I Live In Punggol

I Live In Punggol

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TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai
TagTeamOfTwo/ Gerald Chai

Ayam Penyet Set @$6.50

Walking around One punggol Hawker, u can see lots of tables eat Ayam Penyet or Ayam Panngang. The chicken leg just looks so big and appealing, can't resist it anymore.

Chicken was fresh, tender and juicy. Skin crunchy. Belachan was spicy but not as spicy as other belachans I ever had.

This popular Chinese nasi lemak from whampoa has opened an outlet at punggol.

Had previously earmarked this stall to eat at Whampoa, don't have to travel so far, since now so near to home.

Chicken wing was very good. Rice was fragrant. Chilli was also rather good

👍 👍


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My favourite breakfast food delivery order.

Mee siam here will never go wrong, the gravy was damn flavourful.

Easily one of my favourite mee siam ever.

Fish cutlet just goes so damn well with mee siam.

Chicken cutlet, not that compatible.

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Hai di lao finally opened at northshore plaza this week. Had been renovating for months.

Expect to queue here when arriving during dinner.

Came at 9.30pm for supper and was able to walk in without any queue.

Hai di lao standard is always there, reviews will always be good here. This is the standard for all hot pot in Singapore.

During circuit breaker and Sundays, this is my favourite grab food, food panda order.

Cheap and good. The chicken have very generous amount and the gravy is so nice and compatible with white rice.

Ngoh hiang is also quite large and is with lots of fillings.

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Machiam Din Tai Feng, the shrimps are fresh and the rice is Eggy.

This is TFW best dish and is highly recommended. And also, its more affordable then DTF.

Tai feng wei has been my go to place to order food delivery during circuit breaker and for when we were working from home.

With everybody returning back to office from January 2022 onwards, its time to say goodbye to our weekly ordering of Tai Feng Wei.

Lu rou fan Portion quite big, the pork belly quite thick and shiok. Some places lu rou fan is very small, but TFW is big and is very filling.

Finally got to try song fa.The soup at song fa is certainly very good.

The prime Ribs meat was not very tender though.

The ginger/onion pork was nothing fantastic.


Blackball have one of the smoothest grass jelly I ever had.

Can't go wrong with the winter melon shaved ice.

Used to eat this every alternate days back when it was located at nibong Station coffee shop. I liked it then, I still like it now.

As expected of nasi padang, it will not be cheap.

This Combination cost me about $8. $5 nasi sambal goreng + $3 beef rendang.

The coconut side dish was soo good. The chicken crispy, the rendang beef was also quite good.

Glad that it's getting some attention in the online community. Recently saw a sethlui article on it.

@$16.80, this is the most expensive item on maruhachi menu

Mind you, This is not a small bowl, and the katsu is already overflowing out of the bowl.

The katsu was not dry and every bite was just so good.

Very long queue, getting very popular and now already start to open other branches.

The black pig katsu tasted more flavourful and tender as compared to the normal pork katsu I had previously.

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Ordered via grab delivery.

One of the only sambal stingray that I am able to order here in punggol.

A tad expensive in my opinion. This cost $22 for medium on grab app. The portion feels like $12-15

The stingray sambal is quite nice actually. And the stingray tasted quite good.

Also had their BBQ sotong, it was also good.

I forsee myself ordering this again and again despite the price tag.

Hard to find good sambal stingray in sk/pg

Taste the food. Don’t just swallow them

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