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Reviews at LE Castella (Tampines 1)

Reviews of good food at LE Castella (Tampines 1)

Rich in chocolate, chocolate chips in between cake (S$12.90)

Rich in chocolate flavor, with some chocolate chips in between (S$12.90).

Decided to give this castella cake a second chance, since my first buy on their opening day didn't taste as good as what the reviews stated.
My second buy for this castella cake really tastes much better as compared to previous, more moist and dense. It is still the eggy taste with bits of cheese in between. Well, is worth the try if the waiting time isn't that long.

Decided to give this castella cake a second chance, since my first buy on their opening day didn't taste as good as what the reviews stated.
My second buy for this castella cake really tastes much better as compared to previous, more moist and dense. It is still the eggy taste with bits of cheese in between. Well, is worth the try if the waiting time isn't that long.

Soooooo wobbly!!! 😱❤️

But erm... Unfortunately that's pretty much the only hype that @lecastellasg lived up to. 😅 吃一次就好啦。🙈

Tried both the original 🥚and cheese 🧀 flavours (hardly any cheese in it) piping hot and a day old, and they were just OK. Strong eggy taste, but texture was on the dry side with a hard bottom. (??!) Not worth the $10-$12 per cake, cos' you can easily get a similar quality steamed cake at your friendly Neighbourhood bakery for like $2 a pop?

Heard that Ah Ma's Castella is way better, hope to try that soon! 😋💕

Lucky for me, I didn’t have to brave the queue as my brother was in the mood for some Le Castella cakes on his off-day. But that also means I only got to taste it a couple hours after the purchase. Hence, there was no waft of strong steamy egg aroma from the box and I can just imagine how it will taste like when freshly out of the oven.

Having said that, both the Original Castella ($9.90) and Cheese Castella ($11.90) were certainly soft and spongy (but no longer jiggly, sad).The Original was pleasantly eggy and very much similar to Chinese steamed egg cakes. And faring slightly better, the Cheese Castella had the added element of savouriness that many have reviewed and raved. Layered with melted cheese, it does break the monotony of the uniformly sweet taste of the cakes. However, light, fairly moist and not overly sweet, the thick slabs would go great with a cup of tea that’s for sure. The exterior also boast a mild toasted flavour to complement the eggy sponge interior.

Overall, sating my curiosity, I won’t be travelling down to Tampines anytime soon for this.

Finally got my hands on this hyped up cake. I have been waiting for this for quite a while...ever since i saw a facebook video about it, i wished it would come to singapore, and it did! Woohoo. A minor heads up for you all that are gonna get it, the wait is relatively long, it took me 1hour before i could get one. onto the review, i bought the cheese flavoured cake as it was recommended by the staff. When i first received my cake, i did what 99% of the population would do, which was to jiggle the cake HAHA, and it did jiggle around alot! However when i reached home the jiggle effect was not really there anymore, so i would suggest to take a vid of the cake immediately after receiving it, if you would want to post it online!
Let me tell you guys something, when i cut into the cake, i swear my knife never ever had an easier life, it was like cutting through air, 0 effort required haha, also when i sliced the cake open the burst of aroma just hit my face and OMG...IT SMELLS DAMM GOOD. I went on to take a bite, and oh my...the cake was very soft and light, it dissolves in your mouth, the cheese complimented the cake quite well as the cheese brough in abit of saltyness element into the cake as the cake is quite sweat! Overall experience of this cake was amazingggg, totally worth the wait! What you're waiting for! Come down and get one!

Unfortunately, the returns of my curiosity aren't reaped for this one. It's a plain sponge cake with a scant layer of cheese, and surprisingly not as fluffy as I've hoped. Too expensive ($11.90) for a simple cake.

Was attracted by the smell of fresh bakes and short queue of about 15 mins! Not sure if it was the timing or the hype has died down but either way, glad I finally got to try it.

Prefer the cheese for that savoury layer as opposed to the original (which had an eggier taste but was more fluffy). Quite enjoyable and it may seem pricey but well, the portion is huge. I'll probably get it every once in awhile when I don't have to queue😌

Despite opening a few weeks back ago, the queue didn't stop and we had to wait an hour for it. The right decision was to get the castella cake with cheese ($11.90), which came out piping hot from the oven with cheese flowing out from the middle. I just love the smell of freshly baked items and this aromatic smell of sponge cake was no exception. Best to go with a cup of tea as a tea time snack.
Le Castella 樂古早味蛋糕
Address: 10, Tampines Central 1, Tampines 1, Unit B1-32, Singapore 529536

My verdict: I'm a great fan of all things buttery. This cheese version enhances the taste of the cake because the buttery taste was not as much as I wanted it to be. Comparing to a normal butter cake from a Neighbourhood bakery store, the buttery taste can be more flavourful. I'm not sure how the original version will fare if there's no cheese inside though. In terms of texture, I like the softness and the crust of it. I would recommend to try this as soon as its out from the oven to complete the overall eating experience. The after taste of it is alright, not too heaty like what some butter cakes can cause one to feel. Perhaps they can consider having a cafe for this? It goes well with a cup of tea/coffee and customers can enjoy it while it's piping hot.

It's so fluffy I'm gonna dieeee ~ it was soft, moist and eggy. The cheese added a tinge of savouriness to the otherwise mildly sweet dessert. It would have been better if they were more generous with the cheese though.

The classic ($9.90) Le Castella reminds of steamed egg cake. Light, airy and a slight moist, its spongy texture is similar to a chiffon cake. Uniformly sweet, it wafts a richer and delicate eggy fragrance. The soft brown sides around fluffy thick and jiggly add an enjoyable aroma of baked goodness. If that sounds too bland, the flavour of this cheese ($11.90) one, however, sandwiches two layers of sharp and savoury cheddar that adds density to the middle and bottom. Balancing the mildly sweet taste with subtle but delectable saltiness, I know I’m for the cheese castella.
Would more cheese make it lovelier though? I wouldn’t mind decadence for stronger taste.
The fluffy and puffy piping hot from the oven will sink and lose its wobbly charm as it quickly cools. The cheddar in their cheese-flavoured pillows could be less modest and has to be eaten piping hot to feel its gooey ooze. Maybe give it half a minute in the microwave.
It’s simple and fairly tasty for breakfast or a teatime cake but maybe wait till the hype dies down — or get lucky like the boy — to buy a slice.
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Thanks to @griffinx because I would never queue for this.

This one is with CHEESE. And it's SUPER FLUFFY AND GOOD.

Classic [$9.90]
Cheese [11.90]

Queued for 3 hours for this.
I find it mediocre.
I would say unless you really want to try it otherwise wait till the hype gets down.

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