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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

This place has absolutely retarded setting. You can mix two different kinds of jokbal, you can mix herb jokbal with herb bossam, but for some reason you can't mix spicy jokbal with herb bossam. stupid

Anyway herb jokbal is very average, quite dry and tasteless. Skip

The spicy jokbal tho. The bite is the perfect kind of Korean slightly chewy bite for jokbal. The sauce was intensely sweet, smoky, and carried some heat. Meat was tender too

The spicy jokbal is where it's at at hyang yeon. This might be the best version in Singapore

It's almost exactly a mini gamjatang. Their portions here are ridiculously big and it's very annoying because one big group might be only able to share one or two dishes.

So the small one offers a decent option, although this is much too expensive for just 3 pieces of bones.

Flavour is complex, there's various unique herbs and an almost citrusy aroma

A decent item but too ex

By and large decent, kimchi rlly damn forgettable, the stewed tofu was good w the strong seasoning

Reasonably tender, mild pork umami. Quite a decent version, except that it's not very seasoned at all because it's meant to go with condiments

One of the best bulgogis. Pork was reasonably tender, and very well seasoned. It's intense and the generous spring onions added to the aroma

Lovely version. It's quite funny how their pork items are (allegedly) better than their beef

The super crunchy fresh style. It's a decent version for this style, on the milder side

This place is legit. Even tho it's priced similarly, the food is of a completely different league from the normal lousy Korean places.

Let's just say there's good reason why they charge this price for 8 dumplings. First of all the dumplings are huge. Secondly, the soup inside is plentiful and very aromatic. Super umami

Filling could have been abit more firm but it's alr passable. Skin was fine as well

I usually hesitate to give props to dumplings but this one stunned me abit with the soup.

Very good version, strong w sesame oil and the bits of veggies and stuff inside really added umami to the otherwise fluffy eggs.

One of the best Korean style steamed eggs in Singapore

A must get if you're here. Their signature duck stew, with basically miso given how damn thick the soup is. Completely different from your usual clear watery Korean soups, duck was tender and veggies were generous

Pretty good

I had my doubts but this is really quite special. The noodles had A LOT of bite, that's quite unique. The sauce is also very aggressively seasoned, quite sweet. Good execution

As someone who doesn't like instant noodles kind of stuff, even I have to admit that theirs is a restaurant version, and people who normally like Korean food should love this

Kimchis were fine, the cream corn with crabstick was surprisingly good, cos the cream itself comes with a strong crabstick umami. Not sure how they did it

Beansprouts had a pleasant and appropriate sesame oil aroma which was very good

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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