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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

This one had a bit of crisp, and flavour was good as well. The generous portion was well received too, my partner's favourite.

The meal was surprisingly filling considering we had only 165g of meat each, and shared a bowl of rice. Probably it's because of the banchan

The egg was incredibly simple yet lipsmacking too. Unfortunately I didn't take a pic, but it's really clean tasting and the texture was on point, some tend to be too watery and diluted. This one was exactly how Korean steamed eggs should be, plus there's a mild yet umami broth taking care of the flavour. I didn't really want to share it

Overall, everything was of top quality except the meat which tended to be expensive. However, given that you're only paying for meat and the other stuff comes foc, I think overall it's pretty reasonable. Meat was of good quality and dibs were average, so just use salt and don't touch the rest.

Bottom line: having tried the high end stuff in korea, and rarely liking kbbq, this is the first time I've been impressed by kbbq. Must try

Their prized cut, wagyu ribeye cap

A few precious pieces are all you get, I didn't like that kbbq never has crisp on the beef but at least it's very juicy and tender, with a mild chew. The flavour is unmistakably wagyu, it's pretty good stuff but I won't say it's worth the price at all.

In fact their beef are probably all not going to be worth it, it's not A5, it's very pricey, and you can never get proper crisp in kbbqs

Tip: if they ask, always get medium for wagyu. More juices are rendered, dont get medium rare

They only serve black rice, and it's a full bowl(pictured half bowl after we split it)

And there's good reason they only serve one type of rice, it's frigging delicious. The moderate chewy texture was perfect, you're still eating rice but it's just slightly different. Contrast to normal black rice that's tough and dry, and it's hard not to appreciate how good this is

PSA pork jowl not avail until Feb 2023

Rib fingers is one of my personal favourite cuts, I think it's little known and the texture is wow.

PUJIM uses iberico bellota and that sets them apart from the normal kbbq places, even those slightly more upmarket places. You can't be a top tier kbbq place if you use US beef and random pork. It has to be Japanese wagyu and iberico/kurobuta pork. And PUJIM does

This cut in particular had a solid bite, and was quite juicy too. Plus it's a rare cut, all the more reason to order it. The only problem I had with it was that it was cut into pieces that were a little small, so it's not as satisfying and hard to wrap the lettuce around(then you're tasting mostly lettuce)

Tbh their meat quality is top tier so salt will do, don't touch any of the dips or wraps. That's how good meat should be savoured

Salad was average

Spring onion salad is one of the lightest I've tasted and yet it's super toothsome, really easy to eat

Their lettuce was of good quality, and the bell peppers were of excellent quality. Naturally sweet

Another strong ensemble

From top to bottom

Best fishcakes I've had, most are too flourly but this was umami and well slicked in sauce

Kimchi was quite light, simply stuff but good enough

Radish was perfect, mild but well balanced sweet sour notes made it appetising

Left:Strongly marinated stems, v small portion
Right:Celery, very sour so it was very appetising too

Overall super competent start, all were well executed

Soup was pretty flavourful and quite thicj,but doesn't look like doenjang jiggae and as expected, the fermented bean tasted wasnt too prominent even tho it's there.

Overall their soups do better here, tteokbokki was alright but the beef is damn average

The cheese was good and the sauce was balanced as well, but the tteokbokki is quite abit softer than normal. I'm ok w that but those who are looking for something authentic probably won't appreciate it as much


Very normal. Maybe abit more flavourful than your hawker centre version due to the chives and bigger in portion, but not particularly tender nor juicy. Barely passable

Wasn't particularly noteworthy but they have a rare one: garlic shoots. Unfortunately it's abit tough here, still passable

Not v good, the octopus texture was slightly watery, and overall it's abit too spicy too. Furthermore it's damn expensive

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Yes it's what u have at almost every Korean hawker stall but this was amazing. Lovely sweetness from the marinade and unbelievably tender. However it's pretty pricey, there's not a lot of it

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Would travel for food

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