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Smiley Biscuit
Smiley Biscuit

The food was okay~ they took quite some time to make my snorlax latte and it doesn't really look like it. Their mushroom soup has a bitter after taste though :(

$11.50 no gst no service charge
โœ”Fresh shredded coconut flesh
โœ”The toast is crispy outside and soft inside
โœ”Coconut ice cream sweetness is just nice
โŒ In contrast, the thai milk tea ($3.50 for large) is just normal normal only.
Definitely worth going back again! ๐Ÿ‘


โœ”Finely shaved ice
โœ”Ice is sweet without the yogurt sauce
โœ”Crunchy cereal
โŒSweetened strawberry and blueberry
โœ”โœ” Hidden (real) strawberry ice cream surprise

Definitely worth a try! ๐Ÿ˜„ The place will get quite crowded during weekend afternoon.


My favourite waffle in Singapore! Salted gula melaka waffle. Generous amount of blueberries and not-so-sweet strawberry (forgiven bcos of the gula melaka sauce). Love it! I always go back for more! Their mains and coffee are worth trying too! ๐Ÿ˜‹

โŒ ice not finely shaved
โŒ slight hint of soya milk in the ice
โŒ green tea bingsu large size is actually slightly smaller than usual bingsu size ($14.90)
โŒ cafe too cold to truely enjoy the bingsu (maybe is just me scared of cold)
โœ” crunchy almond flake

You would have to pay for extra set of cutlery. The shop is quite small and everyone has to sit outside, which means no air-con. The thai green milk tea lava matches very well with the thick toast. The ice cream live up to the name cos it melted so fast before we can finish. Just nice for 2 people to share as a dessert.


The flower potted nutella tasted great though we barely tasted the nutella. It is definitely worth a try. However, the bailey tiramisu is a big๐Ÿ™…! The alcohol taste is too strong especially the top layer and we had a hard time finishing it.

P.S. we are good drinkers, just that the tiramisu was really not nice.

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The salted egg pasta tasted great on first mouth but subsequently is too thick and i had a hard time finishing it. The soft shell crab is a bit not very fresh too. The All in burger was great, the beef medium done is just nice, medium rare will be a little too red. We got free cheese fries and we have no idea why bcos there is no signboard or anything to tell us about the free cheesefries. Anything that's free taste good hahaha ๐Ÿ˜‹

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