Made reservations to celebrate the end of 2022 and to find out what’s so forbidden about this duck.

The restaurant was smaller than expected but the ambience is good. Service was excellent and we chose Ju Pu tea (Chrysanthemum + Pu Er).

The Signature Slow Roasted Duck (Half, $58) with the calamansi buns and condiments is good but not great. It’s a good duck and the meat is tender, but the taste is nowhere near the duck at Imperial Treasure.

At the end of the dinner, I was delighted to find the “forbidden element” in the Yuzu Egg Tart ($4 each). The crust is the flaky kind and I never expected this unique combination of yuzu marmalade at the bottom of the egg tart to taste this yummy. No wonder you have to preorder it.

Overall, it’s a modern interpretation of Cantonese cuisine with subtle hints of innovation. The egg tart is the forbidden one, not the duck.

The star of the show is the duck. The skin is very crispy and not greasy. The duck meat is succulent and not dry at all. Even the breast meat is tender and the gamey taste is not strong. Very delicious with the wrap and the sauce.

Other worthy mentions include the Roast Pork Belly which has a thin crispy layer of skin and juicy meat.

The Char Siu is also another highlight of the meal. The meat is unbelievably moist and flavourful.

The remaining duck meat is cooked with Ee Fu noodles. The noodles are stir-fried, not braised but still good. The taste is light but again delicious.

My family enjoyed the dinner and service was great. Do order the Peking duck in advance to avoid disappointment.

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Lauded as one of the best Cantonese restaurants in Singapore, Man Fu Yuan that is located in InterContinental Hotel does not disappoint.

This Michelin recommended Chinese restaurant helm by executive chef Aaron have a interesting menu that blends tradition with subtle western influence.

I am personally impressed with this particular dish, Minced pork dumplings, prawns, baby abalone, avruga caviar. There are 10 dishes in total and this was my favourite in the dim sum lunch set.

The contrast in textures and the balance of flavours still makes me dream if I can have one more bite!

Caviar, a ingredient commonly found in French cuisine, surprisingly goes well with the traditional Siew Mai. The caviar does not make the dish pretentious, but instead was elevated with respect to the culture and the ingredients used.

Very enjoyable dining experience and excellent service with food that is praiseworthy.

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The tender Roast Duck goes well with the Plum Sauce. Sio Bak was lean but decent and taste great with the mustard sauce. Major love for the Char Siew here that was cut into thick fatty slices.

I don’t mind dining here again just for this plate of protein.

78 Airport Boulevard
Singapore 819666

As a Teochew, I always adore and much prefer the peppery Teochew style Bak Kut Teh compared to its cousin, the herbal Hokkien style Bak Kut Teh.

Delicious is an understatement for one of Singapore’s best Bak Kut Teh. Everything was very balanced in terms of seasoning and in my humble opinion, other more familiar Bak Kut Teh brands out there pale in comparison to Ng Ah Sio, simply for its taste.

Dip the you tiao into this peppery pool of goodness, and eat the loin ribs ($11.03) with your hands for maximum pleasure.

What is your favourite Bak Kut Teh?

208 Rangoon Rd,
Hong Building,
Singapore 218453


I typically shun away Orh Nee with coconut cream as I don’t find it authentic enough. The Sweet Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts here is authentic. However, I still cannot find another Orh Nee that can top my Grandma’s version.


How do you like your eggs? I like mine crispy with oysters at the side just like this Teochew Crispy Oyster Omelette. They did not skimp on the eggs and the oysters are soaked separately in a bowl of chili. The calories are worth it as every bite was so damn shiok.


The Teochew Braised Sliced Duck was my favourite on the menu. As a Teochew, I take my braise seriously and I can honestly say this one is not bad. There is tofu hidden under the thinly sliced duck and the braising liquid is decent enough to be drizzled on top of your bowl of white rice. The duck is tender but I wished the portion could be more generous. Some might like their duck to be sliced thicker but I like the fact that they sliced it thinly for that nice textural feel in your mouth.


eat well live well

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