[CLOSED] La Boca Bistro Bar

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Kind of like ice cream almost, it's alright but not stunning in any way. Girl liked it tho

Overall this place is very overpriced esp since burpple beyond is not very useful here, plus the waiting time is ridiculous. I have to say there aren't many Caribbean places yet tho, so given how this is more authentic than Limehouse they probably have some advantage for a while.

I really liked this. There's a certain heat but the flavours are absolutely intense. It's braised octopus with chorizo and raisins. The octopus is pretty chewy but it's used brilliantly by pairing it w an intense sauce and cutting it into small chunks so the bite actually works. There's a certain heat to it too and the thyme? Bread which was crumbly worked passably w it.

Not very worth it given the size but I adored this dish

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Pretty worth it, solid portion for the price. there's a bit of the spices that's reminiscent of the Cajun spices, but otherwise this dish is really hot.

There's a deep dark flavour but the goat could have been more tender. The flatbread was thin and reasonably crispy.

The wait here is ridiculous. Not only did I place a reservation at 545pm but they only open at 6pm, our first dish came at 630pm. When the restaurant is empty apart from us.

We only ordered 3 dishes and we took 2hours(alr discounting that they made us wait 15mins due to the reservation problem.) I almost thought I'm having an omakase from the time I spent here. Come here with someone you love else it's really painful

Ordered to balacoa, crab cakes and salmon flatbread. Overall like the salmon flatbread. The other two was not bad but not very impressionable. felt the wait for the food was too long (35 mins). Went on friday night with about 5-6 tables filled. The strawberry margarita was good though. Note: they just changed their menu and mentioned the Burpple deals were not applicable to the new menu yet ???

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An interesting find of Cuban-Caribbean fusion cuisine at La Boca.

The flavors of the dishes mainly come from different herbs and spices, which I would say it’s kind of moderately intense.

Some of the highlights we had include their Pulpo Gallego ($17) ie Octopus with chorizo and Spanish paprika. It tasted like the Chinese version of baby squid head you find in zichar stall but doused in spices. Slight crisp to that chewiness. Their Jerk chicken poppers definitely goes well with a glass of beer! The last dish was this clams based dish in sambal and kind of peppery sauce? It has a nice little fiery kick to it!

Don’t forget to redeem your Burpple beyond 1-1 deal on this!

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