Featuring Umi Nami, Rakki Bowl, Kogane Yama (Bugis Junction), Biseryu Japanese Cuisines (Far East Plaza), Hamburg Steak Keisuke, Tempura Tenten (Raffles City), Waa Cow! (Marina One), Kogane Yama (Jem), Ajiya Okonomiyaki Restaurant (Bukit Timah), En Sakaba (Jem)
Zhengyu Chua
Zhengyu Chua

Come here for a no frill Japanese don. Scallop has that charred taste which is lovely. Would have prefer it to be thicker but they made up with more pieces instead. Salmon cubes was the usual while rice could have more. Literally finished up the rice and there is still plenty of salmon left, no complain here though haha.

Be prepare to wait as there's a queue in line on a Thursday evening. Meals were served fast which is a bonus for the hungry souls.

Food cost: $17 each (W/ Burpple deal, all the more cost savings)

A comfort food worth returning to!

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Truffle fries and beef bowls were the highlights of the meal! Premium feel to the meal and ended fully satisfied! Awesome

Black angus sirloin steak katsu don (left)
Black angus sirloin steak don (top right)
Hokkaido Lohikeitto a.k.a Norwegian salmon soup w/ Hokkaido milk (btm right)

Had a blast! This meal tops out plenty of Japanese meal we had.

The steak katsu don (fried) was done just right at medium rare, fatty and juicy.

Steak don (grill) came out nicely done as well. The rice used for both are authentic Japanese rice.

Special mention on the Lohikeitto, it was huge and served with chunks of salmon pieces.

This is great stuff at affordable prices. We will be back for sure!

Tonkotsu Chashu Ramen - Will revisit for this! Broth was light and enjoyable!

Special Roasted Miso Ramen - Broth was a little oily.

Back at this lovely place for the westie to enjoy Japanese food at affordable-midrange pricing.

Fyi they having Hokkaido Oyster fair now. Read below!

Cravings for Japanese food and lazy to travel further than JE, I decided to come back to this fail-proof location.

Had a list of goodies naming:
Salmon bellies sashimi $5.80, Kaki(oyster) fried $13.80, Tonkotsu Karamiso Ramen $13.80, Wagyu Sukiyaki $24.80

Alas those sashimi is a wonder, thick succulent cuts - top grade feel. Each mouthful is a joy to behold which made us regret not ordering that kaisen don ~$39 as the neighbour beside us has a huge bowl to himself.

Nevertheless, wagyu sukiyaki was great, though I would prefer a thicker cut for mouthfeel texture! Ramen was spicy. I meant the soup but warms the soul on a cold rainy day.

Lastly, tried the fried oyster for a change and was pleasantly surprised. 4 pieces filled with the gooey whole hokkaido oyster in each piece. Dipped with the mixed mayonnaise sauce and it levels up the texture and substance to the overall kaki fried. Its delectable and juicy, if not for my pocket restraint I would have order another serving!

Btw they do have the premium hotpot at $100nett for free flow wagyu/queen crab or you could go for $70nett for a given set which I believe the former offer will be a good deal. Have yet to try but its on my wishlist.

$14.90 + $1.00 for soba/udon.

Mixed tendon of chicken tender, prawns, mushroom, long beans, sweet potatoes, seaweed.

Flavours were on point, had spicy level of 1 & 2 but both felt the same to us.

As a carnivore, I would definitely prefer chicken & prawns, albeit the rest was good as well. Like sweet potatoes and mushrooms taste sweet on each bite.

Affordable price and with burpple 1-1, making it even more worth it.

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With burpple beyond, this is a tendon worth the repetitive visit. Even without, it will not burn a hole in your pocket yet it keeps your stomach satisfied

We had 2 wagyu don and 1 chirashi don (S). The L size was really huge and fragrant but the S size was really small, more likely meant for small eater. Wagyu tasted good but I find chirashi don to be underwhelming. Using burpple, they only discounted on the cheaper chirashi. Should I know of this I would have asked the 3rd pax to self order the chirashi to save more. Otherwise, I do find chirashi don pricey as its really a small bowl. I could cover the whole bowl with my small palm. Without burpple beyond, doubt I would be back.

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180g of angus beef patty stuffed w/ ohh la la cheese oozing out when you cut open, why say no?

Juicy and succulent, its a joy while consuming it. Fried ebi, tofu was great additions in the set too. Atlas triple cheese doesn't have much of the distinct flavour I hope to get when consuming mixture of cheeses but it didn't disappoint eating with the patty. Sauce was just meh, felt jelak/thick after a few mouthful.

Overall, with the salad buffet, its worth the bucks and the sweltering heat in the queue. Just be prepare to come out smelling like you just cook a heavy meal for yourself at home (without requiring to wash)

Special Salmon Don - Generous serving of mayo drizzled over salmon cubes then torched added an extra oomph to the dish! Dish was pleasantly creamy intitally but gets overwhelming towards the end.

Unagi Don - Portion was small but tastes decent.

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Such a long name and the star of this dish is hidden right below the onsen tamago egg. Egg was great as usual, the foie gras is the highlight although if given at a thicker piece would be wonderful.
Albeit the beef was delectable, I felt its lacking some oomph & char-feel to each bite.
Rice is normal, overall kept me full and satisfying. 3.75/5

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Always try whenever I'm craving for sushi wherever I go and has yet to disappoint

Fat is flavour

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