Owing to my first knowledge of MoonGlow Cafe & Winebar at ArtBox Singapore 2023, I decided to check out their business at Stanley Street.

Being an enclave that sells many less seen Australian labels of wine and spirits, I realised that I was intrigued with the array of bottles on their display shelves.

The owner shared that they were ending a promotion of S$5.00 for a Neat Spirits Mulberry Gin & Tonic, and from the following week onwards at S$8.00 per glass. I enjoyed this as though someone had spiked my Ribena, but who would not like a fruity mix that did not taste like artificial chemicals?

Honestly, though the environment was quiet for a weekend evening, I thought this place stood out as one that carried a different range of alcohol, and they did taste awesome as well.

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I thought I made quite a large amount of spending at their booth at the Artbox Singapore 2023 media preview event, because their alcoholic range was much enjoyable, with gin and wine from Australia.

The NEAT spirits range was quite exclusive as I had not come across this brand until this event. Though they would also have other gin flavours redeemable with Burpple Beyond, I still went for the Mulberry Gin & Tonic (S$14.00) because of the strong notes of berries it entailed. So much for the impression of having an alcoholic version of Ribena, methinks.

And for those who would also enjoy a tease of flavours, their Bakkwa Whisky shot (S$18.00) would really surprise you as if they somewhat liquefied the sliced pork.

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Mama San G&T (S$22.00) was one of the two Smoking Bubble Cocktails that seemed to be very posh with the citrus smoking bubble on top of the drink concocted with Roku Gin, Yuzu juice, lemonade, Sensho pepper and sparkling water.

Unfortunately, other than the theatrical moment of bursting the bubble, the beverage was merely average at best with strong notes of juice and lemonade. The Sensho pepper was barely picked up by smell (and hardly by taste), and there was hardly a taste of alcohol even after large sips. Fancy, but didn’t work that well for me.

By the way, I wasn’t sure if the drink should be stirred frequently, for the pulp and zest would gather at the bottom of the glass.

Staying true to Japanese influence during the festive season, Café&Meal MUJI came up with a Red Shiso Soda (S$7.90) that featured pronounced leafy notes of red Shiso and a touch of lemon and mint to make a thirst-quenching beverage.

Some might say that Shiso had an acquired taste, but I guess since I had tasted it before, revisiting those notes in this drink was not entirely unimaginable. What I thought was nice was also that the combination of ingredients were key to washing down the palates after a hearty meal.


Huggs Collective at Thomson Plaza had quite a nice ambience when it was quiet and peaceful, and since I could enjoy a 30% discount with Burpple Beyond, I went for their Iced Latte Gula (S$7.00) which was essentially espresso with Gula Melaka.

Apart from the distinct flavours of the processed coconut sugar, what was unexpected was that the coffee became much smoother and tasted frothier, even though it was iced and it sat for a few minutes before I took my first sip.



Surely it had been quite a while since I have had a cup of Brown Sugar Boba Fresh Milk, and with the hype dying down somewhat, a medium cup at S$4.00 was just a treat for myself, since I was already at the stall buying food.

Well, the name of the item had said it all: the cup glazed with brown sugar syrup with tapioca pearls cooked in brown sugar syrup, and filled with fresh milk. Although this was an average cup, I was certain that it perked me up a bit.

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Probably their signature cocktail, the Lumo Uno (S$24.00) was a nice mix of Perla bianca sparkling wine, salt homey syrup, chamomile tea and lemon juice. I thought what really struck me was the subtle salty flavours that complemented the floral and citric profile of the cocktail. Being easy to drink, I thought I ordered at least three of these during my light dinner.

Love the profile but would prefer to ditch the alcohol? They also have a mocktail version of this at half the price!


It’s been a while since I last checked out the cocktails concocted by hotels, and this glass of Mangata was a pleasant surprise, because they incorporated a surprising element — tea!

The Mangata (S$23.00) used Gryphon’s Osmanthus Sencha Tea to complement mango juice, citrus and London dry gin. It would probably not be lethal, as the taste of alcohol seemed to be well-camouflaged by the fruity and floral notes. And I guess that might just be the scary thing about unsuspecting cocktails: I might just order more!

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I got this Original Coconut Shake with Coconut Ice Cream topping (S$5.60) through Burpple Bites via Lazada. Occasionally, they would have flash sales (read: discounts) and that was when to strike, because their beverages were simply “shiok” to have.

With the Coconut Ice Cream added in, the beverage tasted really rich, but the flavours were still very authentic and enjoyable, which would be perfect in a very warm day.

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Along with their brunch menu, there was this cocktail called ‘Boshi-Maker (S$20.00). This gin-based beverage also comprised ingredients such as Umeboshi (salted Japanese plums), blueberry, lemon and Hitachino White Ale, so the drink came across as refreshing, fruity and a wonderful start to a good meal.

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Keeping up with the competition of handcrafted beverages, this brand sprouted at Suntec City Mall in the mid-2021 offering yogurt-based beverages and smoothies.

I tried out their Red Bean Tangerine Peel (right, S$5.90) classic yogurt (the preparation was probably more classic than the flavour), and I would say that it was quite exotic. Imagine a traditional red bean soup with orange peel, but this time it was incorporated into a yogurt smoothie. Yes, quite a clash of flavours if one was used to having bubble tea or fruit smoothies, but I personally found subsequent sips increasingly enjoyable, thanks to the texture of the red bean paste which added some chew. But because the staff was probably trying to mash the red bean paste within the cup, resulting in it being “glued” to the bottom, so a bit of stirring and manual mixing would be required to blend the ingredients together.

I presumed that business was picking up quite smoothly, as they opened their second outlet in I12 Katong early this year. In fact, they would be officially opening another store at City Square Mall on 5 March, so who knows, maybe they would also invade the other heartlands in the near future?

One of the most unique gin flavours that I fancied was their Earl Grey G&T (S$16.00). Infused with Earl Grey, the Singapore Dry Gin made by Brass Lion Distillery was paired with Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic and garnished with dehydrated lemon slice and lemon balm.

I felt like I was drinking a tea cocktail, but the flavours remained refreshing with distinct notes of citrus, floral and bergamot. My only gripe about this was that it was good yet the gin was not available for retail.

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