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Featuring Portico Host (Alexandra), Gyoza-Ya (Robinsons Orchard), Fynn's, Builders at Sims, Ang Mo Kio 628 Market & Food Centre, Dim Sum Haus, Fried Chicken Master, Soi 19 Thai Wanton Mee (Jurong), Yentafo Kruengsonge (Kallang Wave Mall), Sin Huat Lee Restaurant
Scarlett Anne
Scarlett Anne
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Soul Food ($12)

A hidden gem within Sembawang. Serving western fares at reasonable prices, beautifully crafted dessert and freshly brewed coffee make it worthwhile to head up North to visit them.

Soul Food was one deceptively simple yet delicious dish we had. Crispy chicken coated in Asian spices along with waffles and maple syrup, this tender chicken was packed with flavours. Not to be missed is their Truffle Tatter Tots ($8 for small). Deep fried potatoes tossed with premium Italian truffle oil served with truffle mayo dip, we just can't stop popping these addictive tots

Homely Wholesome Goodness

Cheers to a place that makes their own skins! Ann Chin is probably one of the last few places in Singapore that still does that, which is why it's pohpiah doesn't taste too 'floury'. Thin skin + generous fillings of turnips, fried crispy flour and garlic makes this $1.50 snack so so worth every cent.

Mudslide Softie Pie $14

Death by chocolate anyone? This Mudslide wins by a landslide and is my pick out of the 3 softies we tried. Nutty toasted milk softie overloaded with chocolate pudding, brownies, fudge drizzle, chocolate shavings and crazy good cacao nib pie short crust that's buttery, crumbly and spiked with a hint of salt. Intense!

Thanks to @burpple for the invite, @birdbirdsg for hosting and @fionatingx for birthing this beautiful chocolate baby. 🤗

Taste: 4/5

Green Pumpkin Melon Pan

Very affordable. This bakery sells a wide variety of bread and some and designed really beautifully. Tried their best seller, Green Pumpkin Melon Pan. It is a combination of melon pan with pumpkin fillings. A perfect choice for those wanting to have their bread cravings but at the same time, want to be healthy. The fillings inside were rather generous but I hope for more. This bread is unlike other melon pans which is hard. This one is particularly soft and makes it easy to eat. Definitely something special, would go back and try other breads one day!!

Frosty Snowman & Christmas Santa

Frosty Snowman
Snowy white bread filled with hokkaido milk cream 》$2.20/1pc or $4/2pcs

Santa Claus Custard Bun
Melon pan with a crisp cookie crust & banana custard filling 》$2.20

One Of The Best So Far

Disclaimer: I haven't tried that many claypot rice before.

I was here because my friend had cravings for claypot rice and Burpple pointed us to this. And I really liked it. I liked how quickly it took for the dish to arrive (within 5 mins cause we pre-ordered) and I also liked how many chilli sauces were available for us to choose from (total 4 types omg!!).

Unlike most substandard claypot rice stores, this pot here comes with a potful of burnt rice. I was chewing on crispy rice bits in every mouthful, very much to my own delight! The portions of meat and vegetables were sufficient and we had enough to accompany the rice till the end.

Pandan Kaya Croissant

Being a Kaya Toast lover, this definitely caught my attention sometime back but I am always intrigued by other items that I end up skipping on it. It's a pretty buttery croissant, and since there is a layer of Kaya spread at the bottom, it does give that Kaya Butter Toast vibe quite like what I have expected, though albeit more flaky perhaps. Thought this was actually less filling than having the classic local variant too, but that's perhaps just me.

On rainy days like today, all I want is a bowl of rice with some scrambled eggs with tomato ($13.80) before tugging into bed.

This was a tasting hosted by @crystaljadesg
Crystal Jade Kitchen
Address: 176, Orchard Road, Unit 03-43, The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843
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星期五晚上吃炸弹!💣 (炸蛋 🍳)hehe 😉 Never had Tempura Egg before - this with some tempura sauce drizzled over rice was pretty yummy!


星期五晚上吃炸弹!💣 (炸蛋 🍳)hehe 😉 Never had Tempura Egg before - this with some tempura sauce drizzled over rice was pretty yummy!

Mazesoba Nagoya Style ($12.80)

I usually prefer Ramen with good broth as opposed to dry ramen but this is one that I'll keep coming back to. Basically it's like a good bowl of zhajiangmian, served with runny egg atop a bed of spicy minced pork. seaweed and loads of spring onion. Which I usually hate but I surprise myself sometimes - can't deny it plays a huge role in terms of flavours and that little bit of crunch in every mouthful, along with the springy thick noodles. Mix everything well and I really love how the egg coats every strand evenly for that creaminess; with the spicy kick from the tasty minced pork.