Dim Sum Dollies 🥟

Dim Sum Dollies 🥟

Featuring Summer Pavilion (The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore), Crystal Jade Jiang Nan 翡翠江南 (VivoCity), Min Jiang (Dempsey), Forbidden Duck (Marina Bay Link Mall), Cassia (Capella Singapore), Kai Duck (Takashimaya), Paradise Teochew (VivoCity), BLOSSOM (Marina Bay Sands), London Fat Duck (VivoCity)
Victoria Hii
Victoria Hii

Top: left to right
1. Pan fried radish cake [$5.80/3pcs] - taste like how you’ll imagine it to

2. Steamed Cheong fun with sesame and seafood sauce [$5.80] - good change from the usual ones with fillings

3. Steamed Shanghai pork dumplings [$5.20] - not outstanding

Bottom: left to right
4. Steamed molten custard bun [$6.20/3pcs]

5. Japanese brown sugar sponge cake [$5.20/3pcs] - one of the better ones around! So fluffy

6. Deep fried prawn with toast [$7.50] - available for limited period. not memorable though

Top: left to right
1. Steamed glutinous rice with chicken wrapped in lotus leaf [$5.80/2pcs] - one of the better versions of this, good proportion of rice and filling. The gravy of the filling permeated into the glutinous rice around it, sooo flavorful!

2. Steamed siew mai with braised quail egg [$6.80] - this is one of the innovative H.K style dim sum available for a limited time only. not too sure for me if the quail egg adds any value to the siew mai. found it quite distracting in fact

3. Steamed Cheong fun with dough fritter [$6] - love how crispy this is, comes with a soy sauce dip!

Middle: left to right
4. Steamed spare ribs with preserved olives [$5.80]

5. Pan fried siew mai with foie gras sauce [$6.80] - Another innovative item available for a limited time only. Enjoyed this much better than the braised quail egg one version, very creative and love the mod sin infusion here with the robust foie gras sauce. Rich and creamy!

6. Steamed black truffle char siew pau [$6.80]
- Also available for a limited time only. The texture of the buns was super fluffy, love the aroma of the truffle and how it goes with the char siew filling. Totally elevated the typical char siew pao!

Bottom: left to right
7. Baked BBQ honey pork buns [$6.80/3pcs] - Liked how the crust is not dusted with sugar, the sweetness is purely from the honey pork filling!

8. Steamed chicken claw with black bean sauce [$5.20] - Plump and fleshy chicken claw, in a pool of gravy

9. Baked diced chicken with pork, mushroom tart in a goose shape [$7.80] - Flaky buttery crust! Yums!

Top (left to right)
1. Pan fried pork bun with scallions [$6.80/3pcs]
Decent buns.

2. Deep fried yam and pumpkin [$6.80/3pcs]
Good balance of sweet and savory! With a nice crisp!

3. Steamed rice roll with prawns [$6.80]
Very normal. Safe option

4. Szechuan style wanton with hot chilli sauce [$6.80/5pcs]
Pretty plum wantons, tasty filling. Love a good kick from the spice

5. Crisp-fried fish, prawn and crab with black truffle sauce [$16]
Breaded seafood paste, goes well with the creamy truffle sauce

6. Deep fried bean curd rolls with prawns [$6.80/3pcs]
Not bad. Worth trying!

7. Crispy eggplant [$10.80]
Interesting choice, try it!

8. Deep fried scallop with mango roll [$6.80/3pcs]
Refreshing and delicious!

9. Steamed custard bun [$6.80/3pcs]
What’s a dim sum meal without these?

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Top: left to right
1. Steamed rice skin roll, Prawn, Asparagus [$10/portion] - skin was a little on the thick side, dry too
2. Steamed pork dumpling, Angel Loffa, Fungus, Onion, Preserved Vegetable [$6/3pieces] - great vegetarian option
3. Steamed pork, prawn, mushroom dumpling [$7.50/3pieces] - just your regular siew mai, nothing fancy

