Eat The Street

Eat The Street

Sometimes traditional street food may give you a surprise
Alyssia Yu
Alyssia Yu

Aside from beef noodle thats famous in this kopitiam that in business since 1956, the superior clam soup with rice vermicelli is another hidden gem.

Rice vermicelli that soaked up all the great flavor from the soup that cooked with a generous amount of clam. It come with a hint of spines from the ginger and the fragrant from the Chinese wine.

If you're a fans of superior clam soup I would say give a try on this the next time you're in town. With the price tag of rm10 and the portion that you're getting is definitely value of money!


Purple sweet potato, egg mayo sandwich. Make it a set with drink of your choice for rm16


A small stall that serve decent bowl of Assam laksa. The perfect balance of spiciness and acidity.


Juicy roasted duck to start your morning. Be prepared to queue and share a table with strangers.


If you ever struggling to go for rojak biasa or rojak sotong, go for the sotong. They are really good and usually sold out fast


Craving fixed for a claypot noodle with fresh egg on top.


When the sky goes dark, it's time for this curry noodle stall to start business.

Flavorful curry broth with vermicelli, bean sproat, fried bean curd, fish cake and cockle. On the side with warm red bean soup.

Some tips if you wish to visit
1. Business start at 7, do visit early as it usually sold out and close at 10.
2. Get yourself a seat and wait patiently for the server to took you order. (Sometime they might not in a good mood)
3. Do give the char kuey teow a try, its full of "wok hei", but be ready to wait (both owners are siblings)

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Roti Jantan (rm3),many people might wondering what is it exactly, it's a roti canai with double egg (double awesome!).

My personal favourite and must order item from this place is their roti telur, bettery fluffy center with slightly charred edge, dunk in the rich spiced curry that accompanies it. It's a simple dish that done just right.

Tandoori chicken (rm6.5) on the other hand turned out to be very dry and lack of flavor.

If you love roti tissue, do try out devi's version of it. It's not oily like most of the other place. A light version of sinful snack for sharing

Devi's corner open 24hrs, it just great for fixing the midnight food craving


Tomka is a spicy and sour soup with a touch of milk. The spicy level is lower than the regular tomyam. This is one of my favourite soup dish. Definitely comfort food


Not your regular brand for satay celup. We just too lazy to queue so decided to give a try here.

We got a more comfortable, cleaner environment with much better service here !

If you have a hygiene concern on sharing sauce with others, you can choose to have a new pot of sauce for just rm19.9.

Homestyle pork cutlet in pineapple salsa served with baked potato gratin and a side of coleslaw. Tender pork cutlet coated with crispy breadcrumb, sweet and tangy tomato salsa, creamy potato layer.
This is rm13.9

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A nyonya restaurant that we always visit during melaka trip. Clock wise

1) Sayur Loday : vegetable cook in coconut milk

2) Chicken Candlenut : a traditional recipe that passed down few generation, chicken cook in lemongrass and candlenut, it's refreshing and lemony.

3) Ngoh Hiang : deep fried pork in bean curd skin

4) Popiah : this is special Popiah with crispy pork lard, so good

5) Pork in Tamarind : tanginess pork that add up the appetite.

6) Pie Tee : a small golden hat fill with jicama, bean curd and other condiment.

7) Babi Chincaluk : only in melaka type of cuisine, pork cook in Chincaluk sauce, a special type of shrimp paste


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