.

Had their beef burgers the previous 2 times when I was here a long time ago. Let’s just say this is not my favourite place for cheeseburger. But, do order their turkey burger salad if you are here!

All natural turkey burger, kale, green apple, crumbled blue cheese, avocado, dried cranberries, house buttermilk dill dressing.

The turkey patty is thick, moist and juicy. I can see the juices when I cut into it. The dried cranberries and blue cheese makes this salad really flavourful on its own so you don’t need the dressing anyway.

1. Wagyu burger with fries ($38)
The bun is super soft and fluffy - not soggy at all after a 1 hour journey. The patties are huge, not dry and tasty. I wish they would have omit the tomatoes though and use another sauce for the burger.

The fries are chunky, nicely fried and salted and the sauce is delicious - it tasted like a slightly spicy southwest sauce. A tasty burger and fries but I wouldn’t pay $38 for it again though.

2. Cheesecake ($16 - complimentary with >$50 spent if you opt for pickup)
Not the best for me. Reminds me more of a Japanese cakey cheesecake than creamy american cheesecake. It has a savoury cheesy taste which I like but I didn’t really enjoy the texture.

Everything was too salty for me - adding the accompanying sauces just makes it even saltier. It doesn’t help that the food was cold when it arrived (I stay 12km away so I understand) but I will not go back after the circuit breaker ends because the food is not to my taste.

Everything seemed to have been coated with a similar tasting indian-esque too salty spiced rub - even the cauliflower on its own (without the sauce) is salty. Thus all the dishes do taste similar. One of my most disappointing eats recently.

I’ll just stick to their cheeseburger from now on.

Generous beef tongue with creamy mayonnaise-style sauce in between well toasted sliced bread. It’s good but portion is smaller than expected. This was the best dish of the night.

We also ordered their cedar jelly and foie gras toast $18 (tasted like buttered toast), mushroom and black truffle croquettes $24 (2 mouthful of deep fried creamy mushroom croquette) and molasses tart and orange chantilly $12. Overall the food tastes good but not as amazing as I thought it would be from the reviews and the portions are small.

Will I come back again? No. But I’m glad I’ve tried it.

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