Japanese Food

Japanese Food

Food from the land of the rising sun served in the clean and green city
Shaun Sim
Shaun Sim

Just like you and I, not all pork are made the same! Kagoshima Buta is known for its fine-textured, tender meat and clean-tasting fat. Due to the pleasant weather at Kagoshima along with the unique diet of one of the prefectures top products, sweet potatoes, Kagoshima Buta gains its distinctive clean-flavored fatty meat that is well loved by many.

I recently had the opportunity to try one of Aburi-En’s new seasonal menu item, the Kagoshima Buta Tonteki, that features the succulent and tender Kagoshima pork slices imported directly from Kagoshima, that is grilled before being served in a sweet sauce topped with ginger slices that are almost caramelised. Pairing this with a bowl of premium Japanese white rice was more than enough to brighten up my day after a long day at work. We also paired the meal with a glass of Autumn Apple Sui Soda that helps to refresh my palates between bites. Apart from the new seasonal items, we had one of our familiar favourite dish, the Premium Buta Bara Don as well.

If you wish to try one of Kagoshima’s most famous export right here in Singapore, head over to your nearest #aburiensg now!

The seasonal menu is available for a limited period only. #engroupsg

The Kotteri, was lighter in comparison than the truffle one, but was also rich enough on its own. A really comforting bowl!

Long time followers here would know that truffle is not my kind of thing but this bowl of Truffle Ramen, I can do 🤤 Limited to only 20 bowls per day, the rich tonkotsu broth that already comes with truffle oil is served with an additional dollop of truffle jelly, made from truffle paste, on top. This elevates the already rich and creamy broth to another level. Recommended!

The Vegetable Tempura was also well executed as it is not greasy like most versions that you find out there and goes really well with the Teriyaki Sauce.

The Ramen comes with springy noodles that are made fresh daily, in-house by the talented chefs there.

Between the two, we enjoyed the dry one better.

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This is one of the cheapest sushi on the menu but is perhaps one of the better ones too

All things beef here is good! Beef was cooked to the right doneness and the rice was great as well!

Well executed, beef was at the right doneness for everyone to enjoy. This was the first dish that was cleared off our table!

Ingredients were pretty fresh! But once again, nothing special to shout about. The gyu don will be a better choice

Good to have as a side dish, can skip if you don’t need one. Nothing special about this.

I like how the Okonomiyaki comes with substantial ingredients within which gives you a nice bite and taste of the ingredients in it.

We also loved the side dishes that came along, the chicken karaage was a crowd favourite and was the first dish to be wiped clean!

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