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3 for $10; 1 for $3.50

Choux were mini sized. The salted caramel one was even smaller. Earl grey and hazelnut were light and flavour could be much more prominent. The salted caramel choc one on the other hand was too rich (gelat) and a tad too salty. Choux itself was not bad. Really pricey for the size.

Choux and filling wise I still prefer baristart cream puff and it’s cheaper and bigger (than 3 puffs combined)

Moist and crumbly - maybe because it was jam packed with ingredients. Lots of ingredients and textures in every bite - which I like. Could do with less currants as it’s more like a fruit cake than carrot cake to me.

Banana cake with dark brown sugar packed with generous chunks of fresh banana. Had it toasted; it was dense, moist and crisp along the edges and slightly on the sweeter side.

Decent banana bread but wouldn’t return for this.

The cheese was more intense and more pungent compared to their Olivia’s cheesecake. The centre was gooey while the edges were very slightly firmer in texture. Like eating gooey, smokey, rich cheese. Abit too much for me.

It was very chocolatey with a layer of hazelnut praline and fuilletine. This was more like a choc tart rather than a cheese tart. Their tart - cocoa almond sable - again was crisp and good.

Gooey blue+cream cheese with caramelised top and almond sable. The molten sweet, funky flavours work with the crisp tart shell. Highlight for me was actually the crust. lol

Worth a try

Fig, light vanilla cream, fig jam, frangipane.

Fig was kinda bland; not sweet so I was very underwhelmed for a small tart that cost $13.40 which looked relatively simple. The price of their tarts have increased over the years and I find not all of them are worth the price tag especially with so many patisseries around churning out quality desserts at comparable or even cheaper prices.

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Kopi Cream | Grand Marnier Caramel | Orange | Chocolate Tart

I was surprised and delighted by the layers and flavours uncovered as I ate. Some chocolate tarts can taste quite one dimensional but this had so many layers and textures - choc tart base, bittersweet choc ganache, frangipane?, caramel, kopi cream, orange marmalade, choc glaze, crunchy cocoa nibs - that kept it interesting that I had no trouble at all finishing one by myself. The tart was decadent, yet not cloyingly rich with the flavours working harmoniously together.

Already planning on getting this again before they take it off the shelves.

Have not had their brownie since forever. I remembered the brownie I had then was very fudgy.

This time the brownie was actually more like a cakey brownie. The flavors were quite good, especially with the addition of sea salt but I prefer chewy brownie so it’s unlikely I’ll return for this.

Banana, chocolate hazelnut filling, frangipane and roasted hazelnuts.

Huge, substantial rustic tart and pretty good at only $6. Maybe not as good as those premium $10+ chocolate tarts but worth paying $6 for. Good for sharing.

Hazelnut praline, chocolate ganache, chocolate mousse, chocolate tart base.

It was not bad but better shared as it got slightly cloyingly sweet for me. Prefer the pistachio marimo even though I am a chocoholic as I wished this had a darker chocolate profile.

Would not spent $15 on this. It was not bad but not wow for me. I’ll still get their cakes over their bakes though.

Really pistachio-ey entremet with nutty pistachio centre, frangipane and crunchy base. I liked it.

Get their cakes over their pastries

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