Die Die Must Try!

Die Die Must Try!

We highly recommend this!
I makan Sg
I makan Sg

Their curry was thick, lemak and definitely packed some shiok heat. Both the chicken drum and potato were on point and big in size.
While their curry was a hit, their Assam wasn’t what we’d expected. We wished it was more sour though it would be good for those prefer a “friendlier” Assam. Nevertheless, we gotta credit them for the freshness of the fish and other ingredients in the Assam fish we had tonight.
Beside tasting good, @fuxiangsignatures was really good value too. The curry chicken set came with rice, cabbages and fried omelette for only $7. Absolutely great for a complete and satisfying meal.
We’d see ourselves returning for more, especially since they have several stalls conveniently located around SG.

Without all the formality, the price is obviously a fraction of you’ll pay for the aircon, music and candlelight.
But taste and quality of food is not lost at @meet_4_meat since the chef was previously from the atas steakhouse.
Beside their steak and handmade pasta that we like, this lamb chop is recommended for a hearty grill, succulent inside with an awesome caramelised char finishing.
So who says a good Christmas dinner cannot be enjoyed in shorts and slippers, and without burning a hole in your wallet?


Great that they remained open throughout the afternoon today and there was no queue before we got to dig into those crispy juicy chicken.

We loved that their 叉燒燒肉 from @roastparadise gave us what one would be looking for.
Char Siew was succulent and finished with a nice charred sweet glaze. Roasted meat had the desirable crispy crunchy skin.
We loved them all, except the fatty proportion in the roasted meat was a little too high. Nonetheless, still one place we’d return to and recommend friends to try.
Some trivia: fragrant rice refers to “chicken rice” while steamed rice is the usual “white rice” on their menu. Apart from Mee Kia, “noodles” on the menu is actually Mee Pok (revelation). Result of updates they decided not to change in their menu out of some fun.

Identifiably an acquired taste but to those who do, the 糖心 century egg is the epitome of it. We were happy that we could enjoy it without flying to HK.
Raw fish (carpaccio) is also another classic side to traditional porridge, and they have raw Hokkaido scallops here which are deliciously seasoned they’re definitely good on their own.
To complement the congee or noodles, the claypot beef brisket was one of our favourite with its strong flavour.
But these are not all that we like on their menu. Fried daced fish cake, fried fritters and drunken chicken are some of our recommended sides to go with their congee (go for parrot fish belly one) which is also tasty on its own.

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@waacowsg gotta be 1 good place at MBFC district, centralised yet serene.
With #burpplebeyond app, we looked forward to our set meal that started with these yummy oysters.
The rest of the set never fail to satisfy, with mentaiko raw scallops before the Wagyu sukiyaki don. It’s not all just about Cow here and they have good chicken karaage don too.
It’s a great way to chill after a day’s work, especially over a beer or wine that comes with the set dinner.

At $5 per XLB. This must be one of the highest price of XLB I’ve ever eaten I think. But trust me, it’s totally worth the money. The flavours were just heavenly.

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The ingredients used in their Hokkien Mee were bigger and better. Whole baby sotong, big prawns, clams and pork belly (rarely get this in most other Hokkien Mee nowadays). And the umami in the thick tasty gravy was just fabulous. Must eat with their chunky deep fried pork lards which were just too good to be missed.
Despite the shift, liked that they have retained some of their distinct interior from the previous place. And also nice to see some familiar friendly faces again amongst their staff.

Cooked with prawn broth, the white beehoon didn’t look any bit white when served. That was b’cos it had soaked in all that richness and was so flavourful. The beehoon was served with a in-house chilli sauce that enhanced the prawn taste and added nice punch. A good alternative to the usual prawn mee for those who like it dry.

Glad that we could find something similar in SG. The auto-rotation definitely made the self-BBQ a lot more hassle-free in the comfort of the restaurant.
We tried a lot of the items on their menu but would highlight a few that were to our likings. The lamb and beef skewers were good, so were their chicken wings of various flavours. The skewered salmon was juicy and tasty, and skewered luncheon meat tasted good especially when done crispy on the outside. Beside sweet corns, abalone mushrooms were better for the BBQ compared to other mushrooms that tend to shrink much over the heat.
They had a few sweet items that were also worth a try. Their butter toasted bread and grilled banana were great but do order them separately so you can enjoy them towards the end of the meal.
As its name suggested, this was one place good for the carnivores with lots of meat skewers. But they do have other non-skewer items for some variety. Good for a group of 2-4 for some chat over an automated BBQ.

The soup was all about freshness, light and sweet. Needless to mention about the fish slices, so fresh and good the 30min queue was more than worthwhile.
Beside the jumbo prawns, be sure to top up their fish roes to complete your seafood treat.

You gotta feel the softness of the buns, wholesomeness of the thick burger and bite through the whole thing in every mouthful. That’s the best way to enjoy every part of the burger and how it all come together.
At Wildfire, we would happily use all our 10 fingers for their burgers. This was the 2nd time we ate their Truffle Mushroom burger. It was utterly juicy and atrociously delicious. Yes, our point delivered.
For sides, their fried chicken was a must-order. Think any good fast food fried chicken but in the best ways possible. Crispy and thin chicken skin without oily fats, juicy meat. Yummy stuff.

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I makan Sg

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