Middle: left to right
4. Poached prawn, chicken, Chinese cabbage, preserved vegetable dumpling, black vinegar, chili pari [$6/3pieces] - plump dumpling packed with flavors
5. Steamed vegetarian crystal dumpling, black truffle, vegetarian ham, mushroom, pumpkin, water chestnut [$7.50/3pieces] - quite unique, love the truffle here. Can’t escape the thick skin from crystal dumpling
6. Pan fried shredded yam, pumpkin [$6/3pieces] - perfect harmony of sweet and savory

Bottom: left to right
7. Deep fried lobster roll, prawn paste, breaded vermicelli [$3/piece] - crunchy with a tasty filling
8. Pan fried bun, duck meat, bamboo shoot, onion, black pepper [$6/3pieces] - one of our fav dishes from the meal, love the filling and that nice crusty seat on the bottom of the bun
9. Pan fried rice skin rolls with bean sprouts in XO sauce [$12 per portion] - prefer carrot cake cubes to be used hands down as compared to Chee Chiong fun


Moved from One North, Min Jiang opened its doors in April 2019 in the luscious greens of Dempsey hill. The interior of the restaurant is spacious with a lot of natural light, the extensive use of wood and rattan in the furniture, ceiling and wall panels puts a modern spin to the contemporary chinoiserie. Our dining experience was certainly an enjoyable and pleasant one, accompanied by prompt and attentive service.

Top row (left to right):
1. Fried carrot cake with special X.O sauce [$20]
- not the eggy kind but each carrot cube had a good sear with its moisture retained. My fav is still the one from forbidden duck

2. Steamed chicken & prawn dumpling siew mai [$5.80/4pcs]
- what you’d expect from a decent siew mai

3. Steamed goldfish prawn dumpling [$4.80/each]
- looked better than it tasted! served with egg white sauce topped with tobikko

Second row (left to right):
4. Deep fried avocado prawn roll [$7.80/3pcs]
- oh this is good, love the filo like exterior with juicy prawn and avo combi!

5. Prawn dumpling in chili oil [$6.80/4pcs]

6. Sichuan hot and sour soup [$12]
- served with a crispy spring roll wrapped with prawn and chicken meat, perfect for dipping into the hearty soup!

Third row (left to right):
7. Exclusive dimsum platter [$38]
- Must order. Very exquisite & delicate pieces. (2 each) Especially enjoyed the deep fried glutinous rice ‘Golden Pumpkin’

8. Steamed BBQ pork bun [$6.80/3pcs]
- When a simple dimsum item can be executed flawlessly, you know you got to revisit again

9. Mee sua with crab meat [$12/portion]

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Great ambiance with great service attentive staff. Love the oriental decor of the place.

Left (top to bottom)

1. Steamed Charcoal Barbecued Kagoshima Pork Bun with Black Truffle [$7/2 pieces] - love how lean the meat is and the truffle really enhanced the traditionally simple char siew.

2. Poached Seafood Wanton with Water Chestnut served in Spicy Sauce [$6/2 pieces] - One of my must order dim sum, I’m so relieved that the skin is so thin and soft, served with a very appetizing sourish spicy sauce. Very satisfying!

3. Steamed Beancurd Roll with Chicken and Prawn in Oyster Sauce topped with Fried Golden Mushroom [$6/2 pieces] - Another must order dish for me! The fried golden mushroom gave the beancurd roll a nice crunch.

4. Braised Sea Cucumber with Flower Mushroom and Shrimp Roe [$18/pax] - Well braised, soft sea cucumber. Don’t have much comments cause it tasted exactly like how I imagined it to be.

5. Teochew-Style Wok-Fried Seafood Hor Fun with Homemade Squid Ink Sauce [$18/pax] - Quite disappointed that the squid ink taste was rather mild. Had really high hopes for this but found it to be quite ordinary.

6. Signature Wok-Fried Carrot Cake with Chinese Sausage, Prawn and Scallop in XO Chilli Sauce [$12 for 2 persons] - Quite impressed to see scallop and prawns in this dish! Carrot cubes had a nice sear and boy, they are indeed flavorful! My fav version of this is still from Forbidden duck!


Second visit to this restaurant by 3 Michelin Stars Demon Chef Alvin Leung (Bo Innovation in Hong Kong) featuring Cantonese style dishes. Fairly new to the area, this place been around since May 2018.

