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From the Burpple community

After one hour, it's still good, maybe abit soft that's all

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Without extrackn rice chili it's perfect

Take note if you add chili paste it's alr gg to be quite spicy

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I learnt my lesson, go easy on the ckn rice chili if you're already asking for extra chili paste

Their mee hoon Kueh is rlly not bad, there's quite abit of bite and it's chewy. Sauce was nice as per usual

Worth travelling for if you stay nearby, and their queue isn't very long too

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Egg still perfect, soup as well. The ikan bilis and the fried onions were both prepared in house and very very crispy

The fish and the meatballs were average though. Noodles are handmade and decent but not too impressive


... post was not registered and lost by burpple again

So for the second time, basically the noodles were soft and the soup was pretty good. Overall fairly decent, rmb to add meat