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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Theirs is one of the best, it's deep fried so exterior is crunchy, and interior was quite fluffy. Seafood was reasonably generous too

The crisp dissipates though, so eat quickly. Further the sauce is quite weak

Very intensely seasoned w kimchiness, which rare. This alr makes it one of the better ones

Free flow except marinated egg

The quality of the spread was exceptional
Two kinds of kimchi were both fine, the veggies had some light bean paste, the fish cake was very flavourful, and the potato strips were super fragrant from sesame oil. Egg was nicely marinated and not dry

Lovely, we got a lot of refills

The noodles were sticky and chewy but the seasoning wasn't good. It's quite peppery and devoid of much else

Lunch rlly damn worth, normally it's 30++ for the same, without rice somemore

The sauce is quite spicy and very sweet, the octopus is really really good. It's got the watery bounciness that's very rare.

Not too bad overall, there can be more Oct and the sauce can be less strongly seasoned

A textbook version, not sweet, not v strongly savoury either with a balanced texture, not too wispy and just dense enough.

It's really perfect, I was very happy w this

Still very, very good.

Ikan bilis is phenomenal but I think their fresh kimchi is also something else. Probably the best fresh kimchi I've had, or at least this is a version that's very difficult to nitpick

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The whipped cream topping was absolutely intense, very strongly flavoured with some saltiness and was absolutely lovely. The jujube drink was sweet and pleasant

This was the most impressive thing we had here, worth a try if you're already here

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It's very airy and crunchy but only cos it's basically fried batter, there's nothing pancake about it. No chew no flavour.

If you're looking only for crunch this would appease you, but if you're looking for more then no

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Mussels were decent, clams weren't fresh, prawns were avg. Why is there kimchi in this? The broth has quite a bit of seafood brininess, so it's decent, but needs more umami to be considered good

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Not sure how much meat was added.

The rice portion is crazy. It more than feeds 2, idk what they're thinking. The egg sucks, it's not scrambled at all it's just a tasteless layer. Pork was crispy, the hard kind, but it wasn't even particularly crispy actually

And the sauce has this weird edge, it was terrible

Not quite sure what the hype is about

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I still like the cream corn, I mean it's sweet cream w corn there's nothing to not like

The seaweed was very strongly seasoned

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