Dim Sum is available only for lunch!

Steamed King Prawn Dumpling [$8] - thin layer of crystal skin wrapping the crunchy king prawns.

Steamed Black Truffle and Duck Tongue Dumpling [$8] - this is rather unique, nicely minced tongue meat, the hint of truffle is very subtle though

Pan Fried Turnip Cake with XO Sauce [$5] - Oh, this is a must order! Slightly larger than normal carrot cake chunks were moist and soft inside with visible shredded radish, with no compromise on that nice sear on the edges!

Giant egg tart [$6/2pcs] - pre-order before your meal required. We were advised to break into it before savoring the tart. The eggy goodness was soft yet firm at the same time. So what makes this unique is a layer of yuzu jam/filling sitting on the buttery crust between the eggy goodness. Personally, I do not appreciate the combination of yuzu and egg. Maybe cheese yes, but not egg. And if I had to eat a fancy egg tart, I’ll have Fancy Delight anytime!

Steamed Rice Rolls with Crispy Bean Curd Skin [$6] - consensus agree that this is a rather unique creation. Typically, this version includes the dough fritter in the steamed rice roll. But this version is really flavorful with shredded carrot, cabbage in the beancurd roll and yes, I love the crisp on the skin of bean curd roll! With that soy dipping sauce.

Iberico Pork Char Siu [$30] - this glistening piece of pork is amazing, with just the right amount of char, definitely on the fatty side, but also exactly why it’ll melt so perfectly in your mouth!

Overall, my experience here has been consistently pleasant with very attentive staff who are knowledgeable about their menu (always a bonus) and there are other dim sum items that caught my eye and it’ll call for a third visit! Will be back to try items like marinated duck kidney and okra with sand ginger, steamed dumpling with crab meat and pumpkin, pesto duck spring roll, crispy taro pastry with duck and preserved vegetable!


Thinly sliced pumpkin with a thick batter. Deep fried and coated with miso sauce. Sadly it was a little cloying for me and I struggle to enjoy this after my 2nd piece.


Super appetizing with the kick from the peppercorn infused meat filling. I absolutely loveee that tongue tingling tantalizing sensation! Really satisfying to be able to satisfy the mala craving in small doses like these! Wish there was more crisp on the bottom of the bun to contrast with the fluffy dough


Newly opened Chinese restaurant serving up flavors from ancient and modern china with inspiration drawn from Beijing, Sichuan and Shanghainese cuisine. (Taken over now defunct Jing Shan Lou) This place has great lighting, coupled with the refined modern architectural design making one feel calm and at home. Although it is an open concept restaurant, there are dining pods available for private dining.

The steamed Siew Mai ($7.80/ 4 pieces) with comes with a fried onsen quail egg giving a unique burst of flavor along with the plump meat dumpling.

Pan fried Wagyu Beef bun ($7.80/ 3 pieces) was quite a let down as it was lacking in beef and that sear on the bottom of the bun.

The premium vegetarian beancurd roll ($4.80/ 3 pieces) had a nice crisp exterior. The lackluster filling was dry with no earthy mushroom flavor. Perhaps having a dip for this would make it more palatable.

The stir fried turnip cake with X.O sauce ($11.80) was probably one of the dish I enjoyed the most. The turnip cake cubes had a great sear revealing the soft and moist interior. I don’t normally say this but I do feel the dish is slightly dry overall lacking in grease to bind the individual components together.

The har gau ($7.80/ 4 pieces) had an interesting swathe of grey on the skin. The squid ink taste is too subtle but it was great nonetheless with plump and crunchy prawn.

The crystal dumpling with shrimp and pumpkin ($5.80/ 3 pieces) was more on the savory side with diced pumpkin and dried shrimp. Wished I the sweetness from the pumpkin was more prominent.

Fish porridge ($7.80) is only available on weekends. Decent but not the most flavorful bowl of congee and sadly no wok hei fragrance.

Perhaps the ala carte main dining items are better. The service was unmemorable, halfway through my meal, a waiter interrupted abruptly by taking away a chair we were not using. Overall, I doubt my lackluster experience with the dim sum here deserves a second visit.


Always counting down to the next meal 😋

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