Yakiniku fans rejoice, as a new yakiniku concept (Waa Cow! yakiniku) by Waa Cow! has opened at myVillage!

What sets Waa Cow! Yakiniku apart is its wide selection of sauces and dips to pair with their grilled meats. Their Signature All Dips Platter (refer to 3rd pic) includes Sweet Sukiyaki with Raw Egg, Spicy Miso w/ Leek Relish (my personal favourite!), Mentaiko, Wasabi Mayo, and Truffle. This is on top of their signature Garlic Butter Teriyaki and Ponzu Negi sauces available to each table too!

As for their meats, you can choose from beef cuts such as karubi, oyster blade, striploin, and ox tongue. My favourite cut is the karubi - so tender and flavourful (depends on how well you grill it though)! There’s also a selection of pork, chicken and vegetables too, to enjoy with their unique dips. Additionally, sharing plates such as fresh sashimi platters, and hot sides like chawanmushi and miso soup are also available, alongside alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.