Nice to MEAT You!

Nice to MEAT You!

Featuring Saveur (Purvis Street), The Communal Place, The Peranakan, 88 Hong Kong Roast Meat Specialist (Tyrwhitt Road), The Butcher's Kitchen, The Feather Blade, Yaowarat Thai Kway Chap (Kovan), Ryan's Kitchen (Great World), Don Lechon, MediumRare by Saveur (Century Square)
Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim

Yakiniku fans rejoice, as a new yakiniku concept (Waa Cow! yakiniku) by Waa Cow! has opened at myVillage!

What sets Waa Cow! Yakiniku apart is its wide selection of sauces and dips to pair with their grilled meats. Their Signature All Dips Platter (refer to 3rd pic) includes Sweet Sukiyaki with Raw Egg, Spicy Miso w/ Leek Relish (my personal favourite!), Mentaiko, Wasabi Mayo, and Truffle. This is on top of their signature Garlic Butter Teriyaki and Ponzu Negi sauces available to each table too!

As for their meats, you can choose from beef cuts such as karubi, oyster blade, striploin, and ox tongue. My favourite cut is the karubi - so tender and flavourful (depends on how well you grill it though)! There’s also a selection of pork, chicken and vegetables too, to enjoy with their unique dips. Additionally, sharing plates such as fresh sashimi platters, and hot sides like chawanmushi and miso soup are also available, alongside alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.


I recently got to check out Whack-Yu Yakiniku, a Lava Hot Stone Grill Japanese BBQ located in a coffeeshop at Midview City!

We had the Whack-Yu 4896 Platter ($48.90, good for 2-3 pax) which includes Wagyu Beef Cubes, Wagyu Karubi, Short Plate, Tiger Prawns, Squid, Salmon, Teriyaki Chicken, Garlic Chicken, Pork Belly, Cha Shu Pork and Assorted Vegetables. We also had the Whack-Yu 96 Platter ($24.90, good for 2 pax), which is suitable for non beef eaters; same ingredients as above, sans the beef. The lava hot stone cooks the meat rather quickly, and the platters are value for money, since you get a wide variety and they’re fresh. Portions might seem small if you’re a heavy eater though.

We also chose to add on a la carte items like Foie Gras ($13.90), and more Wagyu Beef Cubes ($9.90) & Wagyu Karubi ($9.90) cos we really enjoyed the latter 2 from the platter! The Foie Gras is pricey, but worth ordering if you are feeling a little indulgent.

We also tried some of their sides (ranging from $1 - $3.50) like Aburi Tamago Cheese, Truffle Edamame & Truffle Onsen Egg. It was the egg that really stood out for us - it’s so good to dip the meat into or just eaten on its own!

April 2022 PROMO: For the month of April 2022, order a plate of wagyu for only $2 with purchase of any platters, t&c applies

✨ Overall Rating: 3.6/5
🏷 Whack-Yu Yakiniku
📍 Midview City, 18 Sin Ming Lane, Singapore 573960
⏰ Mon-Sat: 11am to 3pm & 5pm to 10pm, Sun: 5pm to 10pm

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Glad to discover Heng Heng Hong Kong Roasted Delight, a Hong Kong style roast meats stall in a coffeeshop, within walking distance from NEX Shopping Mall. The Roast Duck is well-seasoned, flavourful and not gamey, while the Char Siew is nicely caramelised and has a good fats to meat ratio! The Roast Pork pales slightly in comparison compared to those two, but is still a decent option nonetheless. I would also suggest pairing the meats with the springy noodles rather than the standard white rice. Definitely an underrated gem in the Serangoon area!


Recently dined at Hey! Yakiniku, where we enjoyed yakiniku and other meats like pork and chicken, grilled over a smokeless electric grill. Their extensive menu includes Set Meals (starting from as low as $8.90, and comes with rice, soup & choice of veg), Ala Carte orders on meats to grill, Donburi Bowls and Takeaway Bentos, all at wallet-friendly prices without GST or Service Charge!

Their meats are all very tasty & well marinated, and my favourite cuts are the Karubi (Beef Short Plate), Gyu Tan (Beef Tongue) and Australian Wagyu MB 4/5. What also impressed me was the smokeless grill, which kept the smoke out, and allowed us to enjoy our bbq without smelling like one!

A whooping 800gm of deliciousness! The pork was succulent and so full of flavour, and it went really well with the different types of nyonya sauces too! Served on a bed of golden egg fried rice which was pretty tasty as well. This is good for sharing among 3-4pax.

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Had an enjoyable lunch recently at Saveur, where we indulged in delectable meat dishes like the Filet Mignon Au Poivre and the Roasted Pork Rack. The former in particular, really left a deep impression on me! The pepper crusted meat was so tender, and is served with pepper sauce doused with cognac, together with a side of cheesy Potato Au Gratin! Special mention to the Lobster Bisque too, it was creamy and flavourful in every sip!

This was easily the star of the show, both in its presentation and taste! The 200 days grain-fed Angus Tomahawk had been dry aged till robust and tender, every bite makes you want more! I’m already salivating while typing this! 🤤

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Recently checked out Camino House, a restaurant located at Eastwood Centre that serves up a variety of quality fusion dishes that left a lasting impression!

One of those dish was the Lamb Rack! The meat was tender and succulent, with a savoury flavour from the capsicum chutney & cheese. There wasn’t any hint of gamey-ness as well. Served with assorted vegetables and roasted baby potatoes.

The Feather Blade Steak is a cut from the shoulder blade of the cattle, and due to its chewier texture it isn’t my usual choice of cut, however this is still tender and flavourful enough for me to enjoy. Pair your steak with sides like truffle corn (highly recommended) and spinach at $7 each, along with 4 homemade sauces at $2 each!

Do check out their off-menu items like The Handshake Burger that is smothered in Béarnaise sauce and the USDA Prime Katsu Sando that is only available on Tuesdays as well!


A first ever dining concept by boutique grocer Ryan’s Grocery, this cosy Australian-style dining restaurant seats 40, and serves a delightful menu prepared with quality produce as well as organic, gluten and preservation-free products that may also be purchased at Ryan’s Grocery.

We tried the Five Founders Carbon Neutral Certified Beef OP Rib, which was a generous 1kg slab of bone-in ribeye, expertly grilled to an aromatic char on the outside. Perfect for sharing, the meat is recommended to be prepared medium rare, for a juicy interior and robustly pink centre. And indeed, we really enjoyed the beef which was so flavourful and juicy!


Don Dae Bak is a cosy Korean barbecue joint located at Kreta Ayer offering authentic and pocket-friendly Korean BBQ buffet. Enjoy high quality meats cooked over charcoal that are well seasoned and served in huge portions with free slow steamed eggs and side dishes.

Besides their barbecue, they also offer a wide range of Korean food. I recommend trying the nourishing ginseng chicken soup, the comforting Jajangmyeon, the tasty seafood pancake, and the crispy & flavourful Korean fried chicken (cream onion & soy garlic).

Come down for an authentic Korean food experience!

These oven baked pork ribs were one of the better ones i’ve tried so far. The meat was tender and went really well with the sweet bbq glazed sauce.

Constantly on the hunt for good eats! Instagram & TikTok: @jonnyboyeats

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