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Shuld Try

Shuld Try

Featuring Concetto by Saveur, Mr Baguette (Golden Mile Food Centre), Jamie's Italian (VivoCity), & Why, Nara Thai Cuisine (ION Orchard), Carousel (Royal Plaza on Scotts), Les Amis, Arteastiq (Mandarin Gallery), Lady M (Orchard Central), Antoinette (Mandarin Gallery)
Barghavi Purushothaman
Barghavi Purushothaman
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this calls for my most ultimate comfort food - Crab Risotto ($12.90) That porridgy rice with crabby broth with some bouncy crab meat 😋

Fingers crossed that the rest of August will treat me (and everyone 😊) well!
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Dim sum for #teatime sounds like a good idea, especially when it's *50% off!

Made freshly upon order, the silky-smooth rice rolls are stuffed with preserved turnip (chai po/菜脯) and drizzled with #CantonParadise's special soy sauce. A unique combination of savoury-sweet rice rolls. It's akin to eating chwee kueh with soy sauce but I kind of like this combination.

* All dim sum, congee & noodles at 50% off at all 6 Canton Paradise outlets on weekdays, 3 to 5pm. Terms and conditions apply.

I can't remember what this was called. But I loved how it was moist, and not too spicy👍🏼

😍😍😍 Flaky, sweet and studded with toasted sesame seeds for an exquisite bitterness.

Visit during 3 to 5pm on weekdays to enjoy 50% off all noodles, congee and dim sum at all Canton Paradise outlet except ARC and Changi Village outlets. That's your Friday pre-dinner plans sorted right there! 💪

For that price, you get TEN beautiful plated desserts (yes, TEN - see IG Stories for the visuals) for one massive, nitrogen-heavy, ridiculously value-for-money dessert bonanza. The Three Porn Stars is not on the Dessert Pig Out menu, but is available as an add-on if you want some pornstar disco stick fun. #NoDessertNoKiss

PS Cafe has opened a new outlet at this gorgeous place on the second floor of One Fullerton - spacious interior, marble tables, and natural greenery.
We were lucky enough to be assigned a window table that faces the marina bay, and that means we have a pretty view of the restaurant's interior as well as of the bay.
And now about the food. It's pricey and we didn't like it that much. We ordered two mains, two drinks and a dessert and paid $110. Pictured is a vegetarian dish - baked Greek spinach pie that came with ricotta, feta, mint, and house pesto.
If you're particular about food then this isn't the place for you. If you just want a pretty place to catch up with a friend, then this would be perfect.

Another new dessert that is newly introduced with the menu revamp. The Hazelnut Chocolate Semifreddo comes with Coffee Chocolate Mousse, Candied Hazelnuts and Chocolate Crumbs. The dessert is somehow big on flavours, yet not particularly jelak for it's not overwhelmingly thick — the mousse was smooth and creamy without being cloying. Playing with a rather safe flavour combination, I really loved how they try to add elements such as coffee to bring the hazelnut and chocolate combination beyond the "Ferrari Rocher" flavour — the coffee actually helps to add yet another dimension of bitterness on top of the bittersweet chocolate for a slightly different ending that worked particularly well with the hazelnut; possibly even cutting through the richness of the cream to make things feel easier on the palate. Yet another dessert from South Union Park that puts the meal to a brilliant end.

Returned to South Union Park again because they seemed to have added in a new dish to their menu recently. Yet another dish that is hard not to fall in love with here — those plump, seared prawns that delivered a good bite and provided a hint of crustacean sweetness, the Risotto that isn't too wet nor dry with bits of breadcrumbs within for a crunch whilst carrying a tangy (from the Basil Pesto) yet slightly sweet flavour of carrots with bits of small, chopped up pieces of carrots for a bit of texture. A dish that again manages to impress — one that encompasses all aspects from execution to flavours and texture; a new favourite found!

Coconut meringue, hazelnut soil and mango sorbet. I adore the fragrant flavour of coconut and textured bits but meringue, as always, is sweet, so the tangy mango sorbet and passion fruit coulis was a great pairing. I do wish there were a little more of the refreshing sorbet tho.