Featuring Guo Fu Hotpot 国府珍锅 (Guoco Tower), Pot Yummy Yummy (Telok Ayer), Gong Yuan Ma La Tang 宫源麻辣烫 (NEX), Steamov 食尚捞 (Beach Road)
Ikigai J
Ikigai J

2 Jun’23, Fri (PH - Vesak Day)🌤
📍Steamov 食尚撈 (Beach Road)
- Mala Soup Base🥘

Individual hotpot is really for ppl like me who doesn’t like to share and save the trouble of others having to use common utensils…😬

Start by ordering your preferred soup base (spicy and non-spicy ones). Then you can choose the stuff you want from the conveyor belt or to order from the staff.

Variety of items (on the conveyer belt) are quite decent given the price point. Each short stick is $1 each (e.g. potato, quail eggs, black fungus, lotus roots, tofu stuff, veg etc) and those long stick is $3 each (e.g. mini abalone, scallops, hotate, seaweed chicken etc).

Didn’t get to see their meat (e.g. beef, pork, chicken & lamb) and fish on the conveyor belt, think will have to place order with the staff.

Drinks is at $1 (canned drinks) and $3 (big bottled ones). Self service to the cup and ice.

The place was quite clean, but saw some super small flies on the food/veg on the conveyor belt. If budget constraint and dun mind the flies issue (unavoidable at times), can check out this place, but if particular about food hygiene, suggest to skip this.

Damage: $15.40 incl. svc charge ($5 for soup base & condiments, $1 for chopsticks & tissue pack, items ranging from $1 to $3, excluding meat & fish options ranging from $5 to $20)

13 Mar’22, Sun🌤
📍Gong Yuan Ma La Tang (NEX)

First time order mala tang, not sure how they charge (then I know they charge by weight), just randomly pick the stuff…

The 大辣 mala soup base feels normal to me, shall try the spicier option next time, nice comfort food, though quite pricey (once in a while okay)…

Damage: $21.10

24 Jan’22, Mon🌤
📍Guo Fu Steamboat 國府珍鍋 (Cross St)
- Fish Set (Mala Soup Base)🐟

Fish set comes with dory fish, tung hoon (can choose instant noodle or rice too), mixed balls, carrot, enoki mushrooms, cabbage, radish and some other veg, and egg too…

Filling and satisfying lunch set, the mala soup base is pretty numbing and spicy, yum!

Like it being individual pot by itself, more hygienic…

Damage: $19.30

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15 Feb’19, Fri⛅️
📍Pot Yummy Yummy (Telok Ayer St)🥘
- Sliced Fish Set with Tom Yum Soup Base🐟

Like the tom yum soup base, it’s more sour than spicy soup, appetising and shiok~

Not too sure what fish type, tasted like dory though...nothing much to expect...

After selecting the types of set you would like (e.g. fish, pork, beef etc) and the soup base (e.g. herbal, tomato, tom yum etc), you can just pick any 6 sides from the conveyor belt...

I might go for their meat option the next time, overall, not bad for the price...

Damage: $16.20 (Lunch set)

Ikigai J

Level 8 Burppler · 761 Reviews

Everywhere I go, I eat, iPhone📷

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