Tzechar Feasts

Tzechar Feasts

Both the atas and humble tzechar!
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

Support local! Especially this family run resto, located along the cycling tracks of lower peirce reservoir. The Mee Sua ($10) is a fan favourite and it's good for 4-5 people, love how it's cooked with wok hey taste, and the meesua is so bouncy! Plus, unique quail eggs and fresh fish, prawns, squid πŸ™ be prepared for a 15 mins wait or so (well worth it)

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Even though our order was late by 2.5hours, Dian Xiao Er's food quality somewhat makes up for it. Every dish is delightful with it's homemade taste, with my family especially loving the ~seasonal special~ fried cod fish, and always, the wheatgrass tofu & dang gui duck!

This is Set A with a missing order of chicken skin. Everything is easily cleared up by my family of 4. Would have been perfect if they didn't delay our order

Nevertheless, will still keep supporting them. :-)

Ended our splendid feast with these chewy and delightfully-not-too-sweet niangao, topped with coconut shavings. First time having this as a dessert and must say it's pretty good :-)

We always come here for celebration and the crab is always done well: juicy crab pincers in a tangy sweet and spicy chilli crab sauce - consistently thick, eggy with the meat also well infused in it.

The must haves are the handmade tofu with shimeji mushrooms (so homely) and we enjoyed the stir fried wokhey meesua as well.

(Ps. 10 mantous are not enough across the 5 of us)

$126 for 1.4kg of crab. Do place a reservation or come early to avoid the queue (about 6pm)

Come try out their recently launched Truffle dishes. πŸ”Έ Truffle Oyster Omelette
πŸ”Έ Signature Curry Fish Head
πŸ”Έ Truffle Chicken Mid-wings
πŸ”Έ Truffle Prawn Balls
πŸ”Έ Caipo Tofu
πŸ”Έ Yam Ring
πŸ”Έ Stir-fried Kai Lan
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Thanks to @lovefoodlove3 the invite and Angie @kimsanleng for hosting and serving good food! [PROMO] Quote to enjoy 20% off when you dine at Happy Garden. Valid till 15 Aug 2019.

Checked off trying this local pride and first time having the black pepper crab (ofc with my favourite chilli crab).

V tender with huge pincers, the meat also has all the richness of the sauces infused into it. No wonder its so popular. The golden mantous also deserve a shout out :-)

Worth it to come to ECP to try this outlet, which has the highest ratings across its chains!

However, sadly, the chilli crab took so long to prepare that by the time it arrives, we finished everything else already. Black pepper is served within 30minutes though!
Ps. The crab prices are slightly higher now due to CNY


For a peranakan feast at pocket friendly prices, IVINS is the right place to go to. This Honey Pork dish is a must order and it's just exploding with flavours, coated in the rich secret IVINS black sauce. We had to order two servings because there's simply not enough to go around. While the serving may seem small, at the price of ~$6, it means that you can get to try more of their unique peranakan dishes.

A place I'll always keep coming back to!

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Nestled somewhere in Thomson, about 8 mins walk from Thomson plaza, is this tzechar place boosting the crispiest Deep Fried Fish with sweet & spicy chili, tantalisingly sour Tomyum Soup, their stir fry Tanghoon, and their crispy Calamari!! These dishes were a hit with us, especially the Deep Fried Fish, which we ordered 2 of, and wiped it clean to the bone. It's similar to fish and chips, only more tender.

The only miss was the Basil Chicken with long beans, with the basil taste being too overwhelming for us. This spread for ~$20 each. Worth the trip.


This dry version of pork belly is doused with light chilli spice and dark sauce, and is whipped into a very fragrant and irresistible dish. I just had to finish the entire meat with the fatty layer because it's worth it and all its tenderness just melt in your mouth.

While they call it η«ηˆ†θ‚‰ (meat with explosive spiciness??), don't be daunted for the big chilli only adds to the aroma of the dish.

Have yet to find a bakkuteh place with this much variety of meat dishes till here! We were really spoilt for choice, but this is definitely a must-have. Jiabin spicy pork belly ($8.80) plus to note, the waiting time isn't too long. This humble eatery deserves a lot of support


Now I no longer have to go to JB to get my fave herbal bakkuteh fix. I enjoyed this signature claypot klang-style bakkuteh, served piping hot and with all its ingredients (pork ribs, pork belly, taupok, intestines) oozing the strong herbal essence.

It's made out of 15 herbs and with no sugar added. The meat are very tender, especially the 三层肉. To note that the garlic goes v well too.

For $8.80, this is an extremely generous serving with free soup refills!!! I also love how it has everything I like in one pot! I will be back for this. Just a stone throw away from farrer park mrt!

πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘

Thank you burpple and Jiabin Klang Bakkuteh for the invite and the v fun eat up


Dinner here means it's only tzechar portions. Had a very meaty dinner with the recommended lurou slab & chilli chicken. Lurou is a mix of tenderness and toughness, and serving was large (two big slabs). The chilli chicken was also impressive as it is both crispy and spiced well with the small chilli. Wished the server told us that having 3 alacartes means a 4th is free. Also, wished veggie add ons are an option to this meaty dinner.

The shiny rice, whipped in garlic oil and lard, is also very interesting. It's shiny and slightly indulgent indeed.

Heard that this place is called five-ten last time and I must say their lunch sets looks extremely tempting. Love the ambience with fairy lights and nostalgic Taiwanese songs! Reminds me of all the 偢像剧 I used to watch


We are going to come back here v often. Not only is the food quality great, the turnaround time from ordering to receiving it is remarkable too!! We didn't have to wait too long even though it was peak dinner period (so different from many places!!)

We loved the Marmite chicken and of course their unique milk powder pork (so tender!!) YUMMY


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