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Scarlett Anne
Scarlett Anne
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Amazing Toast, How Sweet The Sound

Funny story: their FB/Insta page said that they open at 8am; went there and found out that they actually opened at 8.30am, and even later found out that they actually only started serving their breads at 9am😅 thankfully, it was worth the wait (-: a big, generous slice of amazing sourdough (thick and dense, but still not the most sour one I've had!) with a copious amount of homemade hummus, dashes of za'atar and EVOO (-: paired with a flat white (which was quite underwhelming, heard that they're more famous for their drip coffee/cold brews so I'll give that a try instead next time). Wasn't too hungry that day but if I was, would probably be able to have 2 slices on my own! Really good place, glad to have discovered this through a good friend of mine (-: can't wait to be back to try out more! (-:

Egg Salad With Pickled Onion

Omg new fav! Thank goodness we had more people eating today, the perfect chance to try a new toast. I usually get the hummus and the nut butter cos they're irresistible, but this is now a strong contender that might just replace the hummus every once in a while. The egg salad is flavored in a mild curry-like spice mix, bound together with just enough creaminess and nicely offset by the pickled onion. What a yummy slice this was!

spending dough on sourdough

this place has been popping up everywhere on social media so i figured i'd give it a shot. was pretty quiet when i came by at 9 but it seems
that everyone who ordered the toast was taking a picture (or 100) of it before eating hahahahaha.

i love sourdough for its slight tartness and for the crust i can gnaw on - this bread did not disappoint. it was a little dense and delightfully chewy. the toppings - hummus, za'atar, EVOO and egg salad, dukkah, pickled onion. the hummus was a creamy garlicky layer spread to the edge of the slice perked up by the slightly herby za'atar. on the other hand, the egg salad was given an injection of flavour with the help of spicy dukkah and cumin! my egg salad usually has dill and cayenne so this was a refreshing change. and it was huge! the slice of toast is roughly palm sized but the egg was piled up high on the bread.

at $4-5 a slice it's not the cheapest but it makes for a satisfying breakfast. and take note they're closed on monday and tuesday!

Got a sweet tooth?!

How about some dessert pizzas to end the meal!

For a fuss-free dinner option, Tino's Pizza Cafe offers modern Italian fare at affordable prices and in a cozy casual setting. Great for small gatherings, Tino’s Pizza boasts three different dessert pizzas with their Sweet Crustar series ($10.90 each). A combination that can’t go wrong, we had the Altair Crustar (Banana Oreo Dessert Crustar) which consist of banana fritters, chocolate syrup, condensed milk, almond flakes, slathered with peanut butter sauce and topped with a generous amount of Oreo crumbs. Featuring a distinct and unique star-shaped base, the sinful treat carried the comforting smell of peanut butter when arrived at our table and the slight doughy crust was able to complement the sweet toppings.
Enjoy a free drink (excluding smoothies & beers) with mains purchased at Tino’s, Tiong Bahru Plaza. From now to 31st October, simply like their Facebook page or follow them on Insta @Tinopizzacafesg, and quote "Burpple" when ordering.

Thank you @tinospizzacafesg for hosting us and @Burpple for the invite!

Salmon & Crab Maki

A little piece of heaven if you are a salmon & crab lover. Only bad side is this will be devoured within a few seconds


Every single bite of this is heaven. The waitress recommended this to me and said it's the top 5 churros in singapore. She wasn't kidding when she said that. ($5+)

Jap Dry Noodles!

The dry noodles came with a soup! The soup gave me the home cooked feels, liked it👍🏼 thought the dry noodles by itself was tasty enough🌟 they also provide free garlic/chili sauce to complement your dish!

They Don't Wanna Sell Ya Their Sauce😩

Prices range between $3-$6. Just pile on whatever ya want! They are so popular for their sauce that people are asking whether they sell it!

This Is Pasta!?!?

Ordered this under the pasta menu, abit surprised when it arrived. Vegetarian based with vege potato cheese and mock ham! Service was excellent! Hmm..


The Bismark is topped simply with cheese, ham, mushrooms and an egg, but it was a party of flavours in my mouth. 🎇 I loved the abundant pools of fior de latte (buffalo mozzarella), which when swirled with the runny yolk, yielded a luxurious, creamy, fragrant, amazing mess. The mushrooms were also delish, their earthy fragrance lifting the richness of the cheese and egg. I wish I knew how Cicheti prepared these shrooms. 😋 Not to forget, the signature pizza crust which was light and slightly chewy. So good!