Jiak Angmoh

Jiak Angmoh

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Lee Pei Yi
Lee Pei Yi

Haven’t actually had burrata paired with pesto before on a pizza and I must say this combo really wowed me. I loved the ball of burrata which was fresh and tart to the right degree. And oh the pizza crust was simply amazing. Not many pizza doughs can hold up as well as this one, even with the generous amount of fresh tomato sauce. That being said, it was still crisp on the edges! I must say this one is a close contender with Zazz Pizza for the best pizza in Singapore.

FYI this photo was shot after I had disintegrated the burrata ball and spread it out onto each pizza slice. Can you spy that perfect consistency of the burrata?

A hole in the wall restaurant but this could really be the best kept secret for authentic Italian pizza! The burrata was fresh and light tasting, the parma ham was not too salty and the best part had to be the pizza crust - chewy at the edges with such a good bite but yet crispy thin in the middle. This may not be the cheapest pizza around but it has truly quality ingredients and I’ll definitely be back!!!

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This is THE BOMB. Honestly, it’s a simple dish - truffle mushroom spread and melty oozy cheese sandwiches by 2 layers of crispy thin schiaciatta bread. But no kidding, it still blew my mind away! While the schiaciattas I had in Italy were usually filled with more ingredients like parma ham, sundried tomatoes or rocket leaves, this simple combination just seemed to work perfectly.

I’ll come back JUST for this and their porchetta. But disclaimer la hor, I’m a major bread lover haha.


First came here 3 years ago... and I’m like how did I wait so long to return?? This was still as yummy as I remember it to be with its crispy, crackling pork skin, a thick layer of fatty meat just beneath the skin and finally, tender lean meat. I prefer this over the chinese siobak because of the fennel and mustard combination that helps to cut the porky taste of meat. And for $9 for a small portion, this was really not that small at all!!! 100% recommend, must get 👍🏼

Came here right before the CB started and the manager who spoke to us told us how he’d miss the restaurant being bustling and lively. Am looking forward to return once we fight this covid!!!


Parma ham and rocket with dollops of fresh buffalo mozzarella on sourdough pizza base. The buffalo mozzarella was a good addition, not too strong but surely very creamy and decadent.

La Forketta is situated in a quiet corner of Dempsey hill. In these covid times where travel is restricted, if you just exercise some imagination, you can almost picture yourself having Italian food overseas 😅

It’s rare to have sliced black Angus beef atop pizza but the combination of flavourful grilled meat with parmesan, rosemary and rocket really did work! I enjoyed the thin sourdough base too ☺️

Super Dario world comes with beef, spinach and ricotta cheese while Super Dario is filled with beef and parmesan cheese. Second time here at this cozy cafe but I still love the vibes here - not too crowded, free whiffs of freshly baked lasagna and cheese all around in the air and a really friendly Italian boss who would share with you proudly about his different lasagna creations. The portion may look small but it was definitely filling enough!

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Staff discount for selected lunch mains! I enjoyed the variety of vegetables in this poke bowl from grilled eggplant, carrots and corn to baby spinach and blanched broccoli (all the vegetables are lightly seasoned and very tasty!) These came with salmon sashimi coated in Japanese sesame sauce and served with sushi rice and an onsen egg. Everything was good except I thought the sashimi wasn’t that fresh.

Prosciutto pizza was not bad, though I wish there were more parma ham slices. The crust was also not super crispy and the dough was a bit on the thick side for me. You can help yourself to additional shaved parmesan from the salad bar counter.

Lasagna was very disappointing... Somehow it wasn’t served hot, the pasta sheets were way too thick and the ratio of meat to pasta was just too low. I could only taste the tartness of the tomato sauce and basically, the cheese taste was non-existent. Would not order this again sadly.

Order a main before 7pm to get one round of salad bar!!! I love salad bars simply because I love vegetables and I love trying a little bit of everything on display. While this salad bar’s variety wasn’t too extensive, each item was done well (perfectly blanched broccoli, sautéed mushrooms!!) and the dressings and toppings (balsamic vinaigrette, freshly shaved parmesan cheese, assorted nuts) were wonderful.

One for one lunch promotion on weekdays! One (thin) serving of chicken chop, some potato wedges (countable with my 10 fingers) and green beans. The serving was pathetically small... and the oven roasted chicken didn’t taste oven roasted at all - more like grilled?

I understand that they’re busy at lunch time but the service was.. not nice. My friend requested for her pasta to be without garlic and they just replied saying ‘one for one promotion, cannot make changes’. May not be back ever again.

Steak was a little too salty for my liking (it tasted as if it was mainly seasoned with salt flakes on the exterior) and the herb butter on top sadly did little to augment the flavour. As for the soufflé, I appreciated its texture but the roquefort cheese sort of an acquired taste so nah, not really for me either.

But overall, still a good meal, especially since soufflés are quite hard to find in Singapore!

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Always on the lookout for good nomz

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