For the cafe-hoppers and these looking for some basic modern food in a comfortable environment
Audrey Wong
Audrey Wong

The hummus was delicious, pita was soft and fresh. The restaurant has high ceilings, beautifully decorated. Enjoyed the meal and experience overall.

The pulled pork at the Sea Salt Caribbean Deli caught my attention initially, but eventually decided to order the fish instead as it felt like a healthier option. The roasted roots and salad were average - still nice nonetheless. Lightly grilled, the serving included a slice of salmon and seabass. A platter that may be shared.

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Night festival 2016 brought us into town on a fine Saturday evening, ready to experience a different Singapore from the one we grew up in. First stop, saveur.

Saveur was the restaurant that introduced me to Duck confit (and probably even French food) years ago. Because of this, I guess I will always expect something different from each dish served here.

Once again i was not disappointed - I was for sure pleasantly surprised with the seabass. Tender, with a crispy skin, matched with deliciously roasted potatoes/carrots, I throughly enjoyed the dish. A great start for our adventure that evening, but also a great place to hang out and enjoy any weekend.

“The Marmalade Pantry has outdone itself again❤️” - my immediate thoughts after the first bite.

Huge chunks of lobster grilled to perfection (we could smell the lobster cooking even before it was served!), with a smooth and tangy tobiko-miso-mayo sauce. Was also pleasantly surprised with the mini salad of fresh crisp red reddish and cucumber that complemented the lobster excellently. And to top it off were the golden brown fries and lightly toasted sesame bun, extremely delicious and satisfying.

One of the best items on an already-excellent menu, coupled with the sincere service, reasonable prices, this seals The Marmalade Pantry’s spot as one of our favourite date night options around town.

Pro-tip: Available on the Entertainer app too!

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Enjoyed a good hearty sandwich with fries at this popular cafe while getting some work done on a Sunday (argh procrastination). Liked that the ciabatta was nicely toasted, with good amounts of greens and roasted chicken meat. Pleasantly surprised with the chicken/turkey bacon hidden within the sandwich too - added an additional layer to the already delicious sandwich. Fries were also fluffy and crispy, slightly on the salty side, I guess I’d request for less salt on my fries the next time I’m back.

Strong taste of lavender in the Lavender Cold Brew, quite a refreshing experience. From what I understand, the Lavender drinks here are quite a specialty. Would recommend it to accompany a relaxing day out with the family and friends. Get them all out to enjoy a Lavender Cold Brew at Lavender, Singapore. Heheh.

Pro-tip: Entertainer app applicable for the main courses!


Popular restaurant serving good and affordable fusion food. Made a reservation a week ahead and was happily seated upon arrival. The couple in front of us weren’t as lucky, and were turned away as the restaurant was already full, so make reservations y’all!

Ramen was delicious with the chicken collagen broth, finished every drop in the bowl, yums. The barramundi was fresh, with a crispy skin and soft tender flesh. The Egg, one of the more famous dishes at the restaurant, featured a twist to chawamushi, with fish roe and chips topped generously atop the bed of steamed egg - unique and a must-try.

Overall, I can understand why this this place is so popular, would be happy to return, just remember to make the reservations!


Located near Bugis, The Beast is one of the more prominent restaurants in the Arab Street area. We were at Bugis and decided to pop down for a chill Saturday dinner.

The catfish was nicely breaded with a unique cornmeal mix that kept the fish moist and sweet. The rice was fried deliciously as well, and even included bits of beef! The 3P burger included 3 types of pork - pulled pork, grilled pork belly, and bacon - all of which already sounds good by itself, and became even better when combined!

Pro-tip: if you have the entertainer app, this restaurant is on it as well - use it for one-for-one mains :)


Typically I wouldn't expect much beyond some puffs and pastries at a library cafe. But this cafe at the National Library is a surprising find.

We tried a few of the items using the entertainer app (yasss, 1-for-1 main dishes!), and this was my clear fav. For first-timers, gentle warning, there is a delicious oozing egg hidden between the cheese layer and tender portobello. It was so runny, we had to use the bread to soak up all the escaping yolk after slicing open the portobello. Overall the food is decent, and with a spacious layout at a convenient location near town, it's a great place for weekend chilling sessions.


Just a short walk from Botanic Gardens (Tanglin exit), Brunetti is situated in Tanglin Mall and serves delicious meals and desserts.

We used the entertainer app and got ourselves this beautiful plate of Penne Alfredo. The cream was delicious, chicken and mushrooms juicy, and was overall a generous, comforting plate of pasta!


Stumbled upon a cosy little hideout called Place to R.E.A.D (Relax Eat And Drink) - and that's exactly what we did.

Maybe it's because we were hungry, maybe it's because we were stressed out and craving for some savoury deep fried goodness, but in any case, the nachos were delicious. Not the typical thick and rough corn chips, these nachos were layered (like whaaat) and absolutely crispy. The warm melted cheese and tangy salsa sauce were on point too. Pleasantly surprised that this ordinary order turned out slightly extraordinary.

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We wanted to use our Entertainer app. Unfortunately (or fortunately), it was the first Monday of the new year, and the cafe we initially decided on was still closed. This laid the bed for us to explore the vicinity and discover this hidden little cafe.

The beef patty was thick and juicy, though the meat was a little finely minced for my personal preference. The mushroom was surprisingly flavourful, and the blue cheese was a good finish for the burger overall. Good serving size, and a beautiful place for conversations and catch ups.

Pro-tip: Request for seats at the back of the cafe if possible, it has beautiful natural lighting and AC. (Like whaaaat)
Pro-tip 2: One for one burgers on entertainer app - super good deal :) If not, the weekday lunch deals are great too!


Delicious tonkatsu located in the middle of town. Crispy flavourful pork cutlet, with fresh salad, creamy mashed potatoes, rice (with roasted sesame seeds) and even a slice of brownie to end off the meal. Affordable and satisfying meal at a convenient location!

Tip #1: Promo alert, one for one Tonkatsu!
Tip #2: Add $3 to make each tonkatsu a set (rice, mashed potato, dessert, miso soup)
Tip #3: Download the app and stand to win some treats (we got a bowl of edamame). Yay!


Exploring our world. Engineer by day, foodie by night(&wkends). Here are my food adventures❤️

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