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My Gastronomical Journey

My Gastronomical Journey

Featuring CURATE, Chef Kang's, Osteria Art, Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice, Give Me More (Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre), Lerouy, KYUU By Shunsui, Alley on 25, Oriental Cravings, IVINS Peranakan Restaurant (Binjai Park)
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I had thought that I may not enjoy this but it was surprisingly good. All those who had aversions to fatty pork, those disappeared and everyone reached out for a second or third piece.

When asked why, he says it overpowers the natural flavours of the underlying ingredients. This is perhaps the only time I have seen him use garlic. Here just the oil is used and a dash of sugar was added to it. He used the oil to lightly coat the thinly sliced wild boar. Like applying the finishing touches or as we called it, make up! Ha ha!

Chef told us he managed to get a good cut and we were really curious as to how he would prepare it. All of us thought wild boar curry and he said no. He certainly surprised us with this preparation. I have not had it steamed and was concerned it would be gamey. Chef Sam sliced it really thin and I wondered what’s next.

Initially I had thought he was going to steam the fish and then this happens! Well, he is still going to steam it but searing the skin first. I learnt something new today

All that made a heck of a difference as the sun is critical for this beauty. Chef Sam’s signature roast duck requires the bird to be sun-ed so that it achieves this ultra crisp skin.

Steamed for more than an hour, this giant 2.4 kg bird was wrapped in layers of banana leaves and lotus leaves. When Chef Sam unveiled the bird after cutting off the layers of leaves, what a sight to behold. I don’t know how he does it but the chicken is just cooked perfectly! Not overdone nor undercooked and each part, even the breast retained its juiciness. The skin was silky smooth like a baby’s bottom and that gravy was to die for. Needless to say, I ate another bowl of rice just with this sauce alone. Some of us were fighting over the Phoenix claws and the neck which according to the connoisseurs is the best part to suck out all the juice and chew on the skin. I kid you not, the whole chook was gone in minutes and there weren’t any left over bones for congee

He surprised us with this “冯焦衣” chicken. The meals here are never just about the food alone as Chef Sam will tell us the stories behind each of his creations. Listen on and you will know what inspired this most amazing chicken course.

Chef Sam is truly the master of them all. Four mushrooms with duck, this soup was so tasty that it needed no seasoning. We truly slurped up every drop and some of us even ate up all the ingredients.

Service here is also TOP notch. Perfect place for a celebration and also when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle