Jubilant Japanese

Jubilant Japanese

Featuring Koh Grill & Sushi Bar (Wisma Atria), Shukuu Izakaya & Sake Bar, Omoté (Thomson Plaza), Umi Nami, Rakki Bowl, Hamburg Steak Keisuke, Kyushu Pancake, Japanese Curry Express (Fortune Centre), Waa Cow! (National University Town), Kamoshita
Tiny Tummy
Tiny Tummy

Oozing cheese inside the juicy beef patty! Don’t forget to pair it with the sweet tamago from the egg bar. Best combo!

Thick and milky avocado, combine with sweet mayo and fresh salmon roll. Super oishii. Love this dish more than their salmon mentai don and curry rice.

The downside is you only have 45 mins dine-in time and they are VERY STRICT about it.

The MVP of the dishes is this Japanese-style Cheese Platter.
Totally unexpected, but they are extremely good! I have never seen another Asian-flavour cheese platter so this is definitely something unique and worth trying.

From the top left, clockwise:
1. Miso Cheese - Smooth and light - cream cheese texture
2. Crab-Butter Cheese on rice cracker - tasty & “seafoody” - paste texture on a crunchy cracker
3. Konbu Soyu Cheese on a flavoured cracker - sweet & umami - my favourite blend of sweet cheese with umami cracker
4. Smoked radish & Cream Cheese - sour & creamy - fun combo as the radish is hard and sour, while the cheese is silky and creamy

Will definitely come back for this cheese platter.
Note: their oden is also super good, but this cheese platter is just mind-blowing.

One of the best tea cold brew I have tried. Can taste the “smokiness” of the sencha. The cold brew is not sweet at all so it is nice way to cleanse your palate after having the flavourful pancake.

Available in both bottle ($9.9) and cup ($5.5). The bottle is suitable for sharing as it is enough for 2-4 people.

The main star of the dish is the mouth-watering braised pork! Tasty and tender, you can truly feel the umami taste from the pork juice. Served with white rice, Japanese egg, cucumber and mushrooms.

Psstt...Get this bowl for just $9.9 (from $13.9) by joining Waa Cow!’s telegram group.

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At first it was quite nice. The sauce was sweet instead of normal shoyu sauce. However, after a while it became quite jelat. The dish felt so thick and heavy because of the sweet sauce mixed with onsen egg. Furthermore, the wagyu beef has some fat layers, resulted in ‘super oily’ feeling.

Based on the price point, it was not a bad deal; yet not what somethint I would go back for.

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The chirashi is decent, yet nothing extraordinary. The fish roe given is generous, the sashimi are fresh, however, the portion is not as huge as I expected as it is quite pricey ($22); compared to the other dishes.

For 1-for-1 offer, it is not a bad option, but I would not go for a full-price. I would think twice if I would like to visit again! Especially if the service team is still not friendly as per what I experienced during my first visit.

Wah never expected the sushi in a ramen place will be this good! Honestly, I like the sushi better than the ramen. The rice was wrapped with 2 roasted salmon, topped with warm mentai sauce... yummm, the melting sensation is unforgetable. The dish is served very fast (within 10 minutes), making it a perfect appetizer.

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Definitely one of the most underrated dishes in this place. The salmon comes in huge chunks, bringing out the fresh chewy salmon texture as you can bite and chew! Honestly I prefer my salmon to be served in chunks rather than diced into small cubes. The tamago and cucumber are also quite fresh.

I find this menu less jelat than the salmon mentai and truffle wagyu. There are 2 sizes - small ($13.90) and regular ($18.90). Small is just nice for a small eater like me.

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Notes: Omote just launched their Menu 2.0 on 17 July 2019.

This menu is part of Omote’s 2.0 menu, under the new contemporary modern donburi, offering 3 variations of don:
1. Salmon Mentai - definitely my favourite part of the dish; the mentai sauce is super creamy while the salmon is torched in aburi style. It was executed well as the aburi salmon is still juicy and not too dry!
2. Cubed Salmon in Spicy Cheese Sauce - the wasabi taste is a bit strong for me. The salmon cubes are cold with crunchy texture.
3. Assortment Chirashi - Omoté’s classic dish which never goes wrong! The chirashi is fresh with generous chunks of salmon, tuna and tako.

The scallops (hotate) are super huge! They torched them for a while and served while still warm. The moment you bite the scallop, it melts in your mouth! Yummm... the scallop melts yet still juicy and crunchy, enabling you to chew them. The mentai sauce is a perfect combi as it gives you that ‘umami’ taste, preventing you feeling too ‘gao’ from eating those gigantic scallop

Shiok Maki 1 is definitely the go-to sushi!
The fusion sushi roll comprises of thick torched salmon, cucumber with lots lots lots of tobiko and special shiok sauce (my fave). The sauce taste is like sweet thick mayonnaise. Opt for less tobiko if you are not a big fan of fish roe.

They will serve the sushi with ginger as garnish.

tiny tummy, titanic appetite

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