Hunt for delicious pasta
Cherie Heng
Cherie Heng

Set lunch comes with clam chowder, and a side - the mushroom quesadilla was pleasing. The main dish of haebihiam pasta served. Not too oily and very fragrant aglio olio, a true Singaporean fusion ~$25 for set course

This comes in a generous pumpkin bowl and looks exactly like a piece of art. The pumpkin and Mac&cheese is a great blend of flavours, and it's fun eating this, stringy cheese and melt in your mouth. The pumpkin size is definitely alot. Would love to come back for their Alfresco dining (S$28) They have reasonably priced drinks too!


If you ever go to sungei buloh for hiking, this pit stop for lunch is pretty welcoming. They offer spreads focused on farm to table, and has some unique SG x Western fusion - unfortunately didn't get to try due to the long waiting time.

They also have a serene pool display which is a nice view for lunch.

Had their Alfredo Linguine (menu says fettuccine, but they only have linguine), it's on the creamier side, and I love the fresh seafood - tantalizing grilled prawns, scallops!, sashimi grade squid! (About $19)

Must have is the aloe Vera drink to accompany this ($4)

I'm sold when they told me this Seafood Fantasy is in tomato cream and comes with scallops! prawns! and also crabmeat. Absolutely biased towards tomato cream. And for $12.80? Makes a pretty good deal.

Ain't just good for it's curry 🍛

Count on the bonito flakes to deliver the savoury punch, and when mixed with the eggy goodness, generous prawn bits and haebihiam chili, makes it rich and decadent - and also somewhat like a more sophisticated version of meepok with spice. Love the alfresco vibes here with the sun shining in 🌞

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Absolutely rich, immersed in the eggy goodness and the pasta is slurp worthy ($18). The ambience is nice as we're surrounded by lush greenery.

The truffle pasta with parma ($21) was decent too, with the parma ham being a bomb of flavours.

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It has been some good years with burpple and it made me discover many gems and food with a soul, one of them is South Union Park

They definitely are different from the rest with their innovative menu - chocolate pappardelle?? Duck confit tagliatelle with hazelnut? love this fusion of tastes!

The chocolate blends in so well with the richness of the beef, kind of like beef ragout, and not at all desserty. The pappardelle is freshly made and was silky smooth. Beef chunks were generous and tender too. Would come back to try more on the menu.

Ps. This is a sister chain of eleven strands, which is a pasta master too 💯💯

Thank you Burpple!!! 🎈 🎂 #happyburpday


For it's broad flavours and it's pocket friendly prices! Love how they have flavours like seafood bisque, and truffle cream with lots of add ons available (e.g. clams, squid, beef, salmon) and it goes for ~$10-14 a bowl. Pasta indulgence granted

Ps. The salmon was very well done :-)

Their variety and fresh pasta had me coming back thrice over a month - and at pocket friendly prices near TJPG, it's a winner. I love the beef ragu with handmade fresh pappadelle. It's topped with rich beef mince and slightly spiced from rosemary. Absolute delight and absolute steal with it's high-end restaurant quality, and tastes you can't find in most places.

Plus, prices are nett, and every $10 spending gets you a stamp ~ for an eventual $10 off 10 stamps.

(Ps this is under the same group as Daily Cut and deserving of the same love)

Drawn to this creamy and crusty mac and cheese, the most sinful and also most rewarding side kick to our steak. It's coated with 3 cheeses and perfect for cheese lovers. ($16)

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Glad to finally visit here- a social enterprise cafe that hires and supports special needs, and they also serve a mean Mac & Cheese (finished in no time). The set is super worth it. For $9 you get a drink, a side (truffle fries!) And a cake, which we went for ondeh ondeh. Also tried the Franciscan burger which comes with it's unique seasoning.

Came here on Valentine's and happy to support with no burpple deals too.

Dinner of choice for valentine! (Or more like a restaurant that can accommodate our last min reservation). In the quieter heart of kovan at the Promenade, this place stands out with it's options and price range. The white wine clam fettuccine is buttery rich and immersed in the fragrance of garlic. The fettuccine does seem overcooked as it's missing the bounciness in the bite. This dish also comes peppered with lil chilli bits. ($18.80)

My friend's a big fan of their pork striploin which is really tender!

Ps. The mini alkaline water goes for $1 each, would be good if they let us know too